August 1 2017

How CTCA Is Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment

Cancer Treatment Centers for America entered into a contract with NantHealth and Allscripts to install a program that would offer better packages. The program will entail a smooth application of the Clinical Pathways program that will have hundreds of oncologists offer uninterrupted services countrywide. The chief medical officer of Cancer Treatment Centers for America George Daneker stated that the Clinical Pathways package will go a long way in the implementation of new data and the adaptation of new tech. The package uses the most recent cancer researches, improved therapy sessions and treatment plans under the Allscripts Sunrise HER.

The Clinical Pathways will encompass a number of advantages such as treatment plans that are tailor made to fit the patient’s body. The average price plan for the entire treatment will be affordable for all candidates. The program’s creators integrated the use of computers in the ordering steps which ease the use for all patients. Clinical Pathways subscribers will have access to constantly up dated instructional plans and information regarding the drugs’ reactions and toxicity. The drugs will be manufactured to serve the ever-changing needs of every patient.

The chief executive officer of Allscripts Paul Black stated that his firm partnered with Cancer Treatment Centers for America and NantHealth to help cancer patients and treatment providers gain increased benefits. He revealed that they undertook an intense analysis to figure out which factors affect candidates the most and come up with a befitting plan. The senior executive director of NantHealth’s medical affairs explained that the union will offer real time solutions to all patients and physicians. He said that the inclusion of improved technology in the process of finding a cure is the real catalyst to effecting bigger change in cancer researches. He expressed his firm’s enthusiasm in working closely with Cancer Treatment Centers for America and added that they have an agreement to better the lives of society worldwide.

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