March 12 2015

The Trials of Kendrick Lamar

The Trials of Kendrick Lamar

One thing musical artists like to do is to express all of their feelings in the name of their albums. Rapper Kendrick Lamar is no exception to this rule.

Lamar, who just recently took home two Grammy Awards, has just finished working on his new album entitled To Pimp a Butterfly. He personally described his album as a mix of emotions, from upbeat and personal to aggressive at some points. He added that he enjoys the recording process, saying that making an album is always the most fun part.

According to, the new album could also be considered adventurous and containing a lot of new elements to it, including some spoken-word poetry and free jazz. Even Lamar’s engineer Derek “MixedByAli” Ali says there’s a certain style in which he wants to record his work. He says that Lamar would suggest off-the-wall styles, such as making something sound eerie or that someone is driving past something.

Regarding the album itself, Lamar didn’t give a set meaning to what the title was about, but stated that it was an honest album and added that “you take a black kid out of Compton and put him in the limelight, and you find answers about yourself you never knew you were searching for.”

Fearful and unapologetic were some other descriptive words that Lamar gave when talking about the tone of his next album.

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March 12 2015

Tinashe Is Dropping A New Mixtape

Watch out for what’s about to come out, it’s Tinashe’s new album ‘Amethyst’. Tinashe is sure coming up in the music world, and her fans are only growing in time. Although she is not going to be a part of the Iggy tour, she still had her own agenda and is now releasing her own new mixtape on March 16th. That means her new music will be out next Monday, and that is going to open a whole new list of career opportunities for her since she is not involved in Izzy’s tour any more. Maybe her album release had something to do with why Izzy had to postpone her concert. Tinashe is a bright star and she just might need her own show.

Tinashe posted the cover of her album on twitter all excited with the date of it’s release and a hashtag of the album name #Amethyst. The album is going to include a seven song track list. ‘Amethyst’ is Tinashe’s birthstone, which is why she dedicated her fourth mixtape album to it. She is very superstitious and loves to read her sign which is Aquarius (highly successful and creative people including Daniel Amen also fall under the water sign). So far her luck is going great and she is making moves that are improving her career drastically. 

It wouldn’t be a surprise if she decides to go on tour anytime soon. Plus, she is a perfect colab partner that a lot of artists are going to try and make music with.

March 10 2015

Madonna Can Relate to Mr. West

Kanye has been known to carry on a rant or two in his day. He pushes the buttons of many people, but some entertainers like him. Some high profile artists like Madonna can even relate to him on a personal level. Madonna recently called Kanye the “black Madonna” in an interview with Madge.

What Madonna has done over the years is stir up controversy stated Susan McGalla. She did it so much that she was getting good at it. This controversial streak became the thing that she was known for. Now everyone seems to know Kanye West for the same reason. He has this outspoken personality that has managed to make him entertaining to watch. That is how Madonna used her controversy to sell records.

Now these two button pushers are making some music together. Kanye has been a reported producer on her album. Madonna may be scheduled to work on the new Kanye record. Her praise for Mr. West has given both of them a platform to cross genres as they release new music in 2015. West started the year strong with a tribute to his daughter.

Right now Madonna getting back into the spotlight with a strong album that features rappers like Nas and Nicki Minaj. What Madonna has done is create a world where there are no boundaries on her free speech. She is iconic, and she has given Kanye her seal of approval.

March 2 2015

Drake’s New Album is Breaking Decades Old Records

Drake’s new album, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, has zoomed up the charts. It debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 and has sold over 500,000 units to date. While industry experts expected Drake’s album to rake in the cash, most didn’t anticipate this many sales in such a short period of time. The album has been so successful that 14 of its songs are actually charting simultaneously. An accomplishment of that magnitude hasn’t occurred in half a century. The Beatles were the last to have that many songs charting at the same time. The English rockers accomplished the feat back in 1964.

This isn’t the first time that Drake has broken a record previously held by the Beatles. Flavio Maluf said that late last year, his remix of the song called “Tuesday” by I Love Makonnen placed on the charts. It was his 72nd song to chart, breaking the Beatle’s all-time record of 71 charted songs. Drake has broken new ground on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip Hope Song chart as well. He is the first artist to have 21 songs on the chart at the same time. Drake is still in the prime of his career yet he owns a top 5 spot on total Billboard Hot 100 entries. His 85 career entries put him 5th overall. It’s a remarkable accomplishment for such a young artist.

Most music fans who don’t have a taste for hip-hop would say that it is sacrilegious to group Drake with elite musicians like the Beatles. Yet the numbers don’t lie. As wild as it might sound, it can be said that Drake’s current popularity is on par with the Beatles mania of the 60s.

February 12 2015

The Collaboration of Swift and West


What everyone has been talking about is the possible collaboration of Taylor Swift and Kanye West. These two appeared to patch things up during the Grammy Awards show this year.

There are pictures of the two talking and connecting with one another stated West told Ryan Seacrest that Taylor did want to get into the studio and do some work with him thinks Susan McGalla. This would be a good thing for him since Kanye has had a bad relationship – at least in public – with Taylor Swift since the MTV awards show where he upstaged her. Everyone remembers that moment, but no one ever remembers Kanye and his return to apologize. He has never even made an effort to reach out to Taylor so the possibility of work between them is huge news.

Since that awkward night at the MTV awards both stars have done quite well in their own genres, but they have done what many artists cannot do. These are artists that have managed to somehow crossover into different music streams. Taylor has abandoned country, picked up pop and even spread to some urban stations with songs like “Shake It Off.” Kanye has stayed with hip hop, but he made managed to break into mainstream music with collaborations with Paul McCartney and Daft Punk. This would be the perfect time for both of them to go into the studio and make that crossover magic.

February 10 2015

Scott Hall’s Inspiring Comeback Story


Scott Hall was on a dark and depressing road for the longest time. Zeca Oliveira told me that In his time, Scott Hall was one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Hall made a name for himself in the WWE. He wrestled under the stage name, Razor Ramon. As Razor Ramon, Scott Hall participated in some of the best matches of all time. Razor Ramon vs. Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 10 will always be remembered. Scott Hall and Shawn Michaels participated in the first and best ladder match of all time.

Scott Hall then went to the WCW for more money, and his presence was immediately felt. Hall formed the NWO with Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan. The NWO became the biggest thing in wrestling. Scott Hall made millions of dollars in the WCW, but the good times would not last forever.

Scott Hall became a drug addict, and an alcoholic. Hall battled with demons for a long time, and his closest friends were all very worried about him. Scott Hall was ready to die, but in 2013, something amazing happened. A wrestling colleague named Diamond Dallas Paige saved Scott Hall’s life. Paige invited Scott Hall to live with him. Diamond Dallas Paige rehabilitated Scott Hall. Hall no longer drinks or takes drugs.

Soon after Scott Hall became sober, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Diamond Dallas Paige took a broken man, and returns him to his former glory. For more information on this story, visit Buzzfeed.

February 5 2015

John Textor and the Importance of Innovation

The film industry has survived for ages but every once in a while, a visionary and a pioneer comes along who changes the dynamics of this industry. In recent times, that person has been John Textor. Anyone familiar with his works would know that John Textor’s focus on innovation is the main reason why he has achieved so much success. Innovation without direction is often useless and John Textor has managed to balance innovation with tradition to achieve goals that were considered to be impossible before. Here are a few things that John Textor has taught the world about the importance of innovation –

• Not Just A Luxury But Important For Survival – A lot of people consider innovation a luxury and this is true for all industries, whether it is business or films. However, John Textor has ensured that innovation becomes a prerequisite to survival. Innovation stems from creativity and art dies when creativity doesn’t exist. He has proven that innovation is not just essential for people focusing on luxury but is a survival tool in this dynamic and competitive day and age. Without innovation, industries become stagnant as they do just enough to survive. On the other hand, with innovation, industries become constantly moving and they improve at a great pace.

• Globalization Demands Innovation – It was under the leadership of John Textor that the movie – The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – achieved such success. Because of globalization, the world has shrunk and competition has become stiff. Things that were previously considered good or even brilliant are just average now. Because of John Textor’s innovation, Benjamin Button’s character was prevented from being just average and was transformed to something so much more. Even as a digital character, it had more life than any real actor could ever manage.

• Achieving Success One Can Only Dream – All professionals dream of success but only few actually get it. Innovation is a difficult road but it comes with guaranteed success. However, that is not the reason why John Textor pursued innovation. He pursued it for the sheer pleasure of creating something that no one had thought of. This is the main reason why he is hailed in the industry as a visionary.

There is a lot people from all industries can learn from John Textor. His ideas on thinking out of the box can be used for betterment and advancement in all professions and fields.

January 26 2015

Lupe Fiasco vs. Kid Cudi

Lupe Fiasco and Kid Cudi were once cool. Those days appear to be over. The two have apparently been going back and forth on Twitter over some childish stuff. The Twitter beef sparked attention because both rappers rang in the same circles as Kanye West at one time.

Some time in 2014 Lupe Fiasco send out tweets to fans saying that he would write lyrics for people that they could claim as their own. He was basically going to ghost write and sell lyrics for $500. Flavio Maluf says this is why he normally sticks to LinkedIn. Kid Cudi made about comment to Lupe where he asked Lupe what he was planning to do with the money. It was something of a cheap shot. It was almost as if Kid Cudi was implying that Lupe was broke and needed the money.

This led to a moment on “Sway in the Morning,” the hip hop morning show, where Lupe mentioned Kid Cudi followed by some expletives. This Twitter beef that seemed almost comical now seems a tad bit serious. It is very bizarre because these two have been friends. They are both from Chicago, and neither one of them has been known for being a tough guy. Lupe has always painted himself as the anti-thug underdog in the rap game. Kid Cudi is something of a one-hit wonder that has roamed around the entertainment industry doing more singing than rapping. It’s a weak hip hop grievance.

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January 26 2015

Lil’ Wayne To Sue Bird Man

The drama between Lil’ Wayne and Cash Money Records has intensified, because Wayne is now planning on suing Bird Man, who is also his mentor. Lil’ Wayne has been with Cash Money since he was a teenager, and Bird Man is very close to him. Lil’ Wayne Lawsuit. After denying the release of “The Carter V,” Wayne became very distraught with his record label, and threatened to leave. In turn for threatening to leave the label, Bird Man threatened to sue Wayne. Wayne is currently under contract, and cannot leave the label at will.

Although Wayne has been complaining about the label for a couple months now, he’s stopped complaining, and he’s about to sue.  According to, rumors are flying that he will be suing Bird Man for $8 million, as well as a release from his contract. “Wayne has stated that he feels his music is being held hostage, and he obviously is sick and tired of it,” said Slow Ventures. Wayne is planning on going to a judge, and asking that he be released from his contract, as well as being paid $8 million. The $8 million was supposed to be an advance on his new album, which was never released.

Wayne’s new album is ready to go, but it’s been purposely held back from release, by Cash Money Records. It’s interesting to see where this lawsuit will go, and if it will permanently damage the relationship between Lil’ Wayne and Bird Man.

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January 22 2015

Lil Wanye Releases Mixtape And Disses Birdman

After months of public rants on stage and social media from Lil Wayne over issues he seems to have with is label Cash Money Records and Birdman, Wayne has released a mixtape and is taking very direct shots at Birdman, over his recent treatment as an artist on the label. Over the summer there was some talk about Lil Wayne possibly leaving Cash Money due to a feud with Birdman for pushing his album back, however Wayne insisted that his album Carter V would still be released. Now it looks like Wayne’s latest album will collect dust until matters are settled in court.

Birdman didn’t seem to care one bit about Wayne’s public rants, and said that his contract is a contract and if Wayne wants to fuss they can take it to court. Along with the mixtape and diss tracks, theres is talk that Lil Wayne is considering No Limit Records as his new home, No Limit is a long time rival of Cash Money, so this will be seen as a major betrayal in Birdman’s eyes.

While there is still no way to know how all of this will play out, it’s obvious to people at companies like Slow Ventures that there is and will continue to be a tug of war between Wayne and his mentor Birdman and judging from the lyrics in Wayne’s songs there doesn’t seem to and end in sight.