March 24 2017

The Lung Institute Brings Cutting Edge Science To Medicine

The Lung Institute was founded in 2013 in Scottsdale, AZ. Currently, there are branches in Pittsburgh, Tampa, Nashville, Dallas and the headquarters in Scottsdale. The institute’s mission is to bring stem cell therapy to the forefront of the healing process for patients with chronic lung illness.

Stem cell therapy uses the body’s natural healing mechanism to help to regrow damaged cells and tissue. To date, the institute works with patients suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and pulmonary fibrosis. The treatment is minimally invasive and causes little to no pain to the patient.

The technology to use stem cells to help the body heal isn’t a new one. Bone marrow transplants have been being performed for over 30 years to treat patients with leukemia and lymphoma and remains the most common of the treatments. Bone marrow transplants help to rebuild the damage done by chemotherapy.

IN a report by, Canada has approved the use of Prochymal, a type of stem cell therapy for graft vs. host disease in children who aren’t able to benefit from steroids. The FDA has also approved five different therapies that take blood from the umbilical cord to aid in the treatment of blood and immunological diseases.

The Lung Institute offers free seminars, and offers literature to patients to help them better understand stem cell therapy and what to expect should they decide to undergo treatment. According to PR Web, the institute also offers a free consultation, allowing patients to know whether the process will help them. The Lung Institute is using the latest technology to make life better for those who have various lung disorders. The treatment has been shown to afford patients the ability to enjoy their lives more, and give them hope for a better life going forward.

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March 22 2017

Andrea McWilliams’s Career and Charity Work

Andrea McWilliams is a top political fundraiser, Lobbyist as well as a political strategist. She is a skilled woman in her job and deals with each perspective with her profession. Various media outlets such s FOX News, USA Today, CNN, Newsweek have mentioned McWilliams as being a top political tactician and fundraiser.

Andrea McWilliams is a beneficiary of Profiles in Power the Austin Business Journal as well as the Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce. She has received a number of awards including Woman of Distinction which she got from the Girl Scouts of Central Texas, she also got the Austin Under 40 and recently she got the Style Setter Award of the Austin Fashion Week.

Andrea McWilliams is now the co-founder of McWilliams, this is a company that offers its services in governmental matters. This organization is honored by the society and state at large. Andrea McWilliams is a famous philanthropist who has done so much for the community. Furthermore, she is also a board member of various charitable companies. They include; HeartGift, Austin Children in Crisis, Rise Across Texas Challenge and much more.

She has also contributed to the KillCancer and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. These organizations’ aim is to stop cancer. Furthermore, Andrea McWilliams participates as a business guide to young ladies in Central Texas. Previously she also was part of the Girl Scouts Centimental Celebration Group. She led the Austin’s biggest philanthropy work called the Ballet Fete.

Her previous charity work was also as a co-chair at the Marathon Kids Gala as well as the head of the University of Texas of Art. She is presently part of the PAC Board of Ryan, this is a worldwide tax services organization that has received several awards.

March 19 2017

Ricardo Tosto on the Principle of Legality

One of the central tenets of Brazilian criminal law is the idea of legality. The concept of legality is similar to the nation of ex-post-facto laws in the United States. In this sense, legality means that there cannot be a crime without a there being a law forbidding it. This idea is enshrined in the Latin phrase, “nullacrimen, nullapoena sine lege.”

Another name for legality is “legal reservation,” meaning that the only source that can define a criminal act is law. In a civil law country like Brazil, this means that a crime can only exist if a law was passed that typifies it as a crime. Legality, or legal reservation, is an effective limit on the state, especially the executive branch, in the same manner as the prohibition of ex-post-facto laws by the Bill of Rights in the United States.

Also related to the idea of ex-post-facto is the principle of “tempus regisacium,” which means that the law at the time of the alleged crime is the one that applies. In other words, one cannot pass a law and retroactively prosecute someone for crimes committed before the law went into effect click here.

Ricardo Tosto is a well-known attorney, scholar, and jurist, and longtime member of the Sao Paulo Bar. As an attorney, Ricardo Tosto has handled countless high-profile cases through his firm, Ricardo Tosto& Associates, which after twenty-five years, has become one of Sao Paulo’s major firms.

Although practicing the law is Ricardo Tosto’s passion, he also frequently presents at conferences and panels. A graduate of one of Sao Paulo’s top law schools, Ricardo Tosto is also a member of many professional associations and a contributor to Brazilian and international legal publications. Despite the challenges of being at the top of the legal profession, Ricardo Tosto embraces the opportunity each and every day, his contact.

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March 17 2017

Why Samuel Strauch Ranks as One of the Best Condominium Sellers in Miami Beach

The Miami Beach real estate sector has proved to be lucrative according to research conducted by International Realty of One Sotheby. The study also concluded that there would be several luxury options for real estate properties in 2017. Furthermore, sellers are going to reduce the prices of these properties as they become abundant. As a buyer, you are likely to spend a minimum of $1 million and a maximum of $5 million when purchasing a condominium in Miami Beach, Florida.

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As the senior MD for Integra Realty Resources, Anthony Graziano believes that the Miami real estate sector advanced after the 2016 U.S. presidential elections. He is certain that consumer confidence has increased after a new president was elected in the United States. According to Graziano, most investors were waiting for the outcomes of the presidential elections for them to make purchasing decisions.

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The International Realty research also concluded that most single-family homes in Miami-Dade County range from $1 to $5 million. In 2016 the County recorded a 36 percent increase in residential development as compared to 2015. Waterfront properties are the most demanded in Miami Beach, Florida. The price of single-family homes is projected to be lower than $1 million.


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Who is Mr. Samuel Strauch?


Samuel Strauch is a real estate agent who currently works and resides in Miami Beach, Florida. Throughout his 15 years career, Strauch has ranked in the 700 list compiled of the best sellers in Miami Beach. Samuel Strauch has also facilitated the sale of 38 condominiums.


Strauch works with a Miami-Based realtor known as Affinity Realty Group. He has sold residential properties in Sunny Isles Beach, Margate, Hollywood, Miami, and Aventura. Samuel Strauch once sold a condominium in Miami for $889,500. He also bought a home in the city and sold it at $732,500.  Check Strauch on


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March 11 2017

Jeffry Schneider – Alternative Investment Specialist

Jeffry Schneider is the CEO and Founder of Ascendant Capital, which is located in Austin, Texas. Over the past few years, Jeffry Schneider has enabled the growth of his firm to a billion dollar company. Ascendant Capital LLC under his leadership has specialized in marketing, sales as well as operational services and raises funds for asset fund sponsors.

In a period of two to five years, Jeffry Schneider’s company has enlarged to a 30 employees company. During the same time, Jeffry Schneider was able to raise over $1 billion for his clients. The institution currently has 50 broker dealers, several family offices, and over 250 investment advisers. Within the company, Jeffry Schneider has managed to create a culture that has helped in the development of the business.

With 24 years experience in investment community, Jeffry Schneider has gained professional skills including alternative investment strategies. Previously, he has worked with a number of notable, leading financial institutions including Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown and Smith Barney where he held executive positions. He believes that alternative investment is the best way to reduce volatility and diversify holdings.

Jeffry Schneider is renowned for his love for fitness, and he also enjoys traveling and doing as much charity work as he can handle. He is a very successful business man, but he also believes that being fit and eating healthy are very important. Jeffry Schneider also supports several initiatives including the Gazelle Foundation, Cherokee Home for Children, God’s Love We Deliver Foundation, and Wonders and Worries.

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March 7 2017



Rona Borre has been the leading female entrepreneurs

Rona Borre the CEO and founder of Instant Alliance formerly Instant Technology since the year 2001. Rona Borre has been the leading female entrepreneurs in Chicago land she has been nationally recognized woman-owned business progressively increasing her revenue. Rona had the passion to invest and have a better life future and efforts that she has made through this is remarkable. She holds a position in leadership roles with the Young President Organization, Chicago Network and Economic Club of Chicago where his work is quite remarkable.

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Rona’s success has been acknowledged by the press and people who surround her but also she has been on interviews and featured by CBS 2 Chicago, USA Today, CNN, Crain’s Chicago and CNBC. Rona Borre is a hard worker, she has been honored by the Business ledger and the National Association of Women Business Owners as an influential woman in business.Enterprising woman of the year is one of the many accolades awarded to her agency by enterprising women magazine. Rona received her BS in Business from the University of Arizona.  See


It’s important to realize that success doesn’t come in a silver platter it’s nothing less nothing great its totally hard work and direct passion to do what you love best and work it out smartly.

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March 3 2017

Memorial Health CEO Maggie Gill

Maggie Gill is CEO and president of Memorial Health in Savannah, Georgia since 2004. The hospital is part of a larger health care system that serves the entire Southeastern United States. Prior to that she was the CFO of Tenet Healthcare from 1994 until 2004. While there she won the Outstanding CFO Award in 2001, 2002 and 2003. Gill, who has a bachelor’s degree in English language and literature/letters from Florida State University and an MBA from Saint Leo University, works as associate professor at Mercer University where she teaches medical education.

A Tenet Healthcare Golden Key Honor Society member, Maggie Gill has a great deal of interest in education, health care, economic empowerment and social services. She is a member of the board of the Georgia Hospital Association, Mercer University, the Georgia Chamber of Commerce and the Union Mission. For almost 20 years she has been making significant contributions to health, education and social services organizations in an array of communities throughout the Southeast. She has been given numerous awards and accolades and lauded for her vision for and commitment to the region.

Since she began working at Memorial as chief operating officer in 2004, Gill has played a significant role in helping the facility improve their quality of care and become profitable. Her stellar work led to her being promoted to president and CEO in 2011. Since that time she has been responsible for the health care provider enjoying five straight years of profitability. This has been very important to the communities it serves because Memorial is the safety net hospital for the region. Gill has played a prominent role in working to attract valuable partnerships for the hospital.

During her time at Memorial Gill has helped to restructure its leadership team, renegotiated a number of major managed care contracts, initiated the billing and collections re-engineering process and developed a strategic plan to address many of the pressing issues at the organization. Gill has also placed a great deal of emphasis on physician and team-member relations. That helped to make her an invaluable asset to the organization.


February 27 2017

How John Goullet’s Info Technologies Changed the IT Staffing Sector in the U.S. after Merging with Diversant Inc.

John Goullet is an IT staffing executive who holds the principal position at Diversant LLC. Goullet joined the company’s executive team after Diversant Inc. merged with Info Technologies. Before joining the company, his first IT job was as a computer consultant. He decided to shift his professional career to IT staffing because of the lucrative opportunities in the sector. Goullet is also the chairperson of Diversant’s executive board.


Education and career


Goullet is an alumnus of the Ursinus College. He graduated with an undergraduate degree and a master’s degree in computer science from the institution. After focusing his career to IT staffing, he was employed by Computer Sciences Corporation for two years. Goullet also worked as an IT expert for Piscataway and The Constell Group for three years. Other companies that benefited from his expertise include 3d Information Services, Cap Gemini America, and Bridgewater.


Info Technologies


John Goullet was the founder and managing director of Info Technologies, a renowned IT staffing company. Info Technologies focused on linking companies with highly talented and experienced IT employees. The company also evaluated skill sets of these individuals to ensure they met the needs of the clients. As the CEO of Info Technologies, Goullet developed several effective business strategies for the company. Inc. Magazine also acknowledged info Technologies as a fast growing private company twice.


Details on Diversant, LLC


Diversant, LLC is a product of the merger between Diversant Inc. and Info Technologies. Gene Waddy is the founder of Diversant Inc., while John Goullet is Info Technologies’ founder. After these IT staffing companies had merged, Waddy took over as CEO while Goullet as the principal executive. Diversant LLC is one of the most successful fully certified, and minority-owned IT staffing companies in the U.S. The company’s services include innovative diversity solutions, direct hire, and staff augmentation. As the firm’s principal executive, Goullet ensures that its products are based on innovation. His executive board role allows him to head the company’s strategic planning initiatives. In the board, he partners with industry leaders and business experts in formulating policies for Diversant LLC.



February 25 2017

Why The Sunny Plumber Is Your Best Bet When It Comes To Plumbing

The plumbing system is arguably one of the most important parts of any house. The drainage system, sinks, toilets and piping all play a crucial role in your comfort as a homeowner. When there is a problem with the plumbing system, everything else may shut down. This is the reason why maintaining your plumbing system so that it is at its best at all times is important.

When you want to ensure that your plumbing is intact at all times, you need the help of a professional. If you live in the United States, in places such as Las Vegas, you are in luck. This is because there is a company called The Sunny Plumber who can make your plumbing issues go away.

Services Offered By The Sunny plumber

The Sunny Plumber is a plumbing companion whose team can help you solve minor as well as major plumbing issues. They have a team of professional technicians who are trained and experienced to handle any plumbing mishap.

Whether you are looking for a plumber to help you unclog a sink or you simply want a technician to install a new pipe for your sewer, working with The Sunny Plumber is advantageous in itself. They carry out any plumbing job with expertise. they are not only licensed but they are also listed in the Better Business Bureau. Above all, they have equipment which can help you solve any plumbing issue in no time.

When you choose a plumber, you need someone who puts their safety as well as the safety of your premises first. The technicians at The Sunny Plumber have a safety guide which they refer to when handling any project. They also do regular background checks on the technicians who they hire so as to reduce the chances of theft.

February 21 2017

A Review Of Capital Group’s Operations

Timothy Armour is an executive leader and an expert in the hedge fund market. He is the chairman of Capital Group. Tim has served the company for 33 years. Over the years, he has been able to rise strategically through the company’s ranks. Tim joined Capital Group in 1983 through The Associates Program.

As the chairman of the group, Timothy has helped the company with its operations. He has also developed innovative strategies that serve as its guiding principles. Phil de Toledo, the president of Capital Group, and Rob Lovelace, the president of Capital Research and Management Company, helps the financial expert in undertaking these duties.

Tim took over as the chair of the corporation after the passing on of James Rothenberg. Rothenberg, the former chairman, had been with the company since 1970. During his tenure, he played an instrumental role in expanding the company and establishing it as an international investment company. Rothenberg died in July 2015. Tim was immediately appointed by the firm to serve as its new chairman. He was already being prepared by the company to be the next chairperson. Tim has spent his entire investment career at the enterprise. He joined Capital Group straight from Middlebury College where he graduated with a degree in Economics.

The Capital Group was founded in Los Angeles in 1931. Over the last eight decades, the company has been able to expand its service offing. Moreover, the entity has expanded into other continents. Presently, it has offices in London, Tokyo, and Sydney. The three are part of 20 offices spread across the globe. The company is one of the oldest and largest investment management firms globally with over $1.4 trillion in assets. The growth of Capital Group can be attributed to its quality leadership and collective talents of its staff.

Recently, the investment management company collaborated with Samsung Asset Management. This partnership will see the firm manage Samsung’s global investments and asset management products. The main areas of their collaboration will be in product supervision, investment administration, support for distribution channels, and retirement organization. Tim is confident that Capital Group will provide the Korean Company with the right solutions to their challenging investment requirements.