January 20 2017

NCAA football is good place to start professional sports betting

There are two primary types of gamblers. The first comprises virtually everyone who steps foot in the casino, online or live. These are the recreational gamblers. Recreational gamblers’ main goal is simply to have fun. They largely view gambling as a form of entertainment with a price tag, like going to an adult amusement park. There is a small subset of these gamblers who play either because they actually believe they are going to win or because they cannot control their urges to gamble, these are the problem gamblers. But most recreational gamblers are perfectly capable of enjoying a Friday night at the casino without problems.

The second group of gamblers is the professional gamblers. This is a tiny number of players relative to the vast majority who fall under the category of recreational gamblers. Professional gamblers are not there for entertainment. Instead, they treat gambling as a stock trader treats investing. They will only place a bet on football odds if they know that they expect to make a long-term profit.

There are three main ways that professional gamblers can make a consistent living inside a casino, although, other means also exist. The first game that is consistently beatable is Blackjack. Players who can beat Blackjack become skilled at counting cards and a few other advanced methods that can take years to master. The second game that professionals play is poker. Poker is, arguably, even more difficult to master than Blackjack. Most modern casinos have poker rooms and any time you sit down at a game there, usually, at least one or two of the players will be full-time professional players.

The third way, and perhaps the best way, is betting sports. More than any of the other forms of professional gambling, sports bettors are less gamblers and more data analysts.
The best sports bettors can detect when the line on a game is mispriced and earn a long term profit by taking bets that pay off more than they should. College football has always been one of the most lucrative sports for professional sports betters. For more information about college football odds, please visit Covers.com.

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Founded in 1995, Covers.com is dedicated to presenting the best analysis and sharpest insights of any sports site on the net. It has all the latest NCAA betting odds as well as those of other sports. For more information, please see covers.com.

January 20 2017

Clay Siegall/Seattle Genetics

Clay B. Siegall Ph.D is the President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Seattle Genetics a company he co-founded in 1998. He built the company on a sound determination to help others, solid innovative scientific research, and cutting edge drug development. Seattle Genetics has stood in the forefront with its antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) and under Dr. Siegall’s leadership, helped Seattle Genetics secure an FDA Approval of ADCETRIS (brentuximab vedotin) in 2011 the company’s first product which is now a global brand.


In collaboration with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company the brand ADCETRIS is now approved in over 60 countries. The company under the leadership of Dr. Siegall has entered into multiple licenses for its antibody-drug conjugates technologies. These include Genentech (Roche), Pfizer, AbbVie, and GlaxoSmithKline who have produced more than $325 million. Using Seattle Genetics technology there are more than 20 antibody-drug conjugates in clinical development and the company is creating a diverse pipeline for proprietary ADCs in cancer treatment. Prior to starting Seattle Genetics, Siegall worked with the Bristol-Myer Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute from 1991-1997.


He also worked at the National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Health from 1988-1991. Clay B. Siegall Ph.D., sits on the board of Directors àt Alder BioPharmaceuticals, Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, and Washington Roundtable. In 2013 Dr. Siegall received the University of Marylànd Alumnus of thé year for Computer, Math ànd Naturàl Sciences and the Pacific Northwest Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year. Dr. Clay B. Siegall has also authored over 70 publications and holds 15 patients. Through public and private financing Siegall has raised more than $1.2 billion for Seattle Genetics when leading their capital-raising endeavors. Clay B. Siegall is a graduate of George Washington University with a Ph.D in Genetics and the University of Maryland with a B.S in Zoology.


January 15 2017

George Soros Vision of a United America

George Soros is a successful business man and a role model to all Americans. He has decided to donate more than twenty-five million dollars to the Hillary Clinton campaign and the other Democratic candidates. This was confirmed by his associates and the Federal Election Commission records. Soros has amassed a fortune via risky currency trades on politico.com and is estimated to be worth twenty-five billion dollars. His associates expect him to donate even more as the Election Day draws near.

Soros is a Hungarian-born eighty-five-year-old man who has a long-term relationship with Clinton. He was to attend his first Democratic convention on nybooks.com in New York but cancelled his trip at the last minute to focus on the economic situation in Europe. Soros had recently returned to active trading hence needs to be on high alert.

The close associates of him have noticed that he is more politically engaged than he has ever been. This is due to his unwavering belief of Clinton and the fear of his competitor Donald Trump on theatlantic.com. Michael Vachon, Soros’ political adviser, said that Soros is a consistent donor to elections but this year’s political stakes are at an all-time high. Even before Donald Trump decided to vie, the stakes were high due to the issues that were to determine the election. Soros has worked and cares about issues like criminal justice reform, religious tolerance and immigration reform for many years. See: http://www.forbes.com/profile/george-soros/

Clinton has obtained several elite donors who have big cheques. They include;
• Tom Steyer, the San Francisco environmentalist, who donated more than thirty-one million dollars.
• Don Sussman, the New York hedge funder, who donated thirteen million dollars which went directly to Clinton committees and campaigns.
• Fred Eychaner and Haim Saban, the media moguls, who donated eleven million dollars each.

All these donors have however fewer effects like the Soros donation. By the end of June, George Soros had donated seven million dollars towards super PAC which supports Clinton via their Priorities USA Action. This made them the main beneficiaries of Soros donation according to election records. He also gave five million dollars to a foundation called Immigrant Voters Win.

January 5 2017

Why you Should Consider Upgrading to a Full Hair Care System

For some women, their hair care routine consists of one or two products–shampoo, conditioner, maybe a little moisturizer on frizzy days. A short routine gets the job done, but it won’t necessarily provide a deep, thorough clean, especially if you’re using products with artificial chemicals or sulfates. To keep their hair sleek and healthy, more women are investing in a hair care system with an individual product for every aspect of hair care. The WEN by Chaz Dean (http://chazdean.com/) hair care kit cleanses, styles, and treats your hair while giving it a boost of silkiness and shine, for the kind of styling that you’d expect to find at a major salon.

The WEN Hair Care System

To start off, WEN Cleansing Conditioner provides a deep clean with natural ingredients like chamomile extract, wild cherry bark, and rosemary extract. Unlike other shampoo and conditioners, which can damage your hair with harmful chemicals and sulfates, WEN Conditioner offers a gentle, moisturizing clean. To style your hair, WEN Nourishing Mousse helps repair dry hair and provides added nutrients to keep your hair soft, silky, and shiny. If you’re prone to frizz, WEN Anti-Frizz Styling Creme helps you control frizz and keep your hair sleek and nourished. And WEN Re-Moist Intensive Hair Treatment offers extra treatment that keeps your hair as clean and healthy as if you’d just stepped out of a spa.

Ready to Upgrade your Hair Care System?

If you’re ready for shinier, healthier, and more manageable hair, you can purchase WEN products at the official WEN website or via Amazon.com. We’re so confident that you’ll love our products that we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. And with different package options, you’re sure to find something that fits your budget.

For more hair care tips, check out the Official Wen website and Facebook page.

December 15 2016

Online Reputation News

Before the advent of the rise of the internet, sharing, posting, and creating websites was seemingly a “free for all”. Today, however, college admissions, universities, and even employers often take the time to review potential candidates’ qualifications using the internet medium to do so. Working with an online reputation management service provides additional outlets to ensure you are properly managed online from a search engine stance to business credibility.

Authority and Credibility

Having online reputation management is one of the easiest ways to monitor and change the way your social media and website presence currently showcases the products or services you have to offer. When you have a reputation management team on your side, it is much easier to stick to the brand you have developed to create content that flows with the message you are trying to get across.

Expanding Visibility

Online visibility is a major factor to consider, whether your business is strictly shared online or if you are a local store attempting to reach out to potential customers who live within your vicinity. Utilizing the proper message to push forth with any demographic or target audience you want to appeal to, a Reputation.com Review service can help you avoid being “out of touch” with those who are looking for a company or service similar to yours.

Online Marketing Strategy Advantages

Once you have an idea of your branding and the visuals you want to share with passersby or current customers, it is then even more useful to have an online repuation management service to coordinate social media comments, attacks, and other issues that may arise (regardless of how large or small your business is itself). Incorporating some of the tactics advised by an online reputation management service is essential to keep business on track without posting random and irrelevant updates that are not useful for sharing with potential customers. Instead, creating the right type of PR direction, graphic direction, and overall news directions is highly advisable to avoid extreme criticism or threats to your business and its overall well-being, regardless of the type of shop or store you run.


December 14 2016

Mike Baur provides entrepreneurship Strategies at Swiss Startup Factory.

A 20-year experience in the world of banking is a great achievement to a person. Mike Baur has this experience and he has explored it by helping young investors and various businesses to achieve their goals. His entrepreneurship skills have also paid off. At the age of 39 he became the co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory as well as the managing partner which started in 2014. His 20-year specialization in banking involved him working for Clariden Leu and UBS. Due to his aim in entrepreneurship, Mike Baur quit his work at the bank and he started initiating investments in startup firms way before being the co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory.


He always had the potential of achieving more that is why he started his career in banking at an early age in his home in Switzerland. He has an MBA from the University of Rochester and an executive MBA from the University of Bern.as also the CEO of Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur motivates the young entrepreneurs by providing financial assistance as well as mentoring them, so that their startups can reach greater heights. Furthermore, he manages the fundraising and banking at the company.


In Switzerland, Swiss startup factory is known to be the top self-governing and privately funded ICT Startup Accelerator. The company operates a three months accelerator course to push the young entrepreneurs to their potential. It aims at discovering, mentoring and nurturing the young entrepreneurs of today. Like any other company, Swiss Startup Factory has its mission, they want to yield startups and make them become worldwide companies that meet the needs of various consumers with their products. Their vision is aimed at providing a 360-degree startup deal.


The three-month accelerator program offers services such as office space, entrepreneurial network, finance and investor network. The young beginning companies that major in digital advancements are able to access much at the firm. They go through a tactical accelerator course, in order to develop their creative potential in their business that will be one of the best globally. Through the accelerator program, Mike Baur and the rest of the staff nominate specific startups that later on engage in different tests and steps to confirm that they can improve a selling knowledge and showcase it to investors. In the company, different innovations can greatly excel due to the all rounded service they offer.

December 9 2016

Kenneth Goodgame’s Legacy at True Value

Kenneth Goodgame took True Value Hardware Company to the next level, the level where it is today.They just announced their quarterly revenues, and they are amazing. Goodgame is the person who implemented the growth plan, and it is paying off tremendously.

According to Hardware Retailing, Kenneth Goodgame was the Senior Vice-President as well as the Chief Marketing Officer of True Value Hardware since 2013. In True Value, he was leading the firm with his vast experience, product knowledge together with customer-focused philosophy. His innovative plans are designed to make instant impact in the global market as his product launching strategies have helped make this company a global brand.

Before joining the True Value, Goodgame served as the Global Materials Manager for Ace Hardware where he attained record sales and initiated a long-term growth plan. He boasts of immense business experience. He has held merchandise management positions with globally-recognized companies including Home Depot and Black & Decker among others

About Ken Goodgame

Kenneth Goodgame is amongst the most reputed financial icons in his sector. He is a prominent merchandising expert whose influence hails from his expansive managerial experience after serving for over three decades. The suave financial manager holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from the prestigious University of Tennessee.

His accomplishment as a manager is attributed to his skills in enterprises where he applies innovative merchandising, marketing as well as financial oversight techniques. He is also highly skilled at designing feasible business strategies since he is a visionary manager who combines quality improvements together with productivity enhancements to attain his objectives in the business.

Career Background

The financial guru boasts of a vast experience which involves serving in executive, managerial levels in different firms. Under his leadership, he has helped the firms to reach outstanding expansion in their sector that ultimately translates to growth their revenue. Learn more about Kenneth Goodgame: http://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/people/18421885-ken-goodgame

Service True Value Hardware Corporation

Mr. Goodgame served as the Senior Vice President and the Chief Merchandising Officer of True Value between the year 2013 and 2015. He enabled the company to conduct intensive advertisement campaigns through different channels. The highly successful campaigns led to client increase and retail price perception that finally improved their productivity.

December 8 2016

Taking InnovaCare to Greater Heights-Dr. Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto

Having a medical plan is very essential and it can help one in times of emergency. Medical plan is just like having a friend who is very supportive during disaster. It is therefore advisable to take a medical cover for you and your family members to assist during emergency illness and other medical issues.

InnovaCare is one of the leading medical companies that offer medical advantage plan in the United States. The organization is aware that the medical advantage is one of the most important ways that one can offer care for patients according to Rick Shinto. Since it was founded, it has been providing affordable as well as a workable medical advantage and has been distributing its services which were most accomplished in Puerto Rico. The pharmaceutical company has been dedicated to providing quality services to the people of United States and has been putting efforts to remain active in the competitive field.

The medical insurance company has been providing the medical care in two parts including Medicare Advantage and Provider Networks. It has been in the forefront to create a health program that is technologically based as well as providing efficient medical care plan as they build a strong relationship with their patients. To work efficiently and to make sure their customers get quality products and services, the firm operates in collaboration with its affiliates who design care models that are well organized and affordable.

Read more:
Aveta Inc. President & CEO Rick Shinto, M.D. Receives Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® Award
InnovaCare Health hires new healthcare execs into leadership team

The organization is well structured and has a strong leadership team led by Dr. Rick Shinto who is the President and the Chief Executive Officer of the firm. Before taking the management of the medical insurance company, Shinto worked at Aveta Inc. as part of the management team. Rick Shinto hardworking spirit and his go-getting character led him to climb the career ladder to the position of the Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Shinto brings with him his more than 20 years experience in the medical field where he has a specialty in operational health care as well as clinical experience. Shinto has not only worked at Aveta, but the has also held other positions in virus medical institution including NAMM California, Medical Management for MedPartners, and Cal Optima Health Plan.

Penelope Kokkinides is another influential figure in the growth as well as the management of the medical care institution. She is has been appointed in the position of the Chief Administrative Officer. Before making a comeback to the firm, Penelope worked at Aveta as the Chief Operational Officer4. She is experienced in the medical care industry with her main focus being in the manage care sector and government programs.

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November 30 2016

Jason Hope Gives Back To Arizona Community

Jason Hope is a Scottsdale entrepreneur who is recognized for his entrepreneurial skills, a passion for futuristic technologies, and philanthropic efforts. He supports organizations that work to improve the living standards of unfortunate people in Arizona and other states.

Jason Hope Education

Jason Hope started his career after completing his bachelor’s in finance from Arizona State University and a post graduate in Business Administration from the Carey University of Business.

After his studies, Jason stepped into the technology industry as an investor. In his career, he has started and nurtured technology companies into becoming leading service providers. Besides entrepreneurship, Jason also publishes business articles that focus on business and technology.

Some of Jason’s publications are themed on the role of the internet of things on business. Jason believes that the internet of things has played a role in connecting the consumer to various service providers. According to him, IOT has the power to fuel business operations like marketing, advertisement, and customer communication.

Read Jason Hope’s blog here.

Jason Hope Relationship with SENS Foundation

Jason Hope supports SENS Research Foundation. SENS is a not-for-profit organization that carries out research to find a solution to various age-related health problems.

SENS Research Foundation has also been supporting other research institutions like Harvard University, University of Arizona, and Yale University that carry out health-related research to improve the well-being of people. Jason Hope is among the top sponsors who give financial support to the organization.

Learn More: Jason Hope Pledges $500,000 to SENS Research Foundation

Jason Hope’s Philanthropic Efforts

Jason Hope is also known for supporting charity organizations that work to uplift education. He supports education programs that help students to develop skills and academic excellence. He also supports outside school training aimed to nurture the skills learned in class. For instance, Jason has been providing grants worth $500- $5000 to help kick-start students’ business projects.

Notably, Jason Hope supports Teach for America, an organization that helps unfortunate students in Phoenix area to access standard education. He believes that a student’s financial background should not determine the quality of education he/she gets.

Jason is also recognized for supporting charities like Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, a foundation that targets to improve the well-being of people affected with Leukemia and Lymphoma. He has also helped other organizations like Boys and Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix, Tony Hawk Foundation, and other charities working in Arizona State. Jason Hope is among the few successful entrepreneurs who work to change the lives of the unfortunate people in their societies.

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November 29 2016

Save Your Lips with the Sweetest EOS Lip Balm Flavors

EOS lip balms are natural, gluten-free products that come in a wide range of flavors to make sure lips stay smooth and nourished. While EOS lip balm offers many different types of lip balm, they all are made without any parabens or petroleum.

These colorful egg-shaped and stick-shaped balms are perfect to soothe sore, chapped lips and are essential to have as the winter season comes around. Here are a few of the most delicious flavors to keep your mouth moisturized throughout the day.

Honeysuckle Honeydew Smooth Sphere



The refreshing honeysuckle honeydew flavor isn’t just delicious— like all of the Organic Smooth Spheres EOS balms, it includes Jojoba oil, Shea butter, and vitamin E to keep lips visibly healthy.

Sweet Mint Smooth Stick


There’s nothing more invigorating than cool mint, and with this nourishing stick around your lips never feel dry again.

Pomegranate Raspberry


The refreshing pomegranate raspberry smooth sphere is a classic favorite. This 95% organic fruity flavor will make sure your lips stay moisturized all day.

Coconut Milk Visibly Soft


You can spot the visibly smooth varieties by their swirled packaging. This coconut milk flavor uses 99% natural ingredients for long-lasting effects to make your lips look and feel softer.

Fresh Grapefruit with SPF 30 Active Protection



This tangy grapefruit flavor includes SPF 30 and antioxidants. It’s easy to forget how important it is to protect lips from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays, which are present even in the winter months. With this lip balm, keeping your lips protected is easy and delicious. To learn more about the EOS company, read the interview by Fastcompany.com.