December 19 2014

Nicki Has Yet Another Live Nip Slip

Nicki Minaj just can’t seem to keep her nips covered these days. At this point it seems like Nicki’s nips have a mind of their own and are desperately seeking the spotlight. This isn’t Nicki’s first wardrobe malfunction. In September during her performance of “Bang Bang” Nicki was forced to literally hold her dress together after a broken zipper threatend to fully expose the sexy rapped on live TV. Apparently Nicki was pressed for time during a 40 second costume change after her “Anaconda” performance and deciding to wear a different dress to match Ariana Grande and Juicy J. This time the nip slip was not as easily remedied. During Nicki’s interview on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen her nipple made yet another sneaky appearance while she was answering a caller’s questions about about her previous wardrobe malfunctions.  One Viewer Tweeted: “@nickiminah is talking about a nip slip while CURRENTLY having a nip slip. @BravoWWHL, help her!” Dr. Rod Rohrich says Nicki finally grew wise to her nipple’s antics and was able to cover up, but something about this just doesn’t feel like this is the last time her nipple will make an appearance.

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December 18 2014

Hopsin Has Moved To Austrailia After Quitting The Rap Game

Hopsin is a well-known rapper, and he has recently shocked his fans, as well as followers. Hopsin recently stated that he was quitting rap music, and moving to Australia. Hopsin Quits Rap. Hopsin stated that after years of doing rap music, and even though he owns part of a record label, he feels that rap music is no longer for him. Even though he states that in his heart he will always be an MC, he feels that he no longer wants to perform rap music, and he wants to move away.

Anyone who did not take the artist seriously, has to believe what he says now. Hopsin recently posted a picture of himself on Instagram holding bags, and stated that the picture was of him at the airport on his way to Australia. Although Australia is literally on the other side of the world, if he continues to use his Instagram account Ben Shaoul says, he can keep in touch. It’s very shocking to see that a professional rapper would actually quit music, and move to another country.

Many of Hopsin’s fans supported him, but many were in total shock and disbelief. Many went to his Instagram page and left comments that were encouraging, or showed absolute disbelief. Although Hopsin owns part of a record label, he has sold his half of the label to his business partner. Hopsin is done with the music scene altogether, and has now moved away.

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December 17 2014

Britney Spears Has Great Abs

Britney Spears is well known for her music, but many, possibly even Igor Cornelsen,  also know her for her troubled personal life, her weight gain, and her several marriages. Recently, Britney has turned her life around, and her love life is flourishing, and she’s also reemerged with a killer body. Britney’s Abs. In the past, Britney Spears has had problems with her weight, gaining, and losing weight, especially after having two kids. Although it’s understandable that a woman gains weight when she has children, many are not as forgiving when it comes to Hollywood stars.

Even though Britney has lost weight in the past, many were looking for her killer abs that she showed off when she held the snake over her head, in the awards show, many years ago. Her past performances showed her having a bloated stomach that was a bit pudgy as well. Many commented on the looks of her abdominal area, but she made it clear to her critics that abdominal workouts were difficult. It seems as if Britney has gotten the last laugh, because she has reemerged with a cover photo on “Women’s Health” magazine.

On the cover photo, Britney looks flawless, and you can clearly see that she has abs that are very toned. Britney talks about the diet that she eats on a regular basis, and why at her age, she must work harder, in order to keep her great figure that many envy.

December 16 2014

The Pink Print Gets Awesome Reviews

The reviews for the “PinkPrint” are in, and lots of the critics – along with the fans – are falling in love with Nicki Minaj. The rapper/singer is certainly pleased with all of the accolades, and she took to Twitter to express her happiness.

The L.A. Times along with the Slow Ventures gang gave Nicki’s new album, “PinkPrint,” 3 out of 4 stars. The album has been well received by a lot of fans as well. It seems odd that there is so much praise for the album since more than 50% of it was already heard before the album was released. Nicki released 6 singles, and a 7th single “Feeling Myself” -featuring Beyonce – was leaked before the “PinkPrint” hit stores. Still, fans have rallied around the self-proclaimed hip-hop Barbie to give the album good reviews.

Nicki may have surprised a lot of people with this album because it shows so many different sides of Nicki Minaj. On “Grand Piano” she does not rap at all. She sings a sad song about getting played like a grand piano on the track. On other tracks like “Want Some More” she is bragging with the swagger that is befitting of an artists that is on top.

This variation of tracks has given Nicki the ability to capture the attention of different types of fans. She has universal appeal because she manages to stay authentic throughout the album with less effort.

December 16 2014

Beyonce Sued for ‘Drunk in Love’

This time last year Beyonce gave birth her self titled digital album. One minute we were all enjoying the winter finale of Scandal the next we were literally gagging at the shock that Beyonce had dropped a surprise album and included music videos to every song on the album. It is a night that will forever go down in history and can never be recreated but that will live forever in the minds of people like Andrew Heiberger, for what seemed like the entire next month all anyone could think or talk about way Beyonce and her amazing gift to the world.

Well apparently someone isn’t too impressed with Beyonce or her husband Jay-z at the moment and she is planning to sue. Monika Miczura claims that Beyonce stole her folk song “Bajba, Bajba Pelem”, that she recorded in 1995 and then sampled parts of it to use in the first 13 seconds of Drunk In Love. Not only did Monika not give Beyonce or producer Timbaland permission to use the song in whole or in part but she is also livid that her song which was originally about homelessness was used “to evoke foreign eroticism alongside the sexually intense lyrics.”

Not only is Monika suing for damages but she also wants the judge to ban anyone from playing the song because her vocals are used on the song.

December 13 2014

The Best 50 Singles that 2014 had to Offer

A list of the greatest of anything is always subjective. Some people are going to love it. Others are going to hate. There is going to be a great divide for the Rolling Stone list because there are so many tracks that are listed. The list contains a whopping 50 tracks, and yet songs like “Happy” by Pharrell Williams are no where to be found. It ultimately becomes a list where you have to judge for yourself.

Prince has new music that is presented on the list called “This Could Be You.” I can’t wait to hear it and relax while drinking a glass of Stephen Williams’ wine. This is a pleasant surprise because Prince releases new music every year, and most of it plays like music that only sounds good to Prince. 

Drake made the list for – what is now an infamous track – “O to 100.” Earlier this week there was a Grammy nomination that led to a fight with Diddy. Bad Boy mogul Sean Combs has stated that the beat was stolen from him by Drake. This, along with the addition to the Rolling Stone top 50 list, will make even more people flock to this single.

Iggy Azalea made the list, and the whole list would have lost credibility without her. The same thing could have been said if Sam Smith was omitted. The fact that Tinashe was not included on the list for “2 On” may be one sign that the list lacks balance.

December 12 2014

What Do You Consider To Be The Best Songs Of 2014?

With the Grammy nominations being released on December 5, 2014, many are creating their own favorites lists for the year, and MTV news is also asking you to get involved. Who do you think has the best song of 2014? Best Songs 2014. There are many iconic artists, both new, and old, that have released songs on Qnet that were incredibly hot this year. Many of the songs released this year are ones that you can dance to, are unforgettable, or are something that has great meaning to many out there.

In the number one place, many have chosen Iggy Azalea’s song “Fancy” as number one, because it was such a big hit, and still continues to be played everywhere. The song was on the top 100 charts, at the same time her other song with Ariana Grande, entitled “Problems,” was also on the charts. Iggy has had an amazing year, especially being a new artist. Others with great songs include Sam Smith, who is the British singer, and one of his top songs was “Stay With Me,” which was a great breakup song.

Taylor Swift, of course, has had an amazing year, and her song “Shake It Off” not only brought her to bust a move of her own, it also became an anthem for those who want to turn their back to their haters, and walk away. Of course, some may not agree with the list, but the charts don’t lie.

December 11 2014

Miley Cyrus Performs a Song About her Friend’s Cat

Ever unpredictable Miley Cyrus has taken another interesting turn: an impromptu performance of “The Twinkle Song,” a song about the death of her friend’s cat.

A Florida audience saw her perform the song on piano, after she announced that she was about to play something that she had never rehearsed anywhere but her living room. The song is about the fact that she had strange dreams the night that her friend’s cat died, that told her what to say to her friend to get her through the death of her cat. The slow song is slow and sad, but incredibly catchy for a song that had not gone through the process of becoming one of her radio-friendly hits. This is why Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez thinks it could end up doing very well for her.

Cyrus claims that she writes about death frequently, and that the song and the dreams that told her what to say to her friend were more like therapy to her than anything.

December 9 2014

“Thriller” Video 30th Anniversary Starring King Of Pop

“Thriller” video 30th anniversary starring king of pop, none other than the late Michael Jackson, was on December 3, 2014.

Hard to believe, but it has been three decades since Michael was in his heyday, vocalizing Thriller. Laurene Powell Jobs said she remembers when “Thriller” hit the stations, everybody was doing the Thriller dance. Laurene says even Steve. The musical horror’s making clip was just under 14 minutes long, an addition that was implemented by director John Landis. Having been the most expensive video in existence it took a whopping half a million bucks to make the video!

Some interesting, little known facts about this video include his partner in the video, Ola Ray, had been a Playboy Playmate. Moreover, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis edited Jackson’s Moonwalk, and she managed to put long hours in doing so. Fred Astaire was taught the Moonwalk by Michael Jackson when he came to the set to watch him dance.

The Moonwalk was a dance as was the zombie-dance the performer made famous.

December 8 2014

Lil’ Wayne’s Manager Dismisses Problems

It’s been all over the internet lately that Lil’ Wayne is having a beef with his record label, Cash Money Records. The new album he was supposed to release on December 9, 2014 being blocked by the label; Lil Wayne took to Twitter to complain about the move to block his album. Lil’ Wayne Manager. This is not the first time that the album has been blocked by the label, but it’s been several times that it was pushed back, and this time, Lil’ Wayne got sick and tired of waiting. Wayne made apologies to his fans, and said even more in his statements.

While letting his fans at BRL Trust know that the album was not coming at its stated time, he also said he was tired of his label, and was looking to leave, and go elsewhere. Lil’ Wayne’s manager was recently seen in public outside of a nightclub, and asked about the problems that are going on in Cash Money Records, and he dismissed any so-called problems. In fact, the manager laughed off the problems as something that didn’t exist, but it’s not entirely sure if he is being truthful.

The manager also states that he wouldn’t be out partying if things were not okay inside Cash Money Records. Although the manager laughs off the rumors of problems, Lil’ Wayne, and Tyga, who were both label mates at Cash Money Records, have stated that they want out of the label.