September 23 2017

Clay Siegall is major force in application of precision medicine to cancer

One of the most important trends in medical developments over the last 30 years has been that of precision medicine. Precision medicine promises to bring the ability of technology, such as means of targeting diseases at the molecular level and the use of genomic sequencing to directly target disease organisms, to almost all disease processes that exist.

Nowhere is this more promising than in the area of cancer research. Since the 1990s, so-called targeted cancer therapies have been all the rave within the cancer research space. Among the biggest names in targeted cancer therapy development, one man stands out. Clay Siegall has been at the forefront of the development of various types of targeted cancer therapy since his days as a senior researcher at pharmaceutical giant Bristol-Myers Squibb. There, Dr. Siegall led a team of researchers that first synthesized a highly innovative form of targeted cancer therapy known as antibody drug conjugates. These are a class of drugs that use synthetic human antibodies as a means to deliver extremely lethal cytotoxins directly to the site of malignant tissues, thereby completely circumventing the need to release large amounts of dangerous poisons into the bloodstream. This has the promise of completely eliminating the horrific side effects long associated with traditional chemotherapy.

In 1998, Dr. Siegall left Bristol-Myers Squibb and founded his own company, Seattle Genetics. The firm is dedicated solely to the production and development of antibody drug conjugates. The company had its first fully FDA-approved drug sanctioned by that organization in 2011. ADCetris is approved for treatment of refractory non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a potentially fatal form of cancer does affects up to 500,000 people at any given time in the United States.

Under Dr. Siegall’s leadership, the company has also continued to develop many other drugs to treat different forms of cancer. Dr. Siegall believes that the firm will receive further FDA approval on up to a dozen new drugs or the next five years, waiting to the potential widespread acceptance of antibody drug conjugates in the cancer treatment marketplace.

Dr. Clay Siegall has also overseen the leasing out of many forms of intellectual property involved the synthesis of antibody drug conjugates.


September 21 2017

Dr. Mark McKenna life as a medical doctor and entrepreneur

Dr. Mark McKenna is a practicing doctor in the United States. He is licensed to practice medicine and surgery. He was approved by the Florida and Georgia state board of medical examiners. McKenna is known for being passionate and dedicated to the work of serving clients. Mark McKenna was born in the state of New Orleans. He joined Tulane University medical schools for his studies. After his studies, he joined his father who was also in the medical practice, for work in the medical sector. At the same time, while working with his father, he established his own firm known as McKenna Venture Investment. This was a real estate investment firm. He was ready to diversify from his career and begin investing as an entrepreneur. McKenna Venture Investment has continued to grow over the years, offering various services related to the real estate business. He also acquired some other firms that were already in the sector. One of them was Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. as years went by, the firm continued to expand, offering more and more services. He was able to grow his workforce to over 50 employees, started offering turnkey design-build, financing as well as real estate closing services.

One unfortunate occurrence gave McKenna a set back of his lifetime. The 2005 Hurricane Katrina. It swept through the city of New Orleans and most of his property were destroyed. However, even after this setback, McKenna never gave up. He reinvented himself. He came up with other plans about how he would handle the after math of the hurricane. Since thousands of people were affected by the storm, McKenna decided to come up with a plan that would see him start affordable housing projects to assist all those affected by Katrina.

In the year 2007, McKenna moved to Atlanta where he established a medical firm known as ShapeMed. It was an aesthetic based medical facility. In 2014 he sold the firm to Life Time Fitness Inc. in the same deal, McKenna became the National Medical Director of the company. In 2017, McKenna founded OVME, another healthcare company.

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September 21 2017

Vijay Eswaran Outlines the Importance of Networking in Modern Business

Vijay Eswaran is one of the most prominent business entities based in Asia. For over three decades of professional experience founding businesses, Vijay Eswaran has enough to tell people. He has always focused on the multilateral business provision that dictates better business in the minds of many people.

Vijay Eswaran is also considered as one of the few people who love business as much as they develop working solutions that achieve the desired effect in commerce.

Vijay Eswaran has a long story. Before he founded one of the largest multi-lateral businesses in Asia, Vijay Eswaran’s idea was not welcomed by his business associates.

However, he was determined that it would become better for those who seek to understand in a manner that depicts the true leadership in the world of business.

According to Entrepreneur, Vijay Eswaran is now worth more than $500 million. One question we may ask ourselves is how he earned that extreme amount of money. He always says that he has relied on the powerful tool of networking to do business with many people.

This means that his life relies on the power levied on him through a wide range of solutions that cannot be managed through business capabilities. Vijay Eswaran also has an informative and inspiring tale that shows how he has survived through thick and thin with his multi-lateral business solution.

Vijay Eswaran has always wanted to create a better life for other people as well as working towards becoming part of their employment solution in the industry. Vijay Eswaran has always preserved the wisdom that helps people to persevere in the hard times as they are always followed by the good times.

Vijay Eswaran has always strived to overcome conditioning. During his upbringing, Vijay Eswaran received a great amount of conditioning that took several years to overcome. His parents made him believe that the only way to be financially stable is to have many jobs to do.

While he worked to acquire the perfect education for a man, he also worked to become the best business entity the world has ever received.

While he was undertaking his degree in masters, Vijay Eswaran was introduced into multi-lateral marketing that changed his life.

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September 19 2017

Todd Lubar: The Real Estate Genius

Todd Lubar is among the most successful businessmen in Maryland. He is the Syracuse University Speech Communication major who has undergone through an incredible life journey that led him to become the president of TDL Global Ventures. In a recent interview, he was given a task to answer some of the burning questions that most growing entrepreneurs would be dying to know. Asked about how and what inspired to start his business, he said that he is driven by the passion for helping others and assisting them in achieving their goals. Having worked in the credit and finance company for many years, Todd Lubar  knows the serious problems that customers face especially loan approvals. He, therefore, dreamt of bringing up a program to act as a relief to the customers. About making money, he says he is among those who dare to chase their dreams rather than those who spend the better part of their days daydreaming about what they would want to accomplish in life.

Todd Lubar just like many people in business took some years for him to become profitable. He says this was made possible by the fact that he worked hard. Also keeping the same momentum for himself and for all the companies he has worked for has continually helped him in maintaining the profits. As he started off, he had downfalls too something that he encourages people not to focus on. Let the downfalls not discourage you but rather continue pressing on. He says he first customer in the mid-90s working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. It is here, where he acquired business skills that have helped him in interacting with customers in a great way till today. Apart from customer references, he says Google has played a vital role in ensuring the continuity of his business. In his Patreon page he said that Business books such as The Magic of Thinking Big have helped in running a successful business.

Interesting facts about Todd, apart from being the President at TDL Global Adventures, he is also a serving Senior Vice President at Legendary Investments. He previously worked at Crestar Mortgage Corporation and Legacy Financial group holding various positions there too.

He played a vital role in the Maryland Legacy Financial office where he helped them grow to the production of massive profits, 100 million dollars annually in loan volume. In his focus on helping those in need, he also served as the Senior Vice President at Charter Funding.

He was accorded with a B.A in speech communication from Syracuse University. He graduated in 1995 where upon graduation he landed into the real estate business.

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September 17 2017

Clay Siegall grows Seattle Genetics from nothing into dominant biotech firm

Over the last 20 years, Seattle Genetics has become one of the leading biotech firms in the United States. After having been founded in 1998 by its famous co-founder, Clay Siegall, the firm has grown from just a few staff members into one of the leading producers of antibody drug conjugates in the country today. This remarkable transformation has been largely attributable to Dr. Siegall’s strong leadership and sagacious vision, leading the company on to become the first biotech firm to get an FDA-approved antibody drug conjugate to market.

But it wasn’t always an easy road. After leaving Bristol-Myers Squibb as a senior researcher, Dr. Siegall decided to strike out on his own, founding Seattle Genetics as a means to focus solely on the creation of new antibody drug conjugates. While working at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Dr. Siegall had led a team that was doing revolutionary work in the development of antibody drug conjugates and the means by which they can be created. But he felt that he was not being granted enough leeway and a large enough budget to continue making serious inroads into this exciting new line of cancer treatment.

For this reason, he decided to found Seattle Genetics. But the first few years were not easy. With only a couple million dollars in venture capital, the firm quickly began running through all of its operating budget. By 2001, the company had reached a point where it needed to make a decision. Either more capital would need to be raised or the company would need to be shut down.

Dr. Clay Siegall rose to the occasion. By assembling one of the best legal teams in the business, he was able to eventually list the company on the New York stock exchange. This represented one of the most successful IPOs of a biotech firm in the history of the markets. Raising over $1.2 billion, Seattle Genetics suddenly found itself with sufficient capital to continue carrying out research and development efforts well into the future.

By 2011, the company had received full FDA approval on its antibody drug conjugate called ADCetris. This was the first fully approved antibody drug conjugate in history, resulting in saving thousands of lives and proving the concept of antibody drug conjugates in general.

September 16 2017

NuoDB SQL for Cloud

NuoDB SQL is an advanced SQL database system technologically for application in the container based and cloud based environments. NuoDB SQL advanced technology was designed to deliver requirements in five ways. The first is Scale-out which helps the connection of more computers and gracefully accommodate whenever they are yanked out. The second is Never to be shut down. The third is hardware and software that are tolerant to faults. The fourth, Multi-site operation that would enable business continuity and the last load balancing that is automatic. NuoDB SQL distributed database is a single SQL database that makes it easy for a user to develop against it.

Initially, databases were client-server era designed. However, in the modern systems, they are designed to be distributed as in the cloud and container based environment. The cloud database is either built on traditional architecture or traditional database hosted in a cloud. NuoDB SQL distributed database approach that is patented offers cost saving, readily available and also highly demanded scale. NuoDB SQL has achieved this approach while it still maintains its rich interface. NuoDB SQL allows a user to change the cloud database size across data centers and also on a broader scale on clouds without the data integrity, standard based SQL interface already known by developers. NuoDB SQL can independently scale storage management and transaction processing.

September 16 2017

Steps To Take In Preparation For a Lifeline Screening

Unfortunately in our society there are many people who just do not see a doctor on a regular basis. This opens the door for the progress of many life threatening conditions to get a foothold and the individual may not even be aware of it.

Lifeline screening performs life-saving tests and screens that are normally found only in hospitals and medical testing facilities. We all know how expensive that can be and the appointment procedures can take forever by the time a referral is made and an appoint can be made. With Lifeline Screening just make an appointment and show up for your tests and screenings and that is all there is to it.

Screenings use ultrasound to detect real-time activities of the body’s organs. For example, an ultrasound can view the flow of blood in an artery, depicting whether there may be a blockage. Carotid artery blood flow in the neck is one test done by ultrasound, as is the abdomen artery test for cardiovascular disease. The bone density screen tests for osteoporosis.

The finger-stick blood test only needs a drop of blood from the middle finger to create an entire lipid panel to test for cholesterol levels, glucose levels and the levels of liver enzymes, screening for possible liver disease.

The limited electrocardiograph tests for an irregular heartbeat which can create blood clots. Blood clots lead to strokes, so this is a very important test. There are many other tests that when completed will be shared with the patient’s personal physician.

When arriving for your Lifeline Screening appointment you will be greeted by a friendly receptionist who will gather some information such as your name, date of birth, address, phone and the name of your personal physician.

Dress casually for your visit. Wear loose fitting clothing for the most part as lifting up the shirt or blouse may be necessary for some of the tests. You will not have to disrobe, but for the ultrasound tests, the equipment has to be placed on the bare skin.

If you need a blood test it is a good idea to fast for 12 hours prior to the test. You will receive instructions when you make your appointment with Lifeline Screening to learn more about us: click here.

Once your screenings are completed, you will receive a report of the results along with any issues that you should follow up on with your personal physician.

September 12 2017

Setting the Statndards at the Capitol Anesthesiology Association

The Capitol Anesthesiology Association (CAA) is one of the largest practices of anesthesiology physicians in the United States. The claim a total of 80 physicians with 130 CRNAs (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists) on staff. CAA makes it a mission to provide high quality health care from over 20 different medical facilities in the Austin region. The association is a provider of anesthesia services at local trauma centers, high acuity hospital locations, and a variety of ambulatory surgery facilities.
All physicians with CAA are board certified or currently are in active pursuits of such certifications from the American Board of Anesthesiology. All physicians have complete advanced training covering many specialized types of clinical, obstetric, pediatric, cardiothoracic or other kinds of anesthesia. The CAA commitment is to bring the best clinical expertise together and demonstrate it in all aspects of their health care. CAA gets the highest national benchmarks and ratings because of this.
Nobody sets the standards higher, than the Capitol Anesthesiology Association. They are making new innovative anesthesia methods available to the people who need them most, the patients. Their work never lets down those in need, because it is based on a hard working ethical medical care mission. All of CAAs members are proud of the work they do and make it look as professional, as anyone in the health care fields today. This is why medical experts and experienced care givers call on the Capitol Anesthesiology Association for all their anesthesia needs and because of their reputation that precedes them.

September 12 2017

End Citizens United Is Committed To Stopping Big Money From Buying Elections

Citizens United refers to a Supreme Court case in 2010 and a political action committee of the same name. The successful petition opened the doors for private investors, special interest groups and corporations to fund elections. It allowed a bagful of money from unknown sources to flow into the election process. It also enabled unlimited and untraceable spending.

Big money can now spend unlimited amounts to influence the elections. The money is untraceable, as the candidates receiving the support are not required to disclose their sources. In addition, sources that were traditionally prohibited from funding political campaigns are now allowed. There has been an influx of outside political groups such as Super PACS. These are participating in the electoral process. They are undertaking political advertising and lobbying for candidates who support their causes.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that is working to reverse the efforts and effects of Citizens United. The group is advocating for reform that counter the effects of the Supreme Court ruling. It is opposed to big money’s influence on the political and electoral process. The PAC believes it is akin to a subversion of democracy. End Citizens United is committed to driving big money and dark funding out of the electoral process.

The group supports candidates passionate about stopping big money from buying elections from the masses. They need some big money to do that. The movement is gaining traction rapidly especially with grassroots donors. It has pegged its hopes on an optimistic budget of $35 million. This is to support the 2018 midterm election cycle. The group already has $4 million down. It hopes to hit the mark well before the start of the midterm cycle.

The group is not new to successful fundraising. They debuted onto the election scene with over $25 million in the 2016 election cycle. End Citizens United works with candidates supporting campaign finance reform to get them elected to the House as well as Congress. It is also working to mitigate against the effects of the new administration’s policy on electoral finance.

End Citizens United is largely a Democratic group. It is mobilizing grassroots support and succeeding. It is leveraging the pain from the loss of the presidential election to rally support from Democrats. Most of the donors are small, first time supporters. For example, the average donation to the PAC is $12. The PAC employs strict traditional fundraising strategies. It does not accept donations of over $5,000 from a single supporter.

The group is one of the leading spenders aligned to the Democratic Party. It believes campaign funding should be transparent and accountable. There should be limits to campaign spending to control dark funding. The PAC appreciates it takes time to get the right people in power to effect the required changes.

September 10 2017

Philanthropist Adam Milstein with money making memes

Philanthropy and business acumen has considerably contributed to the reputation of Adam Milstein. His role as manager at Hager Pacific Properties has significantly enabled the firm acquire a lot of property and increase its profit levels. His generosity, kindness, and mentorship to the Jewish community have however carved a bigger name for him than the real estate’s business. Adam Milstein uses his wealth to lead young Jewish students into preserving their rich culture. His wife complements his philanthropic deeds under the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation which mentors young Jews and cements their bond with their heritage Israel.

His quest for the good and peaceful relationship between the USA and his country made him form the Israeli-American Council and tirelessly worked to ensure its steady growth. His voice through this council has been loud and has helped him achieve influence in the policies that America formulates about Israel. It is a sagacious belief that no teacher is greater than experience, Adam Milstein was once an immigrant, and this puts him at the best point to advocate for their rights. He has used the might of the pen to achieve his goal of advocating for the rights of the Jews all over the globe. Adam Milstein has authored several publications that promote the literacy of the Jews. He sees their literacy as the primary tool that will help them maintain their roots.

To show support for Israel, Adam Milstein organized a meme competition with a view of showing the lighter side of Pro activism in Israel and love for the country. Participants are allowed a maximum of five meme entries into this competition and are subjected to two stages of judging by the public and the panel. The entries may be in the form of videos, hash tags and macro images which must be unique, original and of Israelites culture. People are supposed to judge the submissions by posting comments conveying their reactions such as ‘awesome.’ The last judging spree will be done by the panelists. The competition will reward seventeen participants who will have portrayed humor and love for Israel with a total of two thousand dollars and to know more