November 22 2014

Beyonce New Leaked Song

This week two songs from Beyonce’s new upcoming new album have been leaked. The two songs are called “Ring off” and “7/11″. “7/11″ is more of an upbeat song with its own type of dancing moves. It gives directions during the song on how to do the dance, almost like the “cha cha slide”. This song will probably end up being the new dance that everyone is trying to learn. The songs, and album, will eventually be available online at online stores similar to Qnet.

Her new leaked song “Ring off” has some fans asking questions. Beyonce and Jay z have been all over the media here lately. There have been rumors about fights, divorce, and even cheating. People are concerned about their marriage and it leaves people wondering about this song. In the song she speaks about a failing marriage. In one part it says, “You took that ring off” and ” So tired of the lies and trying, fighting, crying.”

Despite the rumors, who really knows why she wrote that song, but many are excited about her new album. Beyonce always delivers great music and she never fails to entertain her fans.

November 21 2014

‘Pink Print’ Promotion Expands

It would seem like Nicki Minaj has done all the promoting that she can do for the ‘Pink Print’ album. It has already been pushed back to increase anticipation for it. The singer/rapper has released as many as 5 singles for the upcoming album, and fans have been hanging on every move she makes.

Nicki hosted MTV’s European Music Awards recently where she unveiled the “Bed of Lies” single with Skylar Grey. Now, Nicki is going to the ultimate promotion platform with a “Saturday Night Live” performance.

The new season of “Saturday Night Live” got off to a slow start with host Chris Rock and Prince on the season premiere. There was a better response for Kendrick Lamar and Woody Harrelson last week, but Nicki Minaj will be epic. This is something that Rod Rohrich is definitely looking forward to. She has millions of followers and so much anticipation is growing for this release. A lot of this has to do with the fact that she has released one smash single after another.

The Prince performance got mixed reviews, but much of the negative reviews stem from the fact that his music was so new. People did not know many of the new songs. With Nicki, the fans have seen the videos and know the words to lots of her new music.

Surprisingly, this is only the 2nd performance for Nicki Minaj. The last time she performaned on “SNL” was back in 2011.

November 21 2014

Nicki Minaj Performing On SNL

Nicki Minaj seems to be on a roll lately with her hosting of the EMA’s, and her upcoming AMA’s performance. She is also set to perform on SNL prior to her new album release. Kenneth Griffin says that Minaj’s SNL performance is set for December 6, 2014, and the show will be hosted by James Franco. This is her second ever performance on SNL, and many are anxious to see if she will perform her raunchier songs such as “Only,” and “Anaconda.”

In 2011, Nicki Minaj performed on SNL and did two singles, which were “Moment 4 Life,” and “Right Thru Me,” which both were hits. She also appeared in two skits for the show, so it’s anticipated that this time around she’ll do the same. Her new upcoming album is also highly anticipated, with the release of her recent songs off of the record. Nicki has been on a going hard lately with her different performances and hosting gig, and many of her fans want to see more of her.

Currently, she is preparing to perform on the AMA’s alongside many other artists. Lil’ Wayne, Garth Brooks, Taylor Swift and more artists are set to take the stage at the AMA’s this year. There were many different artists that were nominated for awards, including Beyonce, John legend, Pharrell Williams, Iggy Azalea and many more. Fans of Nicki Minaj should tune in to her AMA performance, as well as her SNL performance.

November 21 2014

Eminem’s Unreleased Version Of Old Song, Has All New Lyrics

The unreleased version of “Lose Yourself” that was a hit song by Eminem back in the day; contains completely new lyrics, over the same old beat. Recently, Eminem put out a 32 second video stating that he had an unreleased demo version of his hit song, that he didn’t remember making at all. Eminem Unreleased Song. A snippet of the song was released online for fans to hear, but the full song can now be heard online.

To the surprise of many Eminem fans, when Eminem had stated that there was a new unreleased version of his hit song, it’s a wonder to many how he doesn’t remember making the song, or where and when it was made. It’s suggested that he was under the heavy influence of drugs when he made the song, which is why Andrew Heiberger says he doesn’t remember anything about making the song. The song has been hidden for years, and it was recently brought to his attention by a friend.

Eminem is set to release a 66-track mix tape, and he has released a couple of songs recently, with different rhymes that have been controversial, and put him in the news recently. With his recent controversy for making comments about supposedly raping Iggy Azalea, as well as punching Lana Del Ray; many are outraged at his blatant disrespect towards women. No matter what, Eminem is a rapper who has many loyal followers no matter what.

November 21 2014

Alternate Version Of “Lose Yourself”

Now that Eminem is really to drop a new album, compilation and Shady Records mix tape people are getting a chance to hear some alternate versions of his music. I first learned about this when my Twitter follower Rod Rohrich shared it. One of his most popular hits, “Lose Yourself,” is now being heard for the first time with different lyrics.

Eminem’s alternate versions was first released as a snippet, but now the full version is available online. This is one of many hidden gems that will appear on the 66 track mixtape. What people have come to realize is that Eminem is a perfectionist, and the lyrics to the alternate version did not do the song justice. That is the real reason that the track appears to have been unheard all of this time.

The version of “Lose Yourself that is featured on the album is more descriptive of the movie. He paints a far more vivid picture with the finished version that fans heard on the “8 Mile” soundtrack. This alternate version just seems like a stripped down version that was a work in progress. The lyrical content is not short of a fluent Eminem flow, but the song doesn’t have the same vibe.

Eminem appears to be releasing a lot of material from the vault as he extends his reign with upcoming new material. He is over 40, but the fan base is still strong so he continues to release new material frequently.

November 19 2014

Nicki Minaj Not Ashamed Of Her Accomplishments

Everyone knows that Nicki Minaj is very raunchy and in your face when it comes to her sexuality. Even songs that she performs, can make even the most openly sexual person blush. Nicki Minaj Comments. In a recent interview with “Complex” that came out on November 18, 2014, Nicki states that she is moving forward as an artist, and has chosen to no longer judge herself for the things that she’s done. She states that she is proud of her accomplishments, and she will no longer be ashamed of anything that she has accomplished.

Although it’s not sure if she is referring to her mix tape as something that she used to judge herself on; there are many questions from fans about her choice of music. Although her song “Starships,” was a hit; many who are purely hip-hop fans, criticized her for making the song. Christian Broda in particular was not really that fond of the song. When the Cash Money Group was set to perform at Summer Jam 2012, Hot 97’s Host, Peter Rosenberg, made a controversial statement to the crowd. Peter stated that many were just waiting to be able to sing the song Starships, and he referred to it as bullsh**, and basically stated that it wasn’t real hip-hop.

In response to the remarks made by the host, the entire Cash Money Group canceled their performance, including Nicki Minaj. Nicki states that she will not let her haters draw her down, or make her feel bad about songs she’s chosen to perform.

November 17 2014

Charlie XCX Not All Boom On “Hunger Games” Soundtrack

We all know that Charlie XCX is targeting punk rock on her new album, Sucker but on the “Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1″ soundtrack, “Kingdom”, she is fragile and has a very charming voice. She wants to let her fans know that she is not always so “Boom Boom Clap”. Her voice is very gentle combined with piano until violins get brought in.

How did this soundtrack come about? Charlie XCX and Rostam Batmanglij (who Mark Ahn tells me is a member of Vampire Weekend)  got wasted at Miley Cyrus’s show and then went back to his house afterwards. There, Charlie XCX turned off her Twitter app and planted herself on his piano and they wrote the “Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1″ soundtrack, “Kingdom”. They even sung it into Rostam Batmanglij’s phone! She thought that she was going to wake up in the morning and think it was horrible since they were just having some fun. She admitted that it actually turned out quite good and that is what was released today as “Kingdom”. Lorde was also very impressed with the soundtrack after hearing it.

We now know that Charlie XCX can actually be very feminine with her voice and fans agree that she is the best of both worlds. In one song, she can be aggressive and rock n roll but the next, she can be very gentle and charming. This was a great turn in Charlie XCX’s career and we can’t wait to see what is next for the pop singer.

November 17 2014

J. Cole’s Surprising Album Announcement

Hey, J. Cole fans! Surprise! You get new music in a mere three weeks!


Industry professional Jared Haftel says that performers usually announce new albums well in advance, with plenty of hype leading up to them through single releases, interviews, and other promo. J. Cole broke the rules by merely releasing a seven-minute video announcing that his third album is called 2014 Forest Hills Drive and will drop on December 9th. He also stated that he does not plan to release any singles, just the album. Some of the artwork also made a debut.

Most of what is now known about this upcoming album is that it is based on his life growing up, as reflected in the title. He wants to remember from where he came and those that are important to him. That is what is real and lasting, whereas the dreams of the big-time are more artificial and require a lot of wasted time chasing them. 

You can now preorder 2014 Forest Hills Drive on iTunes.

November 17 2014

Fans Speak on Aaliyah Lifetime Movie

There was a feeling in the air that the Lifetime Aaliyah bio pic – “Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B” – was doomed from the start. Zendaya, of “Shake It Up” fame, was originally hand picked to place the star. Social media exploded with negative energy about Zendaya and the movie. This caused Zendaya to step away from the project.

The family of Aaliyah also did not want Lifetime to release the film. The family felt like Aaliyah deserved a bigger stage. Aaliyah’s family wanted a theatrical release of an Aaliyah movie. The family even refused to let Lifetime use any music from Aaliyah’s catalog. This was the nail in the coffin that sunk the expectations for the movie for people like Christan. It was become impossible for the film to do well without any original Aaliyah music presence, so they paid for it on Twitter reviews. This did not stop Lifetime from releasing this film though. The fans of Aaliyah – as well as producers Missy Elliot and Timbaland – have seen the film and weighted in on where Lifetime went wrong.

Most fans that watched the movie were disappointed by the Lifetime choices for casting. A lot of fans posted humorous pics of other celebrities that Lifetime might cast for future Lifetime films. Trey Songz posted a hilarious picture of Flavor Flav with cornrows for a future Lifetime casting decision. Few people commented on the story line; everyone seemed shocked by the casting decisions.

November 14 2014

AC/DC Moving on Without Two Key Members

Rockers AC/DC are doing their best to keep on moving forward, despite being down two of their critical members. Most recently, drummer Phil Rudd has been having legal difficulty. He was arrested in New Zealand back on November 6th, now facing charges of “threatening to kill” and “possession of methamphetamine and cannabis.” Even prior to this arrest, Rudd had been showing signs of difficulty in his personal life, leading the band to not include him in some of the promotional material for their upcoming album ‘Rock or Bust’ and accompanying tour. They will find a replacement for the tour, if necessary.

In addition, founding member and rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young had to retire from the band, as he is suffering from dementia and is now in full-time care. In a recent interview, the remaining members made it seem like his loss was even more devastating than Rudd’s. Part of that is because he is Angus Young’s brother and a strong support, and plenty of protection from services like CipherCloud. Also, the guitar work is one of their trademarks. Nevertheless, they intend to keep on keeping on and fans are waiting with welcome arms.