July 22 2017

Equities First holdings and the value added to clients

Since 2003, an Equities first holding, LLC has been offering solutions to its clients by giving them an opportunity for alternative financial solutions. It has been offering the clients with wealth in contrast to publicly transacted shares to allow them to meet their aims. It has been focusing on lending for low fixed interest rates do their clients. The company provides its customers stock-based credits so that they can strategize, expand and invest in other areas. Equity First Holdings is a worldwide firm with workplaces in nine different nations.

On 15th November 2016, the worldwide leader in other loaning strategies which maintains three Australian places announced that it is moving its base to Melbourne city, Sydney path to be able to accommodate growing businesses. Many of the upcoming businesses have benefited from this strategy, and they have been able to get a boost of what they do by these low rate interest loans.

Now the question that lingers in many peoples minds is who benefits? Stocks are long term investment. Most of them do not drop anything near to 205 in a short period. Over many years, investors ride over these highs and lows to create long term returns. For many years investors have never lost money through the drops and rise in the stock returns. Those who want to benefit must use the long terms. Those who jump to buy and sell shares randomly when they are high or low respectably end up crippling their business.

Those who plan to invest in stocks need to be consistent and willing to wait so that they are cushioned by the raising and falling. When you invest for a long time, you are likely not to notice the abrupt changes over the short terms and in the end, enjoy a huge return. However, it is a decision each business needs to make. Stock advisors become necessary in cases where the investors are not sure of which direction to take. Long term investments yield great returns.

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July 19 2017

Lime Crime’s CEO Tastes and Preferences

Doe Deere established Lime Crime in 2008. She serves as the CEO. The company is based in California. It is involved in the production, distribution and online retail of revolutionary cosmetic lines. She is committed to empowering consumers to express themselves with superior-quality beauty products. She employs a hands-on approach and is at the center of every successful idea. She is involved in product design and development as well as marketing and promotion.



She requests entrepreneurs to be resilient to realize success. Doe Deere creates products that communicate her personal values. She loves making other people happy. Her affinity for brilliant colors is synonymous with the brand’s products. The brand has achieved rapid success since launch. It is setting the pace in makeup and has become a favorite for strong women comfortable in their skin.



Lime Crime is creating new makeup trends. It is the first brand to introduce transfer-proof liquid-to-matte products. It is certified cruelty free. Additionally, the brand features a popular vegan line named Velvetine.



About Doe Deere



She likes to take showers in the evening so that the hair may be dry for styling in the morning. She creates her signature shiny waves using a curling wand. She wears her hair down to show off her purple color.



She has two gorgeous Persian cats, namely Puffy Fluffles and Chester von Battingham and she likes to spend most of her morning time with them. The two cats live luxurious lives. Deere loves them very much and even kisses them.



Most of the time, she arrives at her office around noon. She takes her lunch and spends some time with her team. She then holds several meetings until 6 p.m. However, she can stay in the office until midnight if there is any need.



Doe Deere was born in Russia but brought up in New York City. She is the CEO and the brain behind Lime Crime Cosmetics. She is determined to prove that cosmetics are a form of freedom and are not just to conceal imperfection. To her, beauty is what looks right and not what is “natural” or “looks best.”

July 18 2017

UKV PLC: Selling Quality First Class Wines

One could feel intimidated when choosing the best French wine. It is a very difficult task, and even the experts in the field can be overwhelmed by the extreme number of characteristics that each bottle of wine has. These experts could also make some minor flaws in choosing best French wine because of the complex nature of how these wines are made. The processes on how it was manufactured, produced, and labeled differ greatly and depend on its location in France. One must understand basic knowledge in order to have a clear view of the subject. UKV PLC company selling first class wine, stated that those who are new in the field should being by getting to know the French appellation system. The wines which are produced in France vary per region, and the place where they were produced can be found on its label.

Each wine was made with a specific type of wine, along with other ingredients that were used and the process on how it was made. There are also a number of things that can affect the taste of the wine. It includes the variety of the grape used, the soil in the region, its climate, the topography, how high their altitudes is, and even the local culture and tradition. For the French classification system, the wine with the highest quality is called the appellation d’origine controlee. UKV PLC is ready to help those who wanted to purchase first class French wine. The company has a guide on the wine each person should get depending on their reasons and purposes. According to the company, some of the regions in France which produce best wines are Burgundy, which manufactures red or white wine; Bordeaux, manufacturing medium-body red wines; Champage, which manufactures the wine with the same name; and Loire, which manufactures every kind of wine.

UKV PLC specializes in the acquisition and sale of these investment grade wines around the world. Their partners come from the best vineyards of Spain, France and Italy. UKV PLC is serving two types of customers – the consumers, and the collectors or investors. Whatever their personal reason maybe, UKV PLC is ready to assist them, as they have a vast network of first class wine producers.

About UKV PLC: ukvplc.com/About-Us

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July 18 2017

An Overview of JustFab and its Co-CEO Adam Goldenberg

Adam Goldenberg began his entrepreneurial skills at an early age. When Goldenberg was 16 years old, he founded Gamer’s Alliance Inc., an ad agency on online gaming sites. The venture was later acquired by Intermix Media, holding company of MySpace in 1999. Adam Goldenberg was then joined Intermix Media and served as VP of Strategic Planning. At age 20, he became the company’s Chief Operating Officer, and was recognized as the youngest person to have served the position of COO publicly trading company. In 2005, News Corp. acquired Intermix Media fro over $650 million.


Formation of JustFab


In 2006 Adam Goldenberg partnered with Don Ressler and they founded Intelligent Beauty Inc., and four years later they created JustFab. In 2013, three years after launching, JustFab acquired a shoe discovery platform, ShoeDazzle as well as raising $85 million. In 2014, Mr. Adam Goldenberg was named as one of “3LA CEOs you need to know now” during an interview with Built in LA. He explained that their business adapted quickly because they access the numbers regularly, even on hourly basis in order to fix issues early enough. Adam is a true believer of transparency within his organization. According to Mr. Goldenberg, acting on customers’ feedback has played huge part in the success of their business.


JustFab’s Recruiting Practices


According to the co-CEO of JustFab, Adam Goldenberg, they look for passion when recruiting candidates to join their team. Some candidates have good resume and education, but they do not have the passion of what they want to add to brands. That culture has made JustFab very successful, and Adam further added that ‘Be Passionate’ is one of their mantras at the office. Mentoring and training sessions are offered to the team to make it more effective. Despite the fact that JustFab operates in fashion and e-commerce, it has remained relevant because they design and manufacture their items. Adam said they are proud of the products they sell because they continue to attract more customers.


JustFab’s Expansion Plans


After the firm raised $85 million in 2014, it used the fund to expand to Western Europe market. The firm reached the $1billion mark. According to Women’s Wear Daily, investors like Shining Capital and Matrix Partners were among those who funded this initiative being led by Passport Special Opportunity Fund. During an interview with Women Wear Daily, co-CEO Adam Goldenberg said these investors understood the retail and e-commerce businesses very well and that was beneficial to their brand. http://www.builtinla.com/member/adam-goldenberg

July 17 2017

Growth Takes Many Different Forms For Honey Birdette

Established in 2006, Honey Birdette has become a global phenomenon because of the high level of growth and financial success that has been identified in the brand since it made its first steps into the Australian retail industry. After conquering the Australian retail market the Honey Birdette brand has now set out to become established in both the U.K. and U.S. by taking two different paths to retail success.

In the U.K. the focus for Honey Birdette remains focused on the growth of brick and mortar locations that will soon be found in various cities across the nation; currently Honey Birdette has three stores based in Southern England that will be joined by a further 37 stores opening by the end of 2018. The U.K. is not the only territory Honey Birdette is hoping to expand into over the coming years after a huge level of growth was identified in the U.S. via Online sales. A 374 percent increase in Online sales in the U.S. has prompted the decision to develop a new North America dedicated Online sales platform designed to make sales and returns as easy as possible for U.S. based customers.

Known as Australia’s first sensuality store, Honey Birdette has been seeking to create the highest quality of products available in the luxury lifestyle area that has become the main area of success for the company. Not only does Honey Birdette create impressive luxury lingerie products, but the company also develops adult products designed to create a lifestyle enjoyed by every adult.

Control of every aspect of the Honey Birdette line is something founder Eloise Monaghan prides herself on as she sets out to build a lingerie empire where every product is designed inhouse and manufactured to the highest possible levels of perfection.

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July 14 2017

Enhancement of Businesses with Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a well-known entrepreneur who helped a lot of people in developing their business. Also apart from that he as well is an investor, philanthropist and creative thinker. Scottsdale, Arizona is where he is situated. Jason Hope as well creates innovative ideas which help a lot of people to develop their business. His achievement is due to him graduating from Arizona State University and got bachelor’s degree in Finance and also from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of MBA Business. He is as well specialized in enterprise business and also participates in political affairs in Arizona.

Through committing himself to helping people who are poor by funding them, therefore, he is able to change a lot of individual’s lives. He as well helps the small organization to develop through providing them with guidance which will enable them to be more successful. Furthermore, in order to provide better services to his clients, he links with a different organization which will enable them to come up with new techniques that will help them offer better services. In addition, he holds many positions in different charitable Centers, therefore, enabling him to be able to support a lot of people to live healthier lives.

Jason Hope through technology and research enabled him to assist upcoming entrepreneurs in attaining their objectives. He as well guides many entrepreneurs to always abide by the values which will help them be successful including always attending to clients wants first and ensures they are satisfied, creating a good rapport with clients so they can trust you and lastly better relationship among the staff members so the business can develop swiftly. Technology is the most vital motivation that made Jason Hope be ahead of his competitors and also realize new and upcoming trends hence enabling him to be more experienced and skilled.

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July 13 2017

Omar Yunes – Highly Successful Entrepreneur in Food Business in Mexico

Recently, the Best Franchise of the World Competition was held in Florence, Italy, and participants from over 34 countries took part in the competition. It was a highly competitive event with leading franchises from Mexico, Argentina, France, and other nations participating in it. The competition was won by Omar Yunes, who owns 13 Franchise units of Sushi Itto, a Japanese fusion food chain of restaurants in Mexico. Omar Yunes started the first Sushi Itto outlet when he was just 21, but thanks to his hard work, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit, he was able to open many more restaurants in the next few years in different parts of the country, in Mexico City, Veracruz, and in Puebla.

As soon as he the winner was announced, Omar Yunes was jubilant and happy about winning the competition. But, he gave the credit of his success to the 400 employees working across his chain of franchise units of Sushi Itto. Omar Yunes said winning such a tough competition is simply not possible without the effort and hard work put in by his sincere team of employees. The BFW Competition had strict parameters on which the franchises were judged, which included growth, business, foot-fall, cleanliness, marketing, customer service, reviews, and more.

Stringent judging process ensured that the winner is announced only after qualitatively and quantitatively considering and evaluating all the measurable variables that goes into running a successful franchise unit. Benjamin Cancelmo, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Sushi Itto, said that one of the Sushi Itto franchise winning the competition only helps in ensuring customers of the best quality food and services at all times, and shows the commitment of the network of franchise the brand has. Omar Yunes has played a very significant role in the demography his franchise operates to popularize the Sushi Itto brand and the Japanese fusion food. Omar Yunes monitors the growth and business of all his 13 Sushi Itto franchise units, and continues to strive for excellence in the customer service department. Omar Yunes is among the youngest and the most successful entrepreneurs in the food business in Mexico.

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July 10 2017

Dick Devos’ Role with the Dick and Betsy Devos Foundation

When it comes to garnering attention and criticism, Dick Devos has become accustomed to this especially now that he is the husband to the secretary of education in the free world. Among the things that he is usually criticized for is outsized political contributions that go to the Republican Party. In total, his political contributions and charitable contributions can add up to $139 million. This includes the contributions that have been made by his wife, Betsy Devos. The couple lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan and most of the donations go to the school choice program. The program is an initiative of Betsy Devos. Dick Devos manages his contributions through the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation that was established years ago. In a report that was published on their website, it was revealed that Dick and Betsy Devos made a charitable donation worth $11.5 million I the year 2015. Compared to the political donations they made that year, the charitable donation was twice the political one. According to statistics from the federal government that was revealed during Betsy Devos’ vetting process, the couple had made a donation of $5.3 as campaign donations in the year 2015 alone. Some critics feel that they make large charitable donations to cover the political donations.


As part of the larger Devos family, they made donations of over $104 million to various causes in the year 2015. These donations earned the family a spot on the 24th most generous families and givers in the United States. The family recently published a report that revealed that they had made donations worth a quarter of their wealth in their entire life. According to the family report, the Devos family had donated over $1.33 billion of their wealth. With their wealth estimated at $5.2 billion, donations make a quarter of their wealth. His wife, Betsy Devos, comes from a family of givers also. His dad is the famous industrialist giver known as Edgar Prince who hailed from the Netherlands.


Of the donations they made in the year 2015, $3 million went to educational causes making it 26 percent of their donation. 3 percent went to institutions that sought educational reforms in the United States. According to experts, they say that looking at the way the family spends on education; it’s a clear indication of their priorities. According to Dick Devos, they chose to focus on the education system as they felt that the current system was falling short on helping students realize the American dream. Dick Devos says that his main aim is to help the talented educators who have dedicated their time to the system to achieve a common goal of success. According to tax reports from the IRS, Dick Devos funnels his funds to high schools, churches, universities and even colleges.


July 9 2017

Life Line Screening Offers Tips For Men For Preventive Health Care

Health issues often go undetected until they progress into something more. Symptoms don’t typically show until the disease or disorder has advanced to the point of it becoming a serious health issue. Preventive health care isn’t always taken because people feel they are fine when there is a health issue on the verge of starting.

Life Line Screening offers tips for men that can help them stay on top of their preventive health care. Stress is a huge cause of health related illnesses. It can cause the blood pressure to rise, chemicals in the body to become imbalanced, it disrupts sleep, and the ability to eat like an individual needs too. By reducing your stress levels, these components can decrease. Try meditating to relax the body. Or try taking a long, hot soak in a warm bath. Read a book. Do something enjoyable. By trying one of these tips, it can reduce a person’s stress levels remarkably.

Exercising is another way to stay healthier. By doing some cardiovascular health exercise, it increases blood flow throughout the whole body. It is raises a person’s oxygen levels within the blood. Exercising at least 30 minutes a day can reduce your blood pressure, reduce the bad cholesterol and raise the good cholesterol, and help you rest better at night to learn more: https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Life-Line-Screening/salaries click here.

It is known that a person needs to get about an average of 7 hours of sleep per night. Anything less than that or anything that is over 10 hours of sleep, it affects person tremendously. It can affect their responses in critical areas of thinking and reaction times. It can also leave a person feeling fatigued throughout the day. By setting a sleep routine every night, it creates a more peaceful sleep for the individual. They will no longer experience insomnia.

Life Line Screening is a company that is nationwide and offers preventive health care screening to everyone. This company offers several medical procedures that are noninvasive.

The results of these tests are done in a matter of minutes and the results are given while you are there. The results are given to the patient so that they can give it to their primary care doctor. Should further testing need to be done, then the primary doctor can order the tests.

July 9 2017

An Eye Opener on Equity First Holdings

The Equity First Holdings is a company that offers loans to help people start businesses. It has recently opened offices in Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth in Australia. This has made it easy for clients to access the company. Due to the drastic change in growth of Equity First Holdings, the company has opted to settle in Melbourne since it can support the entire workforce around the company. Mitchell Hopwood is the Managing Director of the company.

Customers applying for the loans are not tied to starting a business as the loans can be used for any other purpose. Before the organizations opened new offices in Australia, it had other offices in The United Kingdom, Singapore, and Thailand. Their main offices are located in Indiana, United States of America.

In the financial sector, Equity First Holdings has been involved in the provision of capital for businesses. It has mainly majored in helping clients meet their needs by funding them in opposition to stock traded to the public. This company has come to the rescue of those who have ideas but no capital to fund them. It gives huge amounts of loans at very low interest so as to make it available and accessible to all and sundry.

Equity First Holdings offers a fast and highly recommended source of capital to entrepreneurs. After raising profits in their lending practices, the company invests in other research and development projects. Just like the other offices, the Hong Kong branch strictly follows the legal mandate in lending. This is because they hold a valid license from the magistrate’s courts.

The company advises in choosing the right partners when applying for a loan. This is because partners who are unreliable and not focused will never help you achieve your goals. Recently, the company has partnered with the Meridian Equity Partners based in London to enhance services provided by the company.