June 19 2016

Kate Hudson and Fabletics Active Wear

Has anyone noticed that sports gear and leggings are becoming so cute, flattering and comfortable, they’re almost impossible to take off? Lounging around at home in cute and comfy leggings, shorts and sports bras has become a leisure activity many active women are taking to heart. That’s why actress Kate Hudson has gotten involved with co-founding Fabletics that makes outfits that work for going out on the town and also for doing a major power walk.

In a recent sit down interview with Marie Claire Magazine, Hudson talked about this exciting new sportwear/leisure wear line and why it’s so enticing for active women. It’s Hudson’s feeling that women need to be motivated to get active and stay active, but they also need to feel attractive. The Fabletics clothing line really offers beautiful style along with the flexibility and durability of great activewear.

According to Fabletics, this clothing line was launched when Hudson and the company’s co-founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg saw a real gap in the market for women’s sportswear. Although there were some brands out there that offered activewear that offered style and fashionable looks, there weren’t any that offered it at a really affordable price level. This is where Fabletics came in at http://www.fabletics.com/kates-picks.htm, and made a move that really switched things up.

A quick look over the Fabletics website shows how attractive these workout looks are. This brand has a range of outfits that go from high intensity workout gear to lounging outfits that are truly irresistible, to dressier outfits that can be work out for the evening.

There’s no doubt Hudson and the Fabletics team are truly hitting on a need active women have for attractive workout gear. These pieces are priced affordably, which makes them wonderfully accessible for women who want to look great but have to stay on a reasonable budget. Bravo to Fabletics for helping women stay active and beautiful.
 Source: http://www.fabletics.com/collections

June 17 2016

AirDale Terrier Named Charlie Fights With The Cat Over Beneful

My dog is an AireDale Terrier and his name is Charlie. Charlie is a very well behaved dog who always does what he is told so I don’t have to give him treats to get him to listen although I still give him treats to be nice for his good behavior. Charlie eats Beneful dog food by PurinaStore and frequently trying to get the cat away from his bowl of dog food because the cat is always trying to steal his food due to the fact that it tastes so good and is so filled with flavor. Charlie is very alert, courageous, and intelligent so he won’t allow the cat to even come close to his food anymore. Charlie switches between five different types of Beneful wet dog food because I don’t want him to have to eat the same flavor every day. When I first choose Beneful for Charlie It was because they are so reasonably priced that I could buy him various types of their dog food to eat. The five types of Beneful wet dog food [https://www.beneful.com/products/wet-dog-food/] that I buy for Charlie are the roasted chicken recipe, chopped blends with chicken and liver in it, chopped blends with lamb, Romana style medley, and Tuscan style medley. Charlies favorite Beneful dog food out of all five Beneful dog food’s I buy on Amazon is the chopped blends with chicken and liver in it. Not only does that particular Beneful chopped blends have chicken and liver in it but it also has peas, brown rice, and sweet potatoes in it. I think that Charlie appreciates that I not only feed him Beneful but choose to feed him various different flavors of their wet dog food. Charlie is beyond spoiled by me because most dogs don’t get to change their dog food flavor up every day like he does. I am so glad that I can afford to spoil Charlie and let him have a different type of Beneful food each day. When the new year comes I plan on switching the five dog foods I give him currently to five other flavor options that Beneful offers because they have so many different types of dog food for him to try.



June 14 2016

Desiree Perez Pulling the Strings at Tidal

Tidal, once a company on the verge of failure has experienced quite the comeback in the last half a year. Tidal, who seemed to switch CEOs and leadership weekly may have found the person it needs to move the company into the future. Desiree Perez.

If her name sounds familiar you may be a fan of boxing. She, along with her husband, Juan Perez have been in charge of Roc Nation Sports, over seeing such deals as signing Andre Ward and Miguel Cotto.

Perez has been in close association with Tidal owner Jay-Z for almost 20 years. Her, along with her husband are members of Jay-Z’s closest business partners which also include Jay Brown, TyTy Smith, Chaka Pilgrim and Jana Fleischman.

Tidal, who has at this point in time went through three CEOs, was falling. Their subscription numbers had not been rising and they seemed overpriced for what they were offering to many would-be subscribers. This was until Tidal made a decision.

Releasing exclusive albums only on Tidal is probably the one thing that not only stopped them from closing down, but also elevated them into the streaming juggernaut that it has almost instantly transformed into. Beginning with Rihanna and T.I. and the more recent releases of Beyonce’s Lemonade and Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo, subscription numbers skyrocketed.

Reliable sources behind closed door point towards one individual when credit is due. Desiree Perez. These sources credit her with being closely affiliated with the Beyonce Formation tour and she played a pivotal role in the Rihanna and Samsung deal. In what seemed like a blink of an eye Desiree Perez’s decision to release music in such a manor has taken Tidal’s former idea of holstering a wide variety of music from the past and instead gave them a new one. To look forward and to focus on the music of the future.

People want music and if their current platforms do not give them the music they want, they will either switch or welcome a new service into their life. If Tidal continues to release exclusive content from top talent like Kanye West and Beyonce, other streaming services better prepare for the worst.


Source: http://hitsdailydouble.com/news&id=299940

June 12 2016

Fabletics Makes It Easy to Work Out for the Summer

The thing that has made people recognize the value of Fabletics is the way that the brand keeps expanding. There are more than a few pieces of clothing that have become popular with the Fabletics brand because this is a transformation of something new and innovative.

Fabletics has something that is considered athleisure. This is clothing that makes it easy to run errands and exercise without changing your clothes. These outfits are have become perfect for people that want to have an outfit that they can wear from the grocery store to the yoga shop.

According to the Clothes Maiden website, there are summer clothes that are designed to fit those that may have tight budget for shopping. There are these yoga pants and tops in styles like the Dahlia, Malva and Freesia designs that are incredibly popular with the fitness crowd. Women do not have to worry about what they are going to do for the summer. There are so many choices on the website that are making people gravitate towards this store.

The summer certainly inspires more people to take a look at more of the options that are available through Fabletics. There is even a swimwear line that is available right now. Kate Hudson has done so much to make sure that people are able to move around and have a lot of flexibility. Some of these clothes have built-in bras, and this is just another thing that shows the strength of athleisure. People can buy clothes at http://www.m2woman.co.nz/2-kate-hudson-reveals-7-super-easy-moves-to-achieve-her-envious-body/ that are designed for more than just working out.

The summer line for 2016 has some great active wear that is designed by Kate Hudson, and this line has certainly gotten a lot of attention. People that love to jog will have access to sports bras, tank tops, yoga pants and active wear. Some of the outfits have 2 pieces. There are other outfits that have 3 pieces. These summer outfits come in different colors and styles so joggers can spruce up their workout attire.

It has become evident that Fabletics is a brand that is designed to add a higher level of comfort to those that are working out. Kate Hudson has made sure that people are able to see the strength of this brand. It is thriving because there are shorts, leggings, tops and tights that have the stretchy material that people need to maximize their workout experience. See: https://www.couponcabin.com/coupons/fabletics/

June 1 2016

Keeping Squaw Valley Alive with Andy Wirth

Keeping tourism flowing throughout the year can be challenging in the ski industry. Fortunately, Andy Wirth knows who to ask to keep Squaw Valley thriving during the off-season. Turning to his local community, Wirth and his neighbors outlined a plan that keeps businesses open even when the snow isn’t falling.

Welcome to Squaw Valley Ski Resort

Squaw Valley has held a vital place in the history of American skiing. It was host to the 1960 Winter Olympics, and has grown to become the second largest ski area in the Lake Tahoe area. Andy Wirth took the helm in 2010, and has since guided the company through several improvements. Learn more about Andy Wirth: www.kcrw.com/people/andy-wirth

Andy Wirth’s Plan of Action

Knowing how vital Squaw Valley is to the community, Wirth included their input and consideration in his plans for its future plans. He published the results of his meetings with the public and with the Placer Counter Board of Supervisors in the Auburn Journal. Wirth’s op-ed outlines that preservation is what Squaw Valley needs.

Cultivating Sustainable and Thoughtful Development

After listening to locals, plans for Squaw Valley’s expansion were drastically reduced. However, that has not stopped Wirth from moving in a new direction. Read more: Andy Wirth – Squaw Valley CEO and Philanthropist and Another View: Community input shaping Squaw Valley’s future

The new plan focuses on environmental stewardship, preserving Squaw Valley’s Olympic history, and benefiting the overall community. As Squaw Valley prospers, so does its surrounding year-round residents.

For tourists and athletes, Squaw Valley’s improvement initiative includes training facilities that offer several new activities such as new and improved trails, mountain biking, zip-lining, and ski instruction. Learn more about Andy Wirth: tahoetopia.com/news/interview-squaw-valley-ceo-andy-wirth and http://www.ironman.com/triathlon/news/articles/2014/09/andy-wirth-squaw-valley.aspx

Environmental impact is reduced, as 90% if new construction will be built on already-existing asphalt. Finally, to keep Squaw Valley beautiful, tall structures have been reduced or eliminated to retain gorgeous mountain views.

Who is Andy Wirth?

Andy Wirth is no stranger to the resort and hospitality industry, having been a champion in this industry for over twenty-five years. Wirth brought Squaw Valley from under the shadow of the bottom 20% of ski resorts to the top 20% with the year of his ascension to CEO with a $70 million upgrade.

June 1 2016

Dick DeVos’ West Michigan Aviation Academy is experiencing a Rapid Growth

Dick DeVos combined his passion for education and flying to establish West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010. The public chartered school is positioned on the Gerald R Ford International Airport grounds. It offers free tuition to allow needy students to graduate from high school and proceed to pursue higher education.

Fast growth

The school started with just 80 students, but with a plan of expansion. By the end of 2013, the school had expanded from 25,000 sq. Ft. office to 42,500 sq. Ft. building and more than 240 students. The addition has played a significant role in bettering the curriculum, addition of new aviation programs, and improvement of student life. The new building allows the high school to educate over 500 students. The lessons offered by the Aviation Academy revolve around the topics of flying, plane maintenance, and operating an aviation business. Although four high schools offering aviation courses existed prior to the launch, West Michigan Aviation Academy stood as the first charter school.

Dick DeVos, a successful investor, and philanthropist

Dick DeVos is a self-established billionaire, an accomplished investor, and an active philanthropist. In 2006, He vied for Michigan governorship and lost narrowly to Jennifer Granholm. He previously served as the President of Amway Corp as well as Alticor Inc., the parent company. He champions education causes and financially supports needy students to achieve quality grades in their higher education and establish successful professional careers. Dick has actively participated in the privatization of several public schools.

Career highlights

DeVos started his career at Amway Corporation in 1974 and held several top positions such as research and development, finance, sales, and marketing. A decade later, he was appointed as the Vice President. His responsibility entailed overseeing the overall operations of the company in 19 countries. In 1989, DeVos established a private investment company called Windquest Group. The Michigan State Board of Education appointed DeVos as a member but served for two years before resigning to concentrate on family business. He served as president of Alticor Inc. for a decade before retiring in 2002. Currently, he specializes in privatizing public schools and managing foundations.

May 25 2016

Communication through Security

Securus Technologies provides an interesting solution to the issue of communication for inmates within the United States prison system. An application recently created for mobile devices provides a video chat capability for inmates that is both safe and secure. The purpose of this video chat option is to allow inmates the ability to have visitations with loved ones through the application itself, so that time is not directly wasted on waiting for access to a visitation booth at the prison. This newly provided level of efficiency is not only easier and more comfortable for the inmate, but is also taking into consideration the time of the visitors seeing them. More detailed information about how this mobile visitation application functions can be found on the following link: https://securustech.net/videovisitation
Securas Technologies is based out of Dallas, Texas, and is reported by PR Newswire to be responsible for providing IT solutions to over a million incarcerated individuals across the country. The company provides useful services such as emergency response, inmate self service, information management and monitoring products to name a few. Not only do their services and products make life easier for those currently paying the price for crimes until their time is served, but they also create a much more secure and hospitable world for those in the outside world. More information on Securus America and the products and services they offer can be found at: https://securustech.net/

In a world where more and more individuals are finding themselves incarcerated for crimes there is need for more integrated forms of user friendly technology. Securus Technologies offers both inmates and their loved ones the chance to communicate more readily and efficiently through their video chat application. In order to take full advantage of this free service you can easily download the application on Google Play or the Apple Store.

Learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4ECpybr_7s

May 12 2016

Does Venezuela Have A Long-Term Energy Solution

State workers in Venezuela are finding their two-day work week getting an extension. The government of Venezuela is not doing this in order to help the employees enjoy a relaxing lifestyle. The time off is being ordered so electricity in the country can be saved.
The two-day work week is extended for 14 more days. The massive drought that has hammered Venezuela reduced the source of the hydroelectric power. Venezuela relies mainly on hydroelectric power, a source of power reliant on water reserves. Those reserves have to be replenished, something that is not happening in the drought situation.

Saving electricity and power is critical at this point because the ability to produce power has dropped down to near zero. Venezuela has taken many drastic measures to cut down on power usage because, at this point, the country is on the verge of collapse.

Blame for the situation is directed at many different entities says expert Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa. Levying blame really serves no purpose at this point. A better strategy would be to figure out what long-term steps to take. Cutting work days out of the week is a short-term strategy that slows the catastrophe, but it is not a real solution.

“Yes!” according to Dateas economic analysts, a short-term strategy has to be put into action to conserve what power is left. Without a clear long-term plan to address the next several years of Venezuela’s economic and domestic energy-related health, the country is never going to reverse its situation.

May 10 2016

Marc Sparks: a Successful Entrepreneur Full of Wisdom

Outrageous Success

Marc Sparks is a man who has experienced outrageous success on his journey of entrepreneurship. After he graduated high school in 1975, he had moved on and became a principal himself. This would be a principal in numerous startups – http://citrite.org/marc-sparks-a-business-success-story/. Outrageous success has been the outcome for this Austin, Texas high school graduate. He is an entrepreneur who has built and sold millions of dollars’ worth of self-made products. He is an individual who was born with an instinct. This is a keen instinct that has given him the ability to experience outrageous success as a “serial entrepreneur.”

A Passion

It is apparent that Marc Sparks is a man who has a passion to build companies. He quite often will build a company from an idea. These are ideas that other people or entrepreneurs do not believe in. The others do not think that it can be done. He is a person who will take an idea and then move forward to establish a business model. He will also establish a company culture – http://www.nbcdvd.com/marc-sparks-more-business-than-usual/. He will develop the culture along with long-range growth plans. Short-term goals are included within the planning. He is passionate when it comes to his belief in ideas. He is a can-do individual.

They Can’t Eat You

Marc Sparks is an author. He wrote the book (currently sold on Amazon), They Can’t Eat You. This is a story that will show every reader his unorthodox path that lead him to his own success – read more: Marc Sparks – President @ Timber Creek Capital. His book explains how a high school graduate with a C+ average moved on to become more than successful. This is a book that is filled with inspiration. He has shared his story about leaping and fighting his way to the top of the success mountain.

A Manager Who Leads by Example

Marc is not about dictatorship when it comes to his team. He is a manager who will set a pattern and then lead his team by example – Spark Tank DFW. He has an open-door policy. He keeps his door open. Resolving issues and concerns is accomplished with his leadership style.

Inspiration and Travel

Marc Sparks has traveled around the world. He believes that he can receive ideas and inspiration from his traveling adventures. Travel is a main source of inspiration for Marc Sparks.

May 4 2016

Crystal Hunt’s Is A Multi-Talented Star

Crystal Hunt is a successful actress, and has recently added producer to her list of credits. Hunt is best known for portraying the character Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light from 2003 to 2006. Crystal also played the role of Stacy Morasco from 2009 to 2010 on the daytime drama One Life to Live. Hunt also received a Daytime Emmy Award nomination in 2005 for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series for her performance on Guiding Light.

Crystal Hunt started her career as a participant in pageants when she was just two years old. Her pageant talent was acting, even at this young age. Hunt has also appeared in several commercials, including a Walt Disney Company commercial to celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary. Crystal Hunt also appeared in a commercial with *NSYNC for an anti-drug campaign.

In 2005, Crystal Hunt also appeared in the movie The Derby Stallion. She also starred in the Universal Pictures movie Sydney White as Demetria Hodgekiss in 2007. Hunt played Stacy Morasco for just one year on the soap opera One Life to Live, and in 2010, she played the ghostly version of her character. Crystal also appeared as the ghost of Stacy in Clint Buchanan’s vision of hell in 2012.

Aside from her acting experience, Crystal Hunt is also a photographer. She also produced her first movie, Talbot County in 2014, with her friend and fellow actor Dania Ramirez. Hunt also owned My Pets Dream Boutique, which was an ultra-fancy boutique in Clearwater Florida, her hometown. Check out her acting reel via YouTube to see a good summary of her body of work. Otherwise, Crystal’s soap opera history can be viewed on SoapOperaNetwork.