February 1 2016

Securus Gives Back In a Big Way

Securus Technologies is the leading problem solver over of the criminal justice system in many prisons around Texas and other regions of the states. Securus has been of great help since it was founded in the year 1986 in Dallas, Texas. It has streamlined all the crooked ways of many prisons and also has made easy the lives of many prisoners through initiating programs like self-service inside the prisons. The technological advancement of Securus has made it easier for many prison agencies especially in handling criminals who are staying there for long terms.

Securus has also been conducting donation campaigns, a campaign known as United Way campaign that has been focusing on making more donations and contribution to curbing poverty in many communities and making the life conducive in many of those communities. The donations target improved health services, good nutrition, and wellbeing and also education. Securus understand that givers receive more, but their most important aspect is security. To my understanding criminal cases are high in poverty stricken areas and by its united way campaign Securus is lowering the rates of poverty in the communities and increasing their rate of safety.

A new communication program known as Video visitation has been initiated in Securus for inmate communication of criminals from correction agencies to their families. Securus continue to enhance the connection of the prisoners with their family. The requirements are you the relative of the inmate, friend or colleague to sign up at Securus website. The application is available in the Google play store for installation to the device to be used in communication. Video Visitation will allow families to speak more with their relatives in prison than the face to face visits. It will also increase the safety of many prisoners. There is no point that you will get locked down completely as you will have chances to reschedule the video chat. It is also less expensive.

More to the technology at Securus an inmate phone calls systems for prisoner which are a great connection to them. The system known as AdvanceConnect allows people to speak with the prisoners regularly by only making an advance payment of about 25 dollars which is rechargeable after it gets over. Advance Connect puts you in control of your spending, and you can also receive calls from the correction agency where your relative is in. Calls will not only connect to your personal mobile but also to your office phone and even the house telephone.

AdvanceConnect as a strategy will even protect inmates from the crooked ones who get drugs and other harmful substances into the corrections through allegedly close alliances.

January 27 2016

Sergio Cortes Rises against Odds to Be Michael’s Greatest Impersonator.

When Michael was performing in the famous Jackson Five shows, he never knew that he was inspiring the life of new artist miles away. That young artist has grown to replace him after his demise and carry his memories. The king of pop was perhaps inspired several other artists in their career. There are very few who successfully followed his success path. Sergio Cortes says it has taken him hard work and determination to achieve his dream.


Michael made a legacy that lives among his fans even today. As famous as he was, he had numerous imitators. Sergio rose against the odds to top the list. He was born in Spain. Sergio is 43 years old. In comparing to his American role model Michael, the two can be told the in two different worlds by the time Sergio started his career.


Currently, Sergio has performed in numerous shows around the world in the tribute to Jackson. Michael would certainly be proud of him for the work he is doing to carry on his memories. In an interview published in dino.com, Sergio notes that the death of Michael Jackson was a big blow to him. He performs to overcome that grief and also entertain Michael’s fans


Unlike other impersonators of Michael Jackson, Sergio is unique. He has a great resemblance to Michael. His voice and looks are very similar. The king of pop lived a very flashy lifestyle, so is Sergio. He has joined a talent developing company in Italy to empower young artist to develop their skills. Sergio passes the inspiration from Michael to his young artist followers. He shares with them in a Facebook page and Twitter.


Sergio also keenly follows Michael’s life. He continually updates his fans on developing stories concerning Michael. In an interview with diretoenegocious.com, Sergio disclosed that Michael’s gloves were sold $ 20000. The gloves were sold alongside other Michaels personal assets like the painting. According to Sergio, Michael’s gloves were auctioned for a value of $402,000 fetching the highest value. Although the latest auction was incomparable to the first, it was still impressive.


Michael was mostly seen wearing one glove during his performances. He argued there was no need for one to wear two gloves while one can still wear one. According to Cortes, Michael wore the glove performing his famous show the moonwalk.

January 14 2016

The Humble Beginnings of Marcio Alaor

A recent article made available on the exame.com website provided insight into the success of Marcio Alaor. According to the article, an event was held that helped to make known that Alaor had humble beginnings. Many people attended the 33rd Agricultural Exhibition of Santo Antonio do Monte, which gave a platform for individuals to celebrate the success of Marico Alaor and to give an account of their relationship and encounter with him.

As a young boy, Marcio provided services to various individuals by cleaning their shoes. As shoe shine boy, he was taught at an early age that if he wanted something he had to work hard for it. In addition to learning the importance of working hard, he also gained valuable lessons from Dr.Wilmar. Dr. Wilmar is a former friend that helped to guide Alaor on the road to greatness. With help of the teachings of Dr. Wilmar, Marcio learned to always seek knowledge, to grown, study, and explore the world. Equipped with such information, Marcio has been able to transform in the successful man that he is today.

Though Marcio is a successful businessman, the statement that he made in an interview really showed that he understands what is really important in life. According to reports, Marcio revealed that valuing friendships and relationships is important. He even noted that obtaining and cultivating such relationships was a task that is to be place in front of making money. He acknowledges that without such friendships and relationships he probably would not be in the position he is today. Marcio has made known that his friends helped to keep him encourage and made it possible for him to see his abilities.

Marcio concluded the ceremony with a touching speech that revealed how he felt about the city. The speech made known that he believes that the city can be great and that it has much potential. His speech informed those in attendance that their city is able to cultivate and create talented individuals that have the ability to be as successful as he is. He encouraged those in attendance to believe in the success of humility of their city.

Marcio Alaor is name that is well known throughout Brazil. He is currently Vice President of the BMG Bank. As vice president he has made many contributions to the country and to the success of the bank.

The addition of Alaor to the BMG has allowed the Bank to branch off into other industries. Today the BMG is one of the biggest sponsors of Brazilian football. This sponsorship allows BMG to have noticeable logos on the sponsored player’s uniforms which helps to increase their notoriety.

You can follow him on Twitter.

January 2 2016

Shopping Easy with Visual Image Search Technology

Through the use of technology, people can do so much. Shopping is one aspect that has seen incredible revolution due to technology like the internet. People can now get whatever they need from online retail stores. Tech advances continue to change the phenomena of online shopping, and one of the most recent is image recognition search. According to an article originally on MIT Technology Review; Pinterest, a social networking site, and Shoes.com, a footwear store, are currently testing out the technology.

Deep Learning

The visual application makes use of deep learning technology, which relies on the ability of software to recognize images. Deep learning features a software that can pick similar characteristics of an image from the billions of pins that users post online.

Users can search for similar images by zooming in on the reference image. One test that showed the effectiveness of the tool was a search for a coffee maker that yielded results of visually similar products. New users to Pinterest are now getting a taste of the new technology.

In addition to the visual search on technologyreview, Pinterest also makes it possible for items to appear with buy buttons. If you have the intention of purchasing a product from the similar visual results, you just have to click on the button.

Enhanced Technology

It isn’t the first time that a company is trying out image search technology. There have been attempts to give shoppers easy ways of finding what they need. One example is Amazon with their Fire smartphone in 2014. Google also has something similar that entails buyers getting visually similar products when they search on the site. Buying Like.com in 2010 allows Google to provide the feature. Unlike Pinterest and Shoes.com, users cannot highlight a particular section of an image.

Shoes.com is taking a different angle on visual search with the use of image processing. AI startup Sentient is the developer of the technology in use. The first test run is on the “women’s boot section” of Shoes.com. The design of the software allows it to understand images, which makes it easy to shop.

Shopping with Slyce

Slyce is an application that is currently available to retailers for visual image recognition. Shoppers can use the tool to search for products by snapping a photo or making use of existing ones. With product recognition capacities, buyers can take advantage of Slyce to get the desired items.

The visual image search tool is available for desktop computers and mobile device users. It is now possible to capture an image from anywhere and use it to find similar products.

December 9 2015

The Many Flavors of Beneful

Feeding a good high-quality dog food to my pet is important to me. I want to make sure she is getting all the nutrients she needs to keep up with me on my morning runs and when we play. My dog is my best friend and I want her to healthy.

I choose to feed her Beneful, a complete line of dog foods from Purina. The Purina company has been around for a long time, over a hundred years. They are dedicated to manufacturing the best pet foods on the planet. Millions of dollars have been invested in research into the nutrients our pets’ need and have put all those results in Beneful.

Beneful comes in a lot of different flavors. For comfort food there is are the stews. Made with real beef, and chicken they also have carrots, peas, and barley in them. The real meat is important on facebook.com because it provides protein which is needed to build strong muscles. The vegetables give my pet the vitamins and antioxidants she needs to stay healthy.

Sometimes we’re just in the mood for some a little international. For those nights, we can choose between the Tuscan, Romana, or Mediterranean Style Medley recipes. The Tuscan combines beef with carrots, rice, and spinach while the Romana has chicken and pasta. The Mediterranean has lamb, tomatoes, brown rice, and spinach.

The Roasted Turkey Medley of Beneful on wikipedia.org smells so good I want to try it. Along with the turkey, there is corn, wild rice, barley, and peas. Some people say that feeding dogs anything other than meat is wrong. Research has proven that modern dogs need vegetables and grains in their diets just as much as we humans do. Not only do they provide those important vitamins and antioxidants, vegetables are an important source of minerals and carbohydrates for quick energy.

Beneful is also available as a dry kibble. The dry food is still made from all the quality ingredients as the moist foods. I usually leave a fresh bowl of kibble out each morning so my dog can eat whenever she is hungry, and give her a pouch of wet food for dinner each night. The dry foods are also available for the different life stages of our pets Puppies need more of certain nutrients than adult dogs, and senior dogs have their own dietary requirements.

Right now my dog is finishing off a bag of the Playful Life flavor. This recipe has real beef and egg for lots of protein and even has blueberries. Each serving, like all of Beneful’s flavors, contains all the recommended daily nutrients our pets needs.

December 1 2015

Feeding and Care of Your Senior Pets

Senior Dog Food equip your pet with all the essentials needed for continued playful, healthy, senior years. Beneful has prepared meals, especially for the senior pets in your life.

Beneful Prepared Meals – Such as Chicken Stew with Rice, Beef Stew with Veggies, and Savory Rice and Lamb Stew. These are completely balanced nutritional meals designed for the health and activity level of senior pets. Superb ingredients prepared with the added nutrients needed to maintain healthy eyes, skin, coat, and bones. Nutrients added to the diet include all the supplements required for an active senior life.

Evo (In Serving Containers) – A grain-free ancestral diet with the lowest carbohydrates combined in this senior formula for dogs 6-years and older. EVO is made with Turkey and Chicken. A senior dry dog food that is high in protein and low carbohydrates containing NO grains. Beneful knows that as dogs age in years their protein needs increase. Included in this high-protein diet are the antioxidants that help support the immune system. Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate is added to support the joint movement and L-carnitine that supports your pet’s health during the senior years.

Canned Meals -Are also grain-free with 95% Chicken and Turkey in moist bite-size pieces with vegetables included for added nutrition. The canned meals contain the same nutritional ingredients that are included in the prepared container meals. All meals are nutritionally balanced for the age and activity level of the dog. The meals from walmart are also available in Red Meat Small Bite-Size too.

Treats – Treats that make your dog think they’re special. These are more than snacks as they are identified as Healthy Smile Treats that help reduce Plaque and Tartar buildup on their teeth while leaving their breath fresh. The treats come with a soft meaty center covered in parsley for fresh scented breath, or tasty peanut butter flavored for that taste they love, also covered in a parsley coating. Included in these snacks are additional nutrients for their body and come in a variety of sizes, small medium and large for any size pet.

Beneful cares about the health of your pet and plays a big part in the maintenance and continued energy level of every pet.

November 18 2015

Dog Food For Growing Dogs

I started out with puppies, and I was a bit curious about how I could actually get access to dog food for growing dogs. My friends recommended Beneful. I took heed to their advice and researched this company. I was surprised to find that there was food specially made for small puppies that were growing. There was also food for dogs that were underweight or overweight. I found myself looking for more information on Beneful on beneful.com, and I discovered that the reviews were wonderful. Over time I have seen the Beneful brand grow beyond my imagination.

I am especially fond of dog food for growing pets because I work in a dog shelter on beneful.com. Many of the dogs that we get are small dogs. I need dog food that is going to help these dogs maintain a healthy appearance. That is what makes it easy for me to embrace the Beneful brand. When I checked the information on Beneful I was impressed with the food ingredients. I was excited to find out about dogs foods that were on the market and discovered how many practical ingredients went into dog food. With Beneful I learned that dog food ingredients were similar to the ingredients of foods that humans consumed.

The Beneful brand has certainly become very appealing to me with my dogs at home as well. They seem to take to this brand very well, and I haven’t had a need to buy anything else. The dry dog food offered by Beneful is what my dogs at home prefer. At the dog shelter where I work there are dry and wet dog food choices available for the dogs. I think that many people will also be impressed with the dog treats that are available. I think that Beneful has become successful because the company provides so many choices for pet owners. I have always been a fan of dog food companies that provide variety. I think that companies can always attract a wider customer base when they offer more choices. A good example of this comes with the place where I work. We have an array of dogs that are different sizes and breeds, but we only need one brand. Inside of the Beneful brand there are at least 40 choices of treats and meals.

Growing dogs need food that is especially designed for their growth. That is why the vegetable blends are so important. It is just like having a child that needs to eat vegetables when they are young to promote healthy growth. The same thing is required for small dogs as well. I have been impressed with the Beneful line, and my friends all say that they can see the growth in my dogs. The Beneful brand helps with the teeth and bones of these dogs at an early age. My girlfriend got a Chihuahua recently, and I recommended this for her dog as well. She says that her dog loves it. Growing dogs really do benefit from Beneful products.

October 30 2015

Yeonmi Park is an Exceptional and Excellent Human Rights Activist

The current world has many incidences of injustices and oppression. Some of them are publicized while most of them are unnoticed. Someone has to stand and condemn these issues in the strongest terms possible and implement measures to curb them. As it stands, Yeonmi Park at just twenty-one years is spearheading a campaign to eradicate oppression and bring freedom. She had such a tough childhood and survived the ruthless and tyrannical North Korea regime. She feels it is her obligation to stand and speak on behalf of her unfairly treated people.

She was born in Hyesan, North Korea on October 4, 1993. Her father was employed by the Hyesan town hall, and a mother was North Korean Army’ nurse. Upon the arrest of her father, she defected to South Korea together with her mother. The South Korean ambassadors helped her family to settle fully and integrate with people in Seoul. Currently, she pursues a Criminal Justice major at Dongguk University in Seoul.

She is a gifted and vocal woman whose interests in defending human rights were enhanced after watching Titanic, the 1997 movie. She attended the One Young World 2014 Summit and gave a moving speech about her life in North Korea and experiences during the escape. The video of her speech was uploaded and attracted over 2 million views within a short time she utilized the global fame platform to spearhead her activism campaign. She has an amazing way of analyzing issues, watching her speak on the program on yeonmi.net that tries to eradicate the gap existing between South and North Koreans will startle you. She regularly appears on a show called Now “On My Way to Meet You” on a South Korea TV to air her views. She is an industrious student with an ability to balance both academics and co-curricular activities. When not in class she co-hosts TV podcast Casey Lartigue and Yeonmi Park Show. In her show, she mostly handles North Korean topics and refugees’ life after defection. In addition, she is an active humanitarian, and she volunteers for the Teach North Korean Refugees program.

Yeonmi Park has established a reputable and influential niche in the world of activism. She is admirably well spoken, having been interviewed by the Guardian and worked as a columnist for the Washington Post. She is an active member of Liberty in North Korea (LINK); a humanitarian organization ensures North Korean refugees settle well in the United States and South Korea. Together with popular North Korean activists such as Seongmin Lee and Yang, they enlightened the participants on the duties of LINK, and ways of supporting North Korean refugees.

She has achieved a lot, but she is not going to rest until a positive change occurs in North Korea. She calls on other activists to continue condemning injustices against human rights. She trusts that one day North Korea will be a country that will attract tourists and top-notch investors across the globe. She believes her story will encourage many never to give up especially the North Korean citizen. Therefore, she is in the process of compiling a book containing the story of her life for the Penguin.

October 27 2015

Your Company Needs Status Labs Online Reputation Management

People will often search online for your company or business before even visiting your actual site. If your reputation is lacking online or if you’ve received multiple negative reviews, this can hinder the business that you would otherwise get. For many companies, negative reputations on the Internet has forced them to lose business and possibly even close entirely because of things that feel out of their control. Thankfully, Status Labs Online Reputation Management is there to help you rebuild your online reputation so that more people will want to visit you and avoid those negative reviews.

The way that Status Labs Online Reputation Management works is by helping businesses to rebuild their reputation on the Internet. This can include anything from social media to dealing with multiple negative reviews. If you feel that you need help building a reputation even if you’ve never received a single negative review, Status Labs can even do this for you as well. It is all about building the reputation that you both need and deserve as a hard-working business owner. Status Labs works with all types of companies, ensuring that business owners are satisfied with the online-based work that is being done.

The Status Labs Image Management company has been in business for quite some time now and has grown to be one of the best in their field. Many company owners are reaching out to Status Labs because of the immense amount of work that they can do for their clients. From practical reputation management to help with search engine optimization, the Status Labs Online Reputation Management company is the ideal choice for most people looking for this type of help. It is all about finding the experts who will assist you in ways where you cannot help yourself.

Your online reputation means more than you might think simply because most people search for companies online now before even checking the business out for themselves. If your company is lacking as far as positive reviews are concerned, this can deter people from wanting to actually make use of your business. Status Labs works with all types of companies to better grow their businesses on the Internet. This helps people to find you more easily when doing a search and then helping those people know that you are a reliable company that they are going to want to check out for their own benefit.

October 17 2015

Ken Griffin and His Company Citadel

Ken Griffin is best known to be the CEO of Citadel, a hedge fund he founded back in 1990. He went to Harvard University, and started Citadel the year after he graduated. Mr. Griffin has had one of the most sought-after careers in the investing world, all because he made many great decisions over the course of his career. Citadel is one of the largest hedge funds in the world today.

Mr. Ken Griffin got his start when he got accepted to Harvard University. During his first year there, Griffin decided that he wanted to start a hedge fund. Fortunately, he was able to receive ample financing from family members. He was able to accumulate a little more than a quarter of a million dollars for his hedge fund.

In order to stay in tune with the most recent financial news and to keep up with the current status of the stock market, Mr. Ken Griffin decided that the best thing to do was install a satellite in his dorm room so he could make the best investment decisions possible. One year after Griffin started up the fund, it nearly quadrupled in value to more than one million dollars.

Not many people are able to accomplish that much before even graduating college. Most people don’t go to college, let alone graduate college, or start a hedge fund, while in college.

Mr. Griffin graduated in 1989 with a bachelor’s degree in economics. One year after he graduated, Mr. Ken Griffin decided it would be in his best interest to start his own hedge fund investment firm, and did so by founding Citadel. Griffin had access to around four million dollars to start up the company. In 1998, eight years after its inception, Citadel was worth more than one billion dollars. Today, financial analysts estimate the value of Citadel to be more than $25 billion dollars.

Mr. Ken Griffin is very active philanthropically. One of his most recent donations includes a single-sum record of $150 million to Harvard University, the largest to ever have been donated to the best university int he world at once.

Ken Griffin also loves art, especially collecting it. He has been to many art auctions and won very expensive pieces, such as paying sixty million for Curtain, Jug and Fruit Bowl. Griffin has also donated an expensive art piece to the Art Institute of Chicago, as well.