May 9 2017

Clay Siegall’s Dedication to Fight Cancer

People take different angles of view when it comes to making career choices. Some choose their careers based several driving forces like profitability, interests, passions, and others just do it for the sake of social status. However, a few of them are motivated by situations or experiences they have been exposed to at some point in their life. They aim to change the situation or at the least improve it. Clay Siegall’s career was shaped by such an experience.


Brought up by a father who was cancer afflicted, Clay Siegall swore to lead a career that revolved around helping others, particularly the cancer patients. Watching his father waste away as the disease gnawed into him crushed him to bits. Eventually, in his early 20s, his father died. He came to the realization that oncology had little tools to manage the deadly ailment. Knowing that his father’s life could have been prolonged if the right tools were available, he resolved to change the existing situation and improve the tools.


To actualize his dream, Clay Siegall pursued a Bachelor of Science in Zoology at Maryland University and received a Doctorate in Genetics from George Washington University. For years, he worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. Here, he learned how to run a company, and this prepared him well for the future. With his 30 years of vast experience, Clay’s purpose has never been deterred. He is always focused on coming up with better treatment for cancer patients through the use of targeted drugs.


Clay Siegall’s success has been remarkable, and it has not passed unnoticed. Due to his dedication and commitment to his scientific work, he has received numerous honors and awards. Among other things, Clay Siegall is an author with over 70 publications, and he holds numerous patents. He claims that interaction with smart people in one’s area of expertise helps them learn so much. Additionally, he insists that preparing any business to collaborate with other industry leaders and innovators increases its chances of flourishing. As a result, his company has established alliances to expand its ADC technology and enable it to exploit new ideas and approaches in order to help as many patients as possible.

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