December 29 2017

Dr. Mark Holterman, Pediatric Hero to Some

Mr. Mark Holterman is a highly trained professional in with several years’ experience. Mark Holterman has an immense passion in matters regarding clinical medicine and basic science research. Having been intensely involved in a lot of research clinical research, Holterman understands the difficulties that may be experienced by others working in the same field. Having been actively involved in pediatric surgery, he has been able to obtain a proper understanding in this field. Know more on

Mark Holterman attained his degree from the University of Virginia. While at the university, he was a student at the school of medicine. Over the years, he has been able to attain more certifications and has exclusively been involved in research in areas like the treatment of cancer and stem cell therapy. In a large way, he has been involved in research about the treatment of obesity amongst Americans.

Incidentally, Dr. Mark Holterman has also been involved in other professional areas apart from medicine. These areas loads of research in pediatrics. From his research, he has been able to save a lot of lives around. He has assisted communities to unlock the unending mysteries of diseases like cancer. Read more about Dr. Mark Holterman at

Along with his works in medical research, Mark Holterman is also a philanthropist. He practices philanthropy through his fund. Mark’s fund is popularly known as the Mariam Global Health fund. Through this fund, he has supported other research groups and institutions in developing a better health care. His contributions to this field of research are highly covetable.

Holterman also confesses that he is a social person and enjoys social life as well. He is, however, keen to note that fun doesn’t take the fact that he is a scientist. In a large way, he views himself as a man that grabs any opportunity as it comes. He asserts that he has a large clique of friends that are highly involved in medicine and that he combines effort with them to ensure that there is tangible development in the research activities that he takes part in.


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