November 20 2017

The Iconic Feature behind Securus Technologies-Rick Smith

Securus Technologies has been in the lead for years. This is because of their ability in the provision of high technology. No other technology has been able to second the quality of Securus Technologies.

The company concentrates with public and private safety. Their gadgets are of high quality, and no other designer can crack it apart from the provider. Due to their high reliability, they are used in various fields.

Their CEO, Rick Smith has helped the company make major steps. He assumed office in 2008.The board of directors must have thought critically about the issue before appointing Rick Smith. He has numerous skills and abilities that make him the most suitable for the position.

Rick Smith has an affluent academic background. He schooled in very prominent schools. Smith has a bachelor degree in Engineering and a master’s degree. He also has a master’s degree in mathematics. Rick Smith is also an MBA holder. Every CEO needs to have academic skills. This knowledge is what aids the CEO in understanding the basics of business. It helps in interpreting the trends in a company and the financial records as well.

Apart from the rich background, the CEO has many years of experience. He has had a chance to work in various departments. This was an eye-opener of what goes on in all units. He also got to know the level of contribution that every department makes to mount success.

Before joining the Securus Technologies, he was working with Eschelon-Telkom as their CEO. In the years that he worked here, the company went through a complete transformation. Smith raised the revenue of the company to $350 million to $30 million. He also raised the revenue of EBITDA $80million.

These qualities and a clean criminal track record are what led to his appointment as CEO. Under his leadership, the Securus gadgets have been able to solve many cases. The CIDs say that their devices have been helpful in finding the missing information. This is because unlike other gadgets their devices cannot be manipulated.

Rick Smith has also improved the lives of the inmates. This is by ensuring that no bullying and killings take place in the inmate’s cells. The Securus Technology has provided the correctional facilities with devices that monitor the inmates’ cells from their offices.

With Rick Smith, Securus Technologies has helped to link the inmates to the outside world. This is through the provision of embedded emails where they can sign up and receive pictures of what is happening. This has helped reduce anxiety problems after being released.

Rick Smith is a futurist and hopes that they will be able to provide all the correctional services in the state with their technology.

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