May 7 2015

Rihanna’s Impressive Robe and the Work Put Into It

When it comes to someone like Rihanna, her outfits can bring about awe and leave those who view them longing for something equally as inspiring to wear. The robe that Rihanna wore to the Met Gala caught the attention of everyone who saw it, and it definitely deserved all of the attention that it received.

It seems that the yellow outfit which Rihanna wore proudly took a lot of time and energy in its creation. The robe that Rihanna wore took the creators years to make. That’s right, the outfit that Rihanna wore was years in the making. Spending years to create one fashion item seems a bit over the top, but celebrities are known for their over the top apparel. Rihanna made a statement with the piece that she wore, and it was worth the time put into that robe’s creation. The robe that Rihanna wore was impressive, and it should have been.

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