August 3 2017

Philanthropist and Businessman James Dondero


If you haven’t heard of James Dondero, he is the President and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, an alternative investment management firm that manages hedge funds; founded in 1993, the privately held firm reportedly has assets totaling $18.7 billion. According to his Linkedin profile, Dondero earned a Bachelor of Science in commerce (accounting and finance) from the University of Virginia in 1984. James is well versed in business management and has held an impressive succession of high profile positions throughout his illustrious career.


Prior to his role with Highland Capital Management, James served as the chief investment officer for Protective Life Insurance’s GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) subsidiary; under his leadership, the business that was once merely a concept grew to an estimated $2 billion between 1989 and 1993. How did James Dondero develop a penchant for successful business scaling? After earning his degree, he completed his financial training with JP Morgan and went on to serve as the portfolio manager for American Express from 1985 to 1989. In his role with American Expressed, he was tasked with managing $1 billion in fixed income funds; his success in this role, along with his education, created a solid business foundation that would soon open new doors for the enterprising businessman.


Although James is well regarded for his business acumen, he is also recognized for his philanthropic spirit. Dondero, through Highland Capital Management, donated $1 million to the Dallas Zoo, enabling the zoo to build a 5,000-foot lodge that would give zoo attendees the ability to view hippos, the lodge was aptly named “Highland Capital Lodge.” In addition, he has donated an undisclosed amount towards the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute. James Dondero is also a proponent of education; according to an article in the Daily Forex Report, he has made charitable donations to the Perot Museum of Natural Science, the Snowball Express, the Education is Freedom Charity and other organizations. Dondero’s business proficiency has translated into humanitarian efforts, making him not only a successful businessman but also, a hero to a number of organizations.

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