November 5 2017

Mathematics Exploration Takes Michael Lacey to Greater Heights

The renowned mathematician from the United States of America, Michael Thoreau Lacey was born in September 1959. He has studied so much about mathematics and can be identified with some of the most prominent institutions that exist in the great United States of America. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

Michael Thoreau studied at the University of Illinois where he got his Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D. This was in the year 1987 when he got so much assistance from one of his colleagues, Walter Philipp. His research majored in a field of mathematics called probability specifically that of Banach spaces. The mathematics problems solved in this field are those of logarithms used in explaining empirical-like functions.

By the use of logarithms and empirical formulas, he managed to make great advancements and achievements as a mathematician. This was not enough for him considering his passions for solving numerical problems. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

So he resolved to seek further studies on probability. These excellent skills and commitments earned him a position at Louisiana State University where he lectured for some years as well as at the University of North Carolina located at Chapel Hill.

He also served at Indiana University for some time in the late 80’s and mid 90’s. Michael’s professionalism attracted a postdoctoral fellowship that was presented to him by the National Science Foundation.

Michael Lacey used this opportunity to expand his knowledge in bilinear equations. During this time, he met a colleague who has just as much interest in the same field. Together they received an accolade, the Salem Prize which was awarded to them due to the excellent studies that they performed in this area.

The students of the Georgia Institute of Technology has greatly benefited from his advanced knowledge of mathematics since he started lecturing them in 1996.

Michael Lacey’s astounding expertise earned him a place on the council of the American Mathematical Society in the year 2012. He has lived to achieve so much success in his career.

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