May 12 2017

Ken Goodrich Found The Right Recipe For Goettl Air Conditioning Turn-Around

Ken Goodrich is well known for buying and repairing businesses that are not doing so well. When he bought Goettl Air Conditioning at the state of no profits and morale, he knew exactly how to revive it from his experience though it posed some challenges at first.


Change Of Plan


Goettl Air Conditioning had been in existence since 1939 and was founded by two brothers: Adam and Gust Goettl. By 2013, the firm had exchanged hands multiple times. The company was facing some problems with the attorney general, which had lowered its reputation. When the issue was solved, the reputation did not change, which prompted Ken to adopt an approach that would build morale in the business. He chose to focus on highlighting the needs of the customers and the roles of the employees. He started having talks with his employees on how they would positively impact their clients and the society as a whole. He led the company in some philanthropic projects, which saw the company morale rise.


Handling Competition


Goettl Air Conditioning was faced with another challenge of competition. With more homes being fitted with air conditioners, the HIV business is projected to be big, attracting more players. Ken used the strategy of satisfying the customer first before making money. He then replaced the Randy Pullen’s unit with a carrier last year and evaluated the Phoenix Home unit to include cooling areas that ensure that room is cooled depending on its use, making some savings in the process. Ken Goodrich is happy of the outcome that has helped keep his childhood dream as well as preserve his father’s legacy.


About Goettl Air Conditioning


Goettl Air Conditioning offers top-notch heating, ventilation, air conditioning solutions as well as repair services for the units. The firm also provides plumbing services through their subsidiary, The Sunny Plumber.


Goettl’s center of operations is in Arizona. The HVAC services provider has other offices in Tucson, Phoenix, and most recently opened one in Las Vegas.

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