December 2 2017

JHSF: an Outstanding Real Estate Leader Run under José Auriemo Neto

JHSF is a real estate developer favorite for its high involvement in residential and commercial property development. It began its operations back in 1972 and has since managed to uphold relevance in the real estate industry. The company attributes its successes to its administration team serving under the leadership of José Auriemo Neto. For many years now, JHSF has portrayed admirable characteristics especially in pursuing various market opportunities thanks to José Auriemo Neto and his team. The company specializes in four business elements, including hotel & restaurants, airports, shopping centers, and incorporation.

A Summary of JHSF’s Shopping Malls

The shopping segment of JHSF has grown significantly. This has helped escalate the company’s prominence in the market. Presently, the company operates about five shopping malls in Brazil. Each one of these shopping malls has significantly contributed to the innovations and economic growth of Brazil. JHSF built its first mall in Sao Paulo and named it Shopping Cidade Jardin. This was the first mall in the country to have stores facing the gardens and have natural lighting. The shopping mall is committed to providing customers with cuisines of high-quality and other delicacies. Shopping Cidade Jardin was very successful within its first five years of operation. Besides Shopping Cidade Jardin, other shopping malls constructed by the company under the leadership of José Auriemo Neto serve significant national roles in Brazil and more

How José Auriemo Neto Ensures JHSF Relevance

José Auriemo Neto ensures that JHSF observes high-levels of expertise in all sectors. This explains why most of the structures that set standards in Brazil are standing thanks to JHSF. The company’s projects have substantial impacts in the country and are the most visited nationwide. By building high-quality structures in different parts of Brazil, JHSF impacts the economic growth of the country in a momentous manner. In Sao Paulo, the most celebrated residential buildings bear the JHSF hallmark.

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