November 30 2016

Jason Hope Gives Back To Arizona Community

Jason Hope is a Scottsdale entrepreneur who is recognized for his entrepreneurial skills, a passion for futuristic technologies, and philanthropic efforts. He supports organizations that work to improve the living standards of unfortunate people in Arizona and other states.

Jason Hope Education

Jason Hope started his career after completing his bachelor’s in finance from Arizona State University and a post graduate in Business Administration from the Carey University of Business.

After his studies, Jason stepped into the technology industry as an investor. In his career, he has started and nurtured technology companies into becoming leading service providers. Besides entrepreneurship, Jason also publishes business articles that focus on business and technology.

Some of Jason’s publications are themed on the role of the internet of things on business. Jason believes that the internet of things has played a role in connecting the consumer to various service providers. According to him, IOT has the power to fuel business operations like marketing, advertisement, and customer communication.

Read Jason Hope’s blog here.

Jason Hope Relationship with SENS Foundation

Jason Hope supports SENS Research Foundation. SENS is a not-for-profit organization that carries out research to find a solution to various age-related health problems.

SENS Research Foundation has also been supporting other research institutions like Harvard University, University of Arizona, and Yale University that carry out health-related research to improve the well-being of people. Jason Hope is among the top sponsors who give financial support to the organization.

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Jason Hope’s Philanthropic Efforts

Jason Hope is also known for supporting charity organizations that work to uplift education. He supports education programs that help students to develop skills and academic excellence. He also supports outside school training aimed to nurture the skills learned in class. For instance, Jason has been providing grants worth $500- $5000 to help kick-start students’ business projects.

Notably, Jason Hope supports Teach for America, an organization that helps unfortunate students in Phoenix area to access standard education. He believes that a student’s financial background should not determine the quality of education he/she gets.

Jason is also recognized for supporting charities like Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, a foundation that targets to improve the well-being of people affected with Leukemia and Lymphoma. He has also helped other organizations like Boys and Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix, Tony Hawk Foundation, and other charities working in Arizona State. Jason Hope is among the few successful entrepreneurs who work to change the lives of the unfortunate people in their societies.

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