November 20 2017

How Jason Hope is Embracing the Future of Technology.

Jason Hope is an Arizona State University graduate who has been active in the technology industry for years. s an entrepreneur in the tech business, and a devout futurist, Hope has focused his entire career on staying ahead of his competition by diagnosing trending tech and getting in front of these innovations. Hope has recently been becoming a champion for a concept known as the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things isn’t something that Hope had invented, more it is a term used the world over to describe how the internet is automating the very life that we live. Jason Hope is pushing all of his chips to the center of the table and he believes that every savvy investor will do the same. Let’s learn about the Internet of Things and see where it will take us, and more information click here.

To say that adults in 2017 have been living through a revolutionary time period would be to put it lightly. The internet and all of the burgeoning smart technology with it have done a number to the very way that we live our lives. Look at what Google is doing in their efforts to create an automated vehicle! Smart technology has shifted the way that we live our lives and Hope was on-point enough to realize this. With that acknowledgement, Hope started to embrace how the world would really lean into smart tech over the next decade.. Hope believes that we are standing at the entrance way to an entirely new way of living and that the Internet of Things will help usher it in, and

While the Internet of Things can sound nebulous and groundless you need only head to your local entertainment/electronics store to see the real world impact that the IoT is bring on. The IoT is all about interfacing the internet with objects that you’ll be using in your daily life. By doing this you are seeing your way of living become more and more efficient and easier. Eventually, Hope believes, this will become the standard way of living all around the world. We can already see how the Internet of Things is changing the athletics industry. We can even see the IoT impacting the airline industry!

As a futurist it is Jason Hope’s job to keep his eyes on the direction and trends of the technological world. So far he has been on point so perhaps it is time to take the Internet of Things more serious.

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