May 17 2017

End Citizens United Wishes To Change Campaign Finance Laws

Campaign finance laws favor big money in American government, and End Citizens United is a super PAC that was created to change the laws of campaign finance. There are many examples in the modern day that show money corrupts government, and this article explains how End Citizens United wishes to change the way America is governed. They have a large public presence that is educating the public one person at a time.


#1: What Is Their Purpose?


The purpose of End Citizens United is to educate the public on a number of things that they did not know before. The PAC is raising money to push forward their mission, and they are hunting for a number of ways to show the public that big money is not safe for them. They are sharing their information on social media, and they are explaining their position to those who do not understand.


#2: How Do They Reach The Public?


End Citizens United is on social media every day, and they post news articles online that readers may learn from. They are willing to post news that sheds a bad light on those who accept big money, and they want the public to see there are corrupt people who use donations to change the way they govern. Someone who has their ear bent by money is not good for America, and End Citizens United wishes to see special interests taken out of government.


#3: They Will End All Special Interests


There are many special interests that will end because of the laws that End Citizens United wish to change. They are lobbying Congress to change a law that alters how they are elected, and they hope to see the government elect officials on a level playing field. Someone who wishes to change the law of the land must work quite hard, and there are many people who wish to work with their local congressmen on these laws. Creating a consensus on this matter will help improve how elections are held.


#4: Why Are They Raising Money?


They are raising money because they must prepare for the midterm elections. There are many midterm elections that will stop big money from changing government, and someone who is following End Citizens United will realize that giving to the cause will stop corruption that has marked government for some time.


There are quite a few people who are interested in the way government elections are financed, and End Citizens United wishes to stop PACs that give money to politicians in return for favors. The favors will end, and every special interest will be pushed out of government when End Citizens United reaches their goal to change the law.


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