April 21 2017

Wengie draws out her highs and lows in life

Wengie starts drawing out her life by identifying her date of birth as January 9, 1996. Early on in life her parents migrated to Australia leaving Wengie to be brought up by her grandparents. As her family was not well off, Wengie and her family members were careful to save all that they could to make an ends meet. She recalled that the first vacuum cleaner her family had was pulled out of a dumpster and repaired by her father. Wengie noted as the family became financially stable; her parents still continued to use the same vacuum until it was no longer operative. At the age of seven years old, Wengie was sent to Australia to reunite with her parents. She did not take to it well at first as she was comfortable living with her grandparents, yet eventually she adjusted. Her family left for a nicer area of Sidney, Australia to reside where Wengie started school and struggled with her social skills. She was tabbed as a tom boy and generally kept to herself versus gaining many friends.


Wengie entered high school and vowed to work on her social skills. At this time the internet had started up and Wengie used it to converse and make friendships. High school ended and Wengie left for college and was urged to earn an Accounting scholarship. She was successful in do so yet did not find the job to be of her liking after four years. At age 25, Wengie resigned from her accounting job and became a social media consultant. Wengie enjoyed the position, yet it took all of her time since she on call for 24 hours per day. Specifically, she worked her fashion blog and uploaded videos on to You Tube. Since she did not have any type of social life, she moved on to a full time job that entailed making videos which she has carried through to the present. In August 2014, she met her partner Max, and a year later, became engaged to him. Wengie has accumulated to date over one million followers while creating over 200 videos to You Tube.