November 3 2016

Dez Perez Changed the Outlook for Tidal


There is a lot of buzz circulating at Tidal. This is the company that few people thought would survive, but there has been a huge shift. Today there is a lot of talk about Tidal. Apple is rumored to be interested in this company. Spotify is threatened by the way that Tidal has made some customers reconsider their subscription service with Spotify. It is safe to say that Desiree Perez is doing her job. She has made people see that Tidal is not the same as all the other companies that are out there. Perez has been able to move a lot of subscribers to take interest in the content that is found on Tidal. This is a business that was once thought of as a failing music streaming service. Now it is actually in a leadership position.




Tidal is working well on building a loyal fan base. This company has been around for a while, but lots of people were skeptical about this company. There were a lot of people that initially took on co-ownership of the company in the beginning, but Jay-Z has been the front man for this company all along. He knew that he would be the one that would take the fall if the company did not go well. This is why he has been working hard to bring executives into the fold that could turn things around. There have been several different people in leadership at Tidal. It is different now that Mrs. Perez is there. She is giving customers what they want. This is helping the company grow, and Jay-Z is reaping the benefits of this.




The tide is shifting for Tidal, and the customers are witnessing some great things for this company that has been looked upon as the underdog. There is no more underdog talk right now though. People are feeling what this company is doing, and Desiree Perez is getting recognized as the brains behind the operations. She is certainly changing the perception of music streaming, and there is a surge in power in the music streaming industry now that the competition is heating up. Perez is getting Tidal ready to take the lead. She is bringing high fidelity music streaming to the forefront, and many people are excited about this. It is a sign of strong leadership at Tidal, and Jay-Z is certainly pleased with this change of direction.