May 25 2016

Communication through Security

Securus Technologies provides an interesting solution to the issue of communication for inmates within the United States prison system. An application recently created for mobile devices provides a video chat capability for inmates that is both safe and secure. The purpose of this video chat option is to allow inmates the ability to have visitations with loved ones through the application itself, so that time is not directly wasted on waiting for access to a visitation booth at the prison. This newly provided level of efficiency is not only easier and more comfortable for the inmate, but is also taking into consideration the time of the visitors seeing them. More detailed information about how this mobile visitation application functions can be found on the following link:
Securas Technologies is based out of Dallas, Texas, and is reported by PR Newswire to be responsible for providing IT solutions to over a million incarcerated individuals across the country. The company provides useful services such as emergency response, inmate self service, information management and monitoring products to name a few. Not only do their services and products make life easier for those currently paying the price for crimes until their time is served, but they also create a much more secure and hospitable world for those in the outside world. More information on Securus America and the products and services they offer can be found at:

In a world where more and more individuals are finding themselves incarcerated for crimes there is need for more integrated forms of user friendly technology. Securus Technologies offers both inmates and their loved ones the chance to communicate more readily and efficiently through their video chat application. In order to take full advantage of this free service you can easily download the application on Google Play or the Apple Store.

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