November 14 2014

Chris Brown Speaks on ‘Between The Sheets’ Tour

Chris Brown, Trey Songz and Tyga are coming together to give female fans what they want. The ‘Between the Sheets’ tour promises to be one of the most sexually charged tours of 2015. There will obviously be tons of moments with a shirtless Trey Songz and Chris Brown on stage. The upcoming tour – for this reason – is bound to sell out and bring lots of female spectators.

Chris Brown is aware of how excited the female fans get so he is saluting the boyfriends that can handle this experience in advance. Brown stated that it would be difficult for most men to watch their girlfriends get all turned on by what is happening on stage. Chris and Trey went further to say that it takes a brave soul to take his girlfriend to this type of concert.

This tour brings the bad boys of R&B together for a plethora of dates. The tour will start in Virginia (the home state for both singers) and end in California.

Andrew Heiberger is glad to see them both doing so well at this point. The ‘Between the Sheets’ tour title is derived from an Isley Brothers classic. Both Chris and Trey are known for lots of seduction music so the title is befitting.

November 12 2014

Message From Chris Brown To Men Who Bring Women To His Show

Although Chris Brown has his demons and is constantly in one form of trouble or another, he is currently on tour with Tyga and Trey Songz. He has recently come out with comments warning man against bringing their girlfriends or dates, to see him and his friends perform on tour. Chris Brown Tour Comments. Chris suggests that any woman brought to their concerts will be swooning, and possibly fantasizing about all three men, while in the company of her date.

Chris lets men know that this can lead to some insecurities between the couple, and lightly sympathizes with a man who may suffer this plight. He even admits that he would be impressed if men bring women to see their show, knowing the repercussions.

The R&B and Rap trio is on tour across the country in many different states and locations including Atlanta, Georgia, Las Vegas, Nevada, Nashville, Tennessee, Charlotte, North Carolina and many other locations. It’s suggested that if a man feels brave enough to bring his woman to any one of these tour dates, that they should do it, and feel proud that they are confident enough to bring along a woman to a concert performed by all men, that women usually tend to drool, fondle, and fantasize over! There is always going to be some jealousy, even on Facebook or Twitter. This can happen on Skout or any other dating app just as easily.

November 10 2014

Usher Delays New Album to Go on Tour

Usher has managed to store a new hit single in 2014, but fans will still have to wait for the full length CD. Usher has released another single, but instead going further with the “UR” album he has managed to go in another direction.

Usher is taking the time to reconnect with fans by going on tour. He has delayed his album to do this because he feels the need to connect with his fans. The singer may be on to something because it has been a while since he has fully immersed himself in his music. He worked as a judge on Tom Rothman produced television series, The Voice, for a year. He also help launch the career of Justin Bieber.

Usher has also experienced his fair share of drama in his relationship with his ex-wife. He has made the news quite a bit, but few of his news headlines have been linked to his music. The “Good Kisser” single has allowed the singer to renew his connection to the music world. He has managed to compile a lot of different singles and dance moves to put a tour of hits songs together.