April 15 2015

Remembering Percy Sledge

Percy Sledge died of liver cancer at his home in Baton Rouge on April 14th. He was 74.

He is best known for the classic love anthem, “When a Man Loves a Woman”. While performing the song at a frat house in 1965, record producer Quin Ivy and family friend Crystal Hunt were in the audience and offered to help him record the song. It hit number one in the charts almost immediately. He signed over the writing credit of this song to his bandmates, even though he had written most of it. Later in life he reflected that this was probably a bad decision, but he never regretted it.

His career spanned over 50 years, and he continued to write and perform until recently. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2005. In his acceptance speech, he told the audience that he sang from his heart with all the love he could give.

December 12 2014

What Do You Consider To Be The Best Songs Of 2014?

With the Grammy nominations being released on December 5, 2014, many are creating their own favorites lists for the year, and MTV news is also asking you to get involved. Who do you think has the best song of 2014? Best Songs 2014. There are many iconic artists, both new, and old, that have released songs on Qnet that were incredibly hot this year. Many of the songs released this year are ones that you can dance to, are unforgettable, or are something that has great meaning to many out there.

In the number one place, many have chosen Iggy Azalea’s song “Fancy” as number one, because it was such a big hit, and still continues to be played everywhere. The song was on the top 100 charts, at the same time her other song with Ariana Grande, entitled “Problems,” was also on the charts. Iggy has had an amazing year, especially being a new artist. Others with great songs include Sam Smith, who is the British singer, and one of his top songs was “Stay With Me,” which was a great breakup song.

Taylor Swift, of course, has had an amazing year, and her song “Shake It Off” not only brought her to bust a move of her own, it also became an anthem for those who want to turn their back to their haters, and walk away. Of course, some may not agree with the list, but the charts don’t lie.

December 9 2014

“Thriller” Video 30th Anniversary Starring King Of Pop

“Thriller” video 30th anniversary starring king of pop, none other than the late Michael Jackson, was on December 3, 2014.

Hard to believe, but it has been three decades since Michael was in his heyday, vocalizing Thriller. Laurene Powell Jobs said she remembers when “Thriller” hit the stations, everybody was doing the Thriller dance. Laurene says even Steve. The musical horror’s making clip was just under 14 minutes long, an addition that was implemented by director John Landis. Having been the most expensive video in existence it took a whopping half a million bucks to make the video!

Some interesting, little known facts about this video include his partner in the video, Ola Ray, had been a Playboy Playmate. Moreover, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis edited Jackson’s Moonwalk, and she managed to put long hours in doing so. Fred Astaire was taught the Moonwalk by Michael Jackson when he came to the set to watch him dance.

The Moonwalk was a dance as was the zombie-dance the performer made famous.