October 30 2017

How You Can Improve The Ecommerce Customer Experience On Your Site

The Ecommerce customer experience can make or break your online sales. Create a good experience and you will have happy customers who will also buy a lot more products. If you create a bad Ecommerce customer experience, then not only will you lose out on sales, but you will create a negative reputation for your brand, company or site.

One of the most important parts of a good online customer shopping experience is to tailor your website to your customers. There are three basic types of shoppers who will visit your online store. One of these is the shopper that knows what they are looking for. If you create a search box on your online site, then you make it that much easier for this kind of shopper to find the product he or she is looking to buy.

Another kind of shopper that will visit your site is someone who is browsing through your product catalog. To assist this kind of shopper, it is a good idea to have sorting options. This way, a customer can browse products in a certain price range, color, size or material.

The third kind of shopper that you will have is someone who has certain criteria in mind, but does not exactly know what kind of product they want to buy. To assist this kind of shopper, you should set up filter options. For example, you can have a filter that will only show products with a certain feature. This way, this shopper will see the results for all of the products that meet their criteria. With plenty of options at hand thanks to the filter, this kind of shopper should be more likely to buy from your site now.

Creating a good customer experience is a lot more than offering filters, sorting options or a product search. You also want to make the checkout process hassle free, easy and simple. If a customer finds your checkout process frustrating or time consuming, they may quit the checkout process altogether. This will result in a needless loss of sales from somebody who was about to purchase an item from you.

Allowing guest checkouts is a good idea. You can always allow a person to register or set up an account at your site later. Being transparent about the shipping, sales tax and price of an item is also important. If a customer feels cheated you not only risk negative feedback but returns and complaints. You want repeat customers and not ones that will jeopardize your reputation. Visit Sentient’s profile at Linkedin.

September 27 2017

Bob Reina, From Police Officer To Video Email Entrepreneur

Creating a video communications platform came to Talk Fusion’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bob Reina through frustration. He was in the middle of touring a North Carolina property and wanted to share the moment with his family. His efforts were rebuffed by the America Online technical capability. Immediately Reina sprung into action, telephoning a buddy with an IT background for help. As they often say, “the rest is history,” because a company was born.


Talk Fusion is the first of its kind video email platform, but there’s a unique twist to its development and distribution. Talk Fusion is built around a network marketing concept of sharing with others. Those others happen to be close friends and family members, what’s deemed as, “warm contacts.” People that you know well enough to talk daily privately. Bob Reina felt that it was the only way to go after experiencing his own rocky ride with various network marketing companies. He loved the control, but was disappointed with his MLM failures. Those failures lead to Talk Fusion becoming a direct selling network.


Not being able to send a video clip back home prompted Bob Reina to start his own business. The friend he contacted, Dr. Jonathan Chen helped him make it a viable product. The company now markets other video products, including a video chat, video newsletters and live meetings. Bob Reina feels that he’s not just offering a product, he’s changing lives.


Bob Reina travels promoting Talk Fusion all around the world, and helping associates build their businesses. He and Chen are in development to create Talk Fusion University, a video school designed to help build stronger entrepreneurial skills. In 2011, Talk Fusion had an estimated annual revenue of $100 million. Reina was a police officer, on the verge of career burnout when he first tried network marketing. His failures in the industry drove him to find a company that did what it promised (https://www.facebook.com/TalkFusion/videos/2963037773434/). In the beginning, Bob had some concerns about leaving a steady paycheck behind for the unknown. But his doubts were quickly quieted by his success.


August 4 2017

Eric Pulier Shows How Technology Can Make the World a Better Place

Most people want to make the world a better place. Few can lay claim to much success on that front though. It’s why the accomplishments of those who do are worth examining more closely. There’s a lot to be learned from studying the lives of people like Eric Pulier. Individuals who haven’t just tried to help the world, but who’ve succeeded amazingly well time and time again.

One of the first things that most people notice about Eric Pulier is his technological knowhow. Pulier has been directly involved with more than fifteen successful companies within the tech sector. That level of success is obviously a rather impressive item to showcase someone’s talents. However, looking at Pulier’s life it’s easy to see that this success is simply part of the path to a greater goal.

Philanthropy and charity work have always been the central feature of Pulier’s life. It’s easy to see that his financial success and accomplishments within the tech sector have been in large part to help him help others. In fact, one of his first milestones in the tech sector came about through his efforts to help people suffering from multiple sclerosis. Eric Pulier created software that would help educate people suffering from the condition about what they could expect and what they might be able to do in order to have a fuller life. And of course it also helped to educate friends and family of people suffering from it as well to learn more: http://danielbudzinski.com/podcast/eric-pulier/ click here.

This interest in melding medical education with technology reached a high point with his Starbright World program. The software was designed around the experiences of children suffering from diabetes. Pulier knew how difficult it could be for children to understand all of the nutritional and biological information which goes along with the condition. It’s equally apparent just how dangerous it can be for kids suffering from diabetes who don’t understand just how severe the condition can be when left unmanaged. Pulier’s Starbright World software serves as a way for children to actually look at what’s going on in their own bodies as they learn about insulin and sugar.

It’s easy to see just how closely tied together compassion and technology are in Pulier’s life. The examples are only scratching the surface of the many ways he’s been able to help the world through technology. Looking at Pulier’s life shows that a drive to improve the world can also manifest in a successful career.

April 22 2017

The History of E-government in Sao Paolo’s Administration

E-government refers to the incorporation of information and communication technologies to the public sector so as to ensure efficiency in the delivery of its services. Systems that create e-governance solutions need to be modular, intelligent and able to integrate all the public administration bodies. Such systems use the best technology and maturity.

Three top companies Minauro, Consult and Sisteplan form the e-governe solution. They provide a set of e-government solutions with modern technologies, modular systems and data security that can be used by any government. The technological part of its system has been created in design to ensure simple, intuitive and swift navigation. They also have a technical support team to offer technical and operational assistance in the various sectors of Public Management.

In Brazil, e-governe is being implemented by Instituto Curitiba de Informática (ICI). Initially, e-governance was first directed to the human resource in Teresina. It has since been expanded to include other public services like education and health. The result has been a faster response to people’s demands, precise analysis of suggestions, identification of problems and regulation of all services offered by the municipality.

In the health sector, the goal of e-government will be to simply the management of the Municipal and State Health Secretariats, which is among the hardest tasks of Public Administration. With the integration of medical institutions, there will be easier scheduling of appointments and organization of doctors schedules abolishing long queues and improving the overall delivery of quality services.

Read more: Fique Nú e Governe o Mundo | JCC.COM

E-governe Saúde will also regulate the circulation and stocks of medicine, scheduling of specialized consultations and administration of vaccines. E-governe can also be used to perform ambulatory, hospice, and bed control as well as the complete management of finances. There are many benefits on google.com.br observed by governments that have implemented e-governe Saúde that include efficient money transfers, regulation of the flow of patients in the hospitals, improved work organization, and correct dimensioning of hospitals among many others.
The municipality of Osasco, in Sao Paulo, signed a contract with a firm offering the implementation of the e-governe Educação school management system, that is used in Teresina, the capital of Piauí. ICI will deliver computer equipment, inputs, and installation services as well as set up a call center for the Municipal Education Department of the Sao Paulo city. The E-governe Education of Osasco will cater for all the 138 schools in the city as well as the headquarters of the Municipal Education Department.

The main benefits of e-government education include ensuring integrity, allowing timely issuance of management reports, securing information, allowing internet access, minimizing rework, and controlling access to privileges based on security levels imposed by the system administrators.

Employees of different departments of the Municipality of Teresina will take part in training to increase the implementation of the E-governe system tools. The President of Teresinense Data Processing firm, Miguel Oliveira, explained that the meetings with the department heads of the Municipal Finance Department, Municipal Education Department, and Municipal Health Foundation had been set to agree on the optimization of services.

October 5 2016

Talk Fusion Wins Prestigious Award

The world of communications has seen a massive amount of change over recent years. With companies such as Apple and Skype changing the way people communicate across the world, it is no wonder that the pace of change continues to increase. At the 2016 annual awards, sponsored by the Technology Marketing Corporation, Talk Fusion won Communications Solution Products of the Year award. This represents the second award won by the company this year.

Talk Fusion Video Chat won the award for its new WebRTC Technology. This app is available in both the Google Play and iTunes stores. By winning the second award, Talk Fusion dispels speculation that its first award was simply a fluke. Talk Fusion has generated a significant amount of momentum that will lead to increased exposure, more capital for improved product development, and increased interest from customers.

Talk Fusion developed the world’s first comprehensive Video Marketing Solution. Talk Fusion helps both individuals and businesses stand out from the crowd with its ability to video on any device with an internet connection. This helps individuals stay in touch with loved ones across the globe. On the business end, companies will stand out from their competition because they will be able to remain in constant communication with their clients. Businesses are able to stay up to date on any changes in the customer’s needs. With Talk Fusion at the helm, businesses have seen an unprecedented period of growth compared to the competition.

Talk Fusion has its products in over 140 countries. They are confident in the quality of their services as demonstrated by offering a 30 day free trial of all of their products. Furthermore, Talk Fusion has a strong philanthropic arm called Giving Back. The charity arm focuses on charities that provide aid to families, communities, and animals all across the world. Talk Fusion has set a powerful example for successful companies both at home and abroad. With the recent wave of success, Talk Fusion is positioned well for the future.

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January 2 2016

Shopping Easy with Visual Image Search Technology

Through the use of technology, people can do so much. Shopping is one aspect that has seen incredible revolution due to technology like the internet. People can now get whatever they need from online retail stores. Tech advances continue to change the phenomena of online shopping, and one of the most recent is image recognition search. According to an article originally on MIT Technology Review; Pinterest, a social networking site, and Shoes.com, a footwear store, are currently testing out the technology.

Deep Learning

The visual application makes use of deep learning technology, which relies on the ability of software to recognize images. Deep learning features a software that can pick similar characteristics of an image from the billions of pins that users post online.

Users can search for similar images by zooming in on the reference image. One test that showed the effectiveness of the tool was a search for a coffee maker that yielded results of visually similar products. New users to Pinterest are now getting a taste of the new technology.

In addition to the visual search on technologyreview, Pinterest also makes it possible for items to appear with buy buttons. If you have the intention of purchasing a product from the similar visual results, you just have to click on the button.

Enhanced Technology

It isn’t the first time that a company is trying out image search technology. There have been attempts to give shoppers easy ways of finding what they need. One example is Amazon with their Fire smartphone in 2014. Google also has something similar that entails buyers getting visually similar products when they search on the site. Buying Like.com in 2010 allows Google to provide the feature. Unlike Pinterest and Shoes.com, users cannot highlight a particular section of an image.

Shoes.com is taking a different angle on visual search with the use of image processing. AI startup Sentient is the developer of the technology in use. The first test run is on the “women’s boot section” of Shoes.com. The design of the software allows it to understand images, which makes it easy to shop.

Shopping with Slyce

Slyce is an application that is currently available to retailers for visual image recognition. Shoppers can use the tool to search for products by snapping a photo or making use of existing ones. With product recognition capacities, buyers can take advantage of Slyce to get the desired items.

The visual image search tool is available for desktop computers and mobile device users. It is now possible to capture an image from anywhere and use it to find similar products.