November 13 2017

Drew Madden, the Healthcare IT Specialist

Drew Madden is an entrepreneur in healthcare IT who is enthusiastic about developing high-quality teams, exceptional and smart company culture, as well as trusted customer partnerships. Madden has dramatically transformed the daily routines of people, especially health specialists, through his extensive expertise in technology. The IT professional has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Lowa University. He specializes in Healthcare systems and has in the recent past assisted health organizations to successfully store their data and also manage patient’s information efficiently. Drew Madden began his career at Cerner Co corporations before moving to Nordic Consulting Partners. He worked in the Nordic company from 2011 to 2016 before creating his most recent Evergreen Company.

Madden was always enthusiastic about electronic medical records when he was working for the Nordic company, and he took up many partnerships with various prestigious firms, which contributed to the evolution of the company. Also, Madden saw the company escalate its total revenue at a significantly high speed while he was in the firm. Due to the resilient commitment of the prominent IT guru towards the growth of the company, he utilized distinctive strategies to set up the company and took a significant part in assisting it to deal with the challenges of EMR affecting it.

Madden’s exceptional skills in leadership also helped the firm gain a high reputation and attain a competitive advantage in the healthcare market. The company also outshined most prominent healthcare ventures in the market due to the hard work of its staff. Additionally, Drew Madden saw the firm receive honor from a significant number of individuals in addition to the receipt of a series of rewards. The company won the KLAS awards for the best firm in providing efficient implementation services and the most exceptional consulting excellence providers.

Drew Madden has not relented in executing his operations, and his latest Madden Company is performing well, and it’s one of the leading competitors of the Nordic Company. The company offers high-quality technology records solutions to numerous healthcare enterprises, and it has made the individual operations involved effortless. Drew aspires to establish the company in more countries in the future to make sure it drives more sales to increase its total income.