March 9 2016

Slyce Releases Exceptional 2016 Fourth-Quarter Report

Slyce is a startup that seems to be doing tremendously well. Slyce innovated the use of image recognition software thanks to the creation of the Slyce app a short time ago. The company recently released its fourth-quarter of 2015 revenue figures, and the numbers are fairly impressive.

The company is heading into 2016 with “$7 million in private placement funding”, a decent amount that is sure to help Slyce grow and expand. Yahoo! Finance published a report on the company’s successes in the fourth quarter, and the report reveals the company has entered into agreements with, Urban Outfitters, Shoe Carnival, and Neiman Marcus. Image recognition and visual search programs are not the only reasons retailers want to work hand-in-hand with Slyce.

Slyce has also produced apps and software designed to promote coupons. Coupons make customers a lot more likely to buy. Hence, Slyce’s coupon-oriented software is going to be very much welcomed by these retailers.

Slyce is hard at work at expanding the different programs developed under its banner. The Universal Scanner is designed automated recognition of objects. Slyce Link reflect a very interesting concept: image recommendations. Through Slyce Link, retailers are able to present possible suggestions to would-be customers.

These are only a few of the new programs put forth by Slyce and its development team.

The past growth of the company indicate Slyce is going to be poised for even greater things in the future. The continual development of new technology along with the addition of affiliated retailers should lead to even greater success.