September 24 2015

Chinese Buyers Dipping For Fortunes in Brooklyn Real Estate

NYC real estate elites of Town Residential are encouraging the spirit of excitement from foreign apartment investors. All foreign luxury market lookers are encouraged and China’s usually careful with the price point players are showing New York locations the money. Surprisingly, though, Chinese investors are not biting at the heart of the Big Apple, whose core buying market is always in high demand. The eastern nation buyers, known for their shyness over price point, is nibbling at the outer regions of the Big Apple, and are betting their off the beaten track investments will yield them high future gains in unique spaces.

In an article on The Real Deal (TRD), an online shot caller that features high-end homebuyer trends, developers describe why cautious buyers are now willing to risk wads of straight cash in previously sketchy nabes. Founder and CEO of Simon Baron Development, Johnathan Simon, explains that the city has “cleaned up tremendously” and is now “the safest big city in America” Of course, this “makes a huge difference” for investors, Simon explains.

TRD’s Shanghai forum guest developers were very outspoken on where they see trends leading and how best for foreign buyers to position themselves for success.

Andrew Heiberger, of Town Residential, a real estate services firm and hub for New York’s leading luxury real estate agents, spoke with years of experience from dealing in hot housing markets. He spoke as a visionary saying, “Brooklyn…it’s the next great city.” Stephen Kliegerman of Halstead Property Development Marketing cautioned the price point sensitive to show up “with a lot of cash reserves” in order to not be edged out by even more sensitive state side foreign financing rules.

Heiberger aimed confidence towards Chinese buyers by assuring “great protection is afforded for consumers” under the Real Estate Board of New York and the New York Attorney General, both of which assure regulated and transparent brokerage rules. Town Residential’s leadership is well known for its outstanding service.