November 20 2016

Influential Jews in the US; the Journey of Adam Milstein

There are many people that dream of making it huge in the world of business and investing. a good number of people make it there, however, not many get the amount of influence that Adam Milstein, one of the most influence Jewish businessmen in the country, is enjoying. Adam has recently been named as the 39th most influential Jew in the Israel Times Newspaper. The fact that he shares the list with the likes of the Prime Minister to Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, shows just how much of an impact he has made.

Adam founded a non-profit organization that he runs together with his wife Gila. The main aim of the foundation was to help uplift Jewish people, the state of Israel and also create better business relationships between the people of Israel and the US. The money raised through the foundation is used to support Jewish education and also ensure their continuity.

There are three main principles that Adam operates under. The first is that he believes in being active when it comes to charity. He believes that when one actively involves themselves in the betterment of the community, they get resounding success in the same. He also believes that he can impact and change the life path of the people he meets. Thus, he looks for funds and assists those that need it, and makes a difference among the communities. Last, he believes that synergies have to be created between the different communities and their efforts at philanthropy.

About: Adam Milstein

Milstein attended Techion and graduated in 1978. He migrated to the US three years later and settled. He studied and got his MBA from the USC and then settled in South California where he started the real estate business. he manages the Hagar pacific property. His wife Gila and three children live with him in Encino, California. He started the Adam and Gila foundation together with his wife. This is the platform he has been using to try and make his mark among the Jews. He has been lauded by many for his efforts to make sure that the unity and development of his community stays on track. He is an exemplary business leader.