April 22 2017

Get Wonderful Financial Features That Offer Real Savings

You no longer have to worry about huge bank fees with a reliable network like NexBank. They allow you to store your money in an interest bearing savings account that draws 1.9% after 6 months. Programs like these help their customers save more money than with their competitors. Are you looking for a trusted financial institution? NexBank provides a stable network with over $40 billion dollars in assets. They also offer their customers FDIC insurance to give you extra assurance with your money. You have the experience of watching your hard earned money work for you.

NexBank Features

– Free direct deposit

– Free checks

– Free online bill pay

– View your account anytime

– Switch money in between accounts

– Commercial accounts

– Industrial accounts

and more…

You can contact one of their friendly professionals at any time to ask questions or to get details on becoming a member today. They have over 246,000+ new online customers that are very pleased with the advantages that they have been able to receive from NexBank. They’re based in Dallas, Texas and spearheaded by the gracious Mr. John Holt, as their CEO.

There is now a great way for you to save more money than ever before in college tuition and other expenses by joining a college savings program with NexBank. Are you experiencing excessive private loans to pay for college or huge government student loan debt? College Savings Bank is now a part of NexBank and allows their customers the option of choosing from over 1,600+ college savings programs. Together, they have combined to bring you a stellar college savings program that really gives you the option of coping with the rising cost of college tuition. Join NexBank by visiting their exclusive website and applying for a new account today.