September 12 2017

End Citizens United Is Committed To Stopping Big Money From Buying Elections

Citizens United refers to a Supreme Court case in 2010 and a political action committee of the same name. The successful petition opened the doors for private investors, special interest groups and corporations to fund elections. It allowed a bagful of money from unknown sources to flow into the election process. It also enabled unlimited and untraceable spending.

Big money can now spend unlimited amounts to influence the elections. The money is untraceable, as the candidates receiving the support are not required to disclose their sources. In addition, sources that were traditionally prohibited from funding political campaigns are now allowed. There has been an influx of outside political groups such as Super PACS. These are participating in the electoral process. They are undertaking political advertising and lobbying for candidates who support their causes.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that is working to reverse the efforts and effects of Citizens United. The group is advocating for reform that counter the effects of the Supreme Court ruling. It is opposed to big money’s influence on the political and electoral process. The PAC believes it is akin to a subversion of democracy. End Citizens United is committed to driving big money and dark funding out of the electoral process.

The group supports candidates passionate about stopping big money from buying elections from the masses. They need some big money to do that. The movement is gaining traction rapidly especially with grassroots donors. It has pegged its hopes on an optimistic budget of $35 million. This is to support the 2018 midterm election cycle. The group already has $4 million down. It hopes to hit the mark well before the start of the midterm cycle.

The group is not new to successful fundraising. They debuted onto the election scene with over $25 million in the 2016 election cycle. End Citizens United works with candidates supporting campaign finance reform to get them elected to the House as well as Congress. It is also working to mitigate against the effects of the new administration’s policy on electoral finance.

End Citizens United is largely a Democratic group. It is mobilizing grassroots support and succeeding. It is leveraging the pain from the loss of the presidential election to rally support from Democrats. Most of the donors are small, first time supporters. For example, the average donation to the PAC is $12. The PAC employs strict traditional fundraising strategies. It does not accept donations of over $5,000 from a single supporter.

The group is one of the leading spenders aligned to the Democratic Party. It believes campaign funding should be transparent and accountable. There should be limits to campaign spending to control dark funding. The PAC appreciates it takes time to get the right people in power to effect the required changes.

May 17 2017

End Citizens United Wishes To Change Campaign Finance Laws

Campaign finance laws favor big money in American government, and End Citizens United is a super PAC that was created to change the laws of campaign finance. There are many examples in the modern day that show money corrupts government, and this article explains how End Citizens United wishes to change the way America is governed. They have a large public presence that is educating the public one person at a time.


#1: What Is Their Purpose?


The purpose of End Citizens United is to educate the public on a number of things that they did not know before. The PAC is raising money to push forward their mission, and they are hunting for a number of ways to show the public that big money is not safe for them. They are sharing their information on social media, and they are explaining their position to those who do not understand.


#2: How Do They Reach The Public?


End Citizens United is on social media every day, and they post news articles online that readers may learn from. They are willing to post news that sheds a bad light on those who accept big money, and they want the public to see there are corrupt people who use donations to change the way they govern. Someone who has their ear bent by money is not good for America, and End Citizens United wishes to see special interests taken out of government.


#3: They Will End All Special Interests


There are many special interests that will end because of the laws that End Citizens United wish to change. They are lobbying Congress to change a law that alters how they are elected, and they hope to see the government elect officials on a level playing field. Someone who wishes to change the law of the land must work quite hard, and there are many people who wish to work with their local congressmen on these laws. Creating a consensus on this matter will help improve how elections are held.


#4: Why Are They Raising Money?


They are raising money because they must prepare for the midterm elections. There are many midterm elections that will stop big money from changing government, and someone who is following End Citizens United will realize that giving to the cause will stop corruption that has marked government for some time.


There are quite a few people who are interested in the way government elections are financed, and End Citizens United wishes to stop PACs that give money to politicians in return for favors. The favors will end, and every special interest will be pushed out of government when End Citizens United reaches their goal to change the law.


January 15 2017

George Soros Vision of a United America

George Soros is a successful business man and a role model to all Americans. He has decided to donate more than twenty-five million dollars to the Hillary Clinton campaign and the other Democratic candidates. This was confirmed by his associates and the Federal Election Commission records. Soros has amassed a fortune via risky currency trades on and is estimated to be worth twenty-five billion dollars. His associates expect him to donate even more as the Election Day draws near.

Soros is a Hungarian-born eighty-five-year-old man who has a long-term relationship with Clinton. He was to attend his first Democratic convention on in New York but cancelled his trip at the last minute to focus on the economic situation in Europe. Soros had recently returned to active trading hence needs to be on high alert.

The close associates of him have noticed that he is more politically engaged than he has ever been. This is due to his unwavering belief of Clinton and the fear of his competitor Donald Trump on Michael Vachon, Soros’ political adviser, said that Soros is a consistent donor to elections but this year’s political stakes are at an all-time high. Even before Donald Trump decided to vie, the stakes were high due to the issues that were to determine the election. Soros has worked and cares about issues like criminal justice reform, religious tolerance and immigration reform for many years. See:

Clinton has obtained several elite donors who have big cheques. They include;
• Tom Steyer, the San Francisco environmentalist, who donated more than thirty-one million dollars.
• Don Sussman, the New York hedge funder, who donated thirteen million dollars which went directly to Clinton committees and campaigns.
• Fred Eychaner and Haim Saban, the media moguls, who donated eleven million dollars each.

All these donors have however fewer effects like the Soros donation. By the end of June, George Soros had donated seven million dollars towards super PAC which supports Clinton via their Priorities USA Action. This made them the main beneficiaries of Soros donation according to election records. He also gave five million dollars to a foundation called Immigrant Voters Win.