February 10 2017

Karl Heideck’s Career: What Does a Litigation Attorney Do?

How does Karl Heideck handle litigation cases?

How Karl Heideck became a successful litigation attorney in Philadelphia, PA

Karl Heideck is a litigation attorney based in Philadelphia. He is currently an attorney at Grant & Eisenhofer, PA, where he specialises in contract law. He also handles securities fraud as well as banking litigation. Heideck also deals with risk management, acquisitions, liquidity positions as well as risk management.

Karl Heideck has also worked as a top level project attorney at Pepper Hamilton LLP before. While at the firm, Heideck handled pharmaceutical litigation, bankruptcy restructuring and government investigation. While working there, he also helped the firm in the collection and selection of evidence for cases involving impeachment. He also helped develop professional and ethical standards for compliance.

Who is a Litigator?

A litigation attorney, like Karl Heideck, is an attorney who specializes in representing clients in all stages of the court process. They are professionally trained in the legal profession. A litigator can handle all stages of litigation, from drafting pleadings to preparing pleadings. They also represent their clients in court as well as out-of-court settlements.

A litigator is also tasked with other things involving the trial process. When there is a case involving a trial, a litigation attorney may have to do prior investigations to understand the magnitude of the case. Doing such investigations is important so as to strengthen the client’s case. It is also crucial in understanding and unearthing the gaps and loopholes in the client’s case.

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A litigation attorney may also have to represent their client in an appeal case. When the client makes the decision to appeal following an unfavorable outcome, the attorney will prepare the appeal documents and file them in court.

A litigation attorney like Karl Heideck must be good at what he or she does. Such attorney possesses other qualities such as negotiations skills. They also have to keep abreast with changing laws and precedents that may help them win a case.

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