January 27 2016

Sergio Cortes Rises against Odds to Be Michael’s Greatest Impersonator.

When Michael was performing in the famous Jackson Five shows, he never knew that he was inspiring the life of new artist miles away. That young artist has grown to replace him after his demise and carry his memories. The king of pop was perhaps inspired several other artists in their career. There are very few who successfully followed his success path. Sergio Cortes says it has taken him hard work and determination to achieve his dream.


Michael made a legacy that lives among his fans even today. As famous as he was, he had numerous imitators. Sergio rose against the odds to top the list. He was born in Spain. Sergio is 43 years old. In comparing to his American role model Michael, the two can be told the in two different worlds by the time Sergio started his career.


Currently, Sergio has performed in numerous shows around the world in the tribute to Jackson. Michael would certainly be proud of him for the work he is doing to carry on his memories. In an interview published in dino.com, Sergio notes that the death of Michael Jackson was a big blow to him. He performs to overcome that grief and also entertain Michael’s fans


Unlike other impersonators of Michael Jackson, Sergio is unique. He has a great resemblance to Michael. His voice and looks are very similar. The king of pop lived a very flashy lifestyle, so is Sergio. He has joined a talent developing company in Italy to empower young artist to develop their skills. Sergio passes the inspiration from Michael to his young artist followers. He shares with them in a Facebook page and Twitter.


Sergio also keenly follows Michael’s life. He continually updates his fans on developing stories concerning Michael. In an interview with diretoenegocious.com, Sergio disclosed that Michael’s gloves were sold $ 20000. The gloves were sold alongside other Michaels personal assets like the painting. According to Sergio, Michael’s gloves were auctioned for a value of $402,000 fetching the highest value. Although the latest auction was incomparable to the first, it was still impressive.


Michael was mostly seen wearing one glove during his performances. He argued there was no need for one to wear two gloves while one can still wear one. According to Cortes, Michael wore the glove performing his famous show the moonwalk.