October 24 2017

Oncotarget; a Peer Reviewed Journal

It is a peer-reviewed medical journal covering research on Oncology. Oncology is the study of diagnosing and treating cancer. Getting information on diseases can be challenging and hectic. Fortunately, there are companies that research and publish their results on tumours.One of the leading firms that publish its medical journal online is Oncotarget. Oncotarget was first established in 2010. It publishes articles on cancer research and other biological topics like pathology, microbiology, chromosomes and autophagy. It has published 7 volumes, with 324 issues since 2010. In (2015-2016) oncotarget was ranked position one among other oncology journals.

They had received an impact factor score of 5.008. This means they had received 10,000 references in (2015-2016). Oncotarget the recommendations of (COPE) the committee of publish Ethics to all published articles. The company is situated in Albania New York. The oncotarget mission is to; make scientific results rapidly and widely available, maximise the impact of research through insightful review, to link different fields of biomedical science, allow exceptional discoveries to be shared quickly and eliminate the border between specialties and to foster the application of basic and clinical science to fight diseases. Under the leadership of the most prominent scientist, the journal has helped all researchers to contribute to the progress of science. Its ultimate goal is to live a disease free life.

Due to the growing impact, quality and volume Oncotarget will begin publishing two issues per week on Tuesday and Friday.to access the crucial scientific information. All accepted articles will be included directly in a paginated issue to be released to PubMed. Publishing two issues per week will cover the gap and there will be no delays in future. This will ensure their customers are always updated to new issues in time. The company is frequently cited in many peer-reviewed research journals.

The editors work hand in hand with research officers to get concrete information on how to combat cancer out to the public. The research article has helped many civilians gain health, knowledge and create cancer awareness worldwide. Its chief editors are Mikhail Blakosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov; they work with the company to study ageing process and its effect on human body.