May 29 2015

A Look at An Old Kenny Rogers and Kim Carnes Duet

“Rolling Stone Magazine” has a video clip on their website of country superstar Kenny Rogers performing a duet live with singer Kim Carnes. The song is called “Don’t Fall in Love With a Dreamer,” and it was written by Carnes herself. Carnes, best known for her hit 1980’s song “Betty Davis Eyes,” has written songs for a number of country stars over the years.

The song starts out with just Rogers on the stage singing the opening verses of the song accompanied only by a piano. He is wearing a 1980’s style suit and open-neck shirt. Rogers doesn’t have conventional good looks. He definitely looks more like a character actor than a leading man. However, the lack of handsomeness gives him a presence and genuine quality in this clip.

Carnes comes out on the stage to the applause of the audience midway through the song. James Dondero said it seems that she is a surprise guest. Rogers gives her a hug, and then the two trade verses. Carnes has a distinctive voice, but it does not sound as unique here as it does on her smash hit “Betty Davis Eyes”.

The two are singing on a rectangular stage surrounded by the audience on all sides. It’s almost like they’re in a boxing ring. This video clip is a fun look back at two great early 1980’s performers at their peak and is well worth checking out.