September 21 2015

A New Social Networking App

Android apps are becoming more popular by the day. The functionality of using mobile apps is increasing along with the increasing use of smart phones around the globe. Indeed, as smart phones have become more advanced so has the quality of apps available.

Social networking apps are used to meet new friends and stay in contact or follow old friends. Social networking apps can be tailored to meet your unique interest. These apps can be used to build social networks using a number of filters such as similar interests, activities, backgrounds or other connections.

Skout is a social networking app for Android. The app allows users to find people nearby that are seeking to chat via the app or otherwise connect. The app has a dual-pane layout that’s that allows users to navigate with swipe gestures. This design feature makes the app fairly easy to to use to search through local singles, check messages from other users, and receive notifications on who has viewed your profile.

The main navigation page shows a grid of Skout user profile photos which show names and whether the user is online or offline. The navigation page can be customized to grid or which can alternatively be laid out in a list format. Tapping each one goes to a more detailed profile with their latest status update, photo album (with comment section), proximity, and other information. From there, you can send winks, chat requests, or add users to your favorites.

Skout’s profile fields are limited to age, ethnicity, height, and a free-form About Me field. From the mobile app, you can check a few options from a limited list of interests and your body type, though those things can’t be used as search criteria for some reason. This seriously limits the utility of finding people with similar goals or interests as you (though you can narrow results by rough proximity, age, gender and ethnicity).

Like most dating apps, a lot of the extras hinge on in-app purchases. The Points system can be used to see which other users have marked you as a favorite, see who’s checked you out, give virtual gifts, promote your profile for higher visibility, and a few other features. Points can also be earned by inviting Facebook friends to sign up or downloading and installing promoted apps.

Skout also hosts chat features, though the group chat rooms in the web version aren’t on mobile – not that most folks are interested in talking with 20 random strangers from around the world. The main menu is accessible from just about everywhere, and gives quick access to the latest updates on the network, view your favorites, edit your profile, and see the latest posts on the Skout blog.