June 10 2015

Punk Rock Consumerism

That headline is an oxymoron. Most true punk rockers and punk bands tend to stray away from consumerism, capitalism, and what they stand for. One of the first punk bands to make that stand was the United Kingdom based punks the Sex Pistols. However, I guess just about everyone sells out at some point.

According to a story on The Guardian, the Sex Pistols will now be featured as the face of Virgin Money credit cards says Igor Cornelson. The man behind the Virgin brand, Sir Richard Branson, has released a series of credit cards that feature several different Sex Pistol themes, including the cover of their album “Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols” and one of their most popular songs, “Anarchy in the UK”. The marketing team for Virgin Money has said that their Sex Pistols credit card will be like having “a bit of rebellion in your pocket”.

John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten, has yet to release a statement about his band being featured as the front of consumerism now. Although, Lydon did recently do a television commercial for the brand Country Life Butter.

I have to wonder what Sid Vicious would think of all this is he were still alive.

March 12 2015

Tinashe Is Dropping A New Mixtape

Watch out for what’s about to come out, it’s Tinashe’s new album ‘Amethyst’. Tinashe is sure coming up in the music world, and her fans are only growing in time. Although she is not going to be a part of the Iggy tour, she still had her own agenda and is now releasing her own new mixtape on March 16th. That means her new music will be out next Monday, and that is going to open a whole new list of career opportunities for her since she is not involved in Izzy’s tour any more. Maybe her album release had something to do with why Izzy had to postpone her concert. Tinashe is a bright star and she just might need her own show.

Tinashe posted the cover of her album on twitter all excited with the date of it’s release and a hashtag of the album name #Amethyst. The album is going to include a seven song track list. ‘Amethyst’ is Tinashe’s birthstone, which is why she dedicated her fourth mixtape album to it. She is very superstitious and loves to read her sign which is Aquarius (highly successful and creative people including Daniel Amen also fall under the water sign). So far her luck is going great and she is making moves that are improving her career drastically. 

It wouldn’t be a surprise if she decides to go on tour anytime soon. Plus, she is a perfect colab partner that a lot of artists are going to try and make music with.

January 22 2015

Lil Wanye Releases Mixtape And Disses Birdman

After months of public rants on stage and social media from Lil Wayne over issues he seems to have with is label Cash Money Records and Birdman, Wayne has released a mixtape and is taking very direct shots at Birdman, over his recent treatment as an artist on the label. Over the summer there was some talk about Lil Wayne possibly leaving Cash Money due to a feud with Birdman for pushing his album back, however Wayne insisted that his album Carter V would still be released. Now it looks like Wayne’s latest album will collect dust until matters are settled in court.

Birdman didn’t seem to care one bit about Wayne’s public rants, and said that his contract is a contract and if Wayne wants to fuss they can take it to court. Along with the mixtape and diss tracks, theres is talk that Lil Wayne is considering No Limit Records as his new home, No Limit is a long time rival of Cash Money, so this will be seen as a major betrayal in Birdman’s eyes.

While there is still no way to know how all of this will play out, it’s obvious to people at companies like Slow Ventures that there is and will continue to be a tug of war between Wayne and his mentor Birdman and judging from the lyrics in Wayne’s songs there doesn’t seem to and end in sight.

December 30 2014

SZA Makes a Name for Herself

SZA has been hanging around in the shadows for a while, but she is certainly coming out now. Nicki Minaj handpicked Christian Broda and her for writing on the new track “Feelin’ Myself.” This is an awesome chance for the rest of the world to hear this new

lyrical talent.

The great thing about SZA is that she is also a singer. She is so much more than just a writer. She is a talent that has shown up with Willow Smith. There are singles and mix tapes that are very well circulated on the Internet. That is why she is getting a lot of buzz.

So far, SZA has not put her whole album together, but she has guaranteed that the project is on the way. She has a neo-soul type of sound so people were not expecting her to show up with Beyonce and Nicki Minaj. The thing that makes it work though is that she has influences in soul and hip hop music.

It is a great stepping stone since a lot of people did not even know that she existed. Now she has added some clout to her name by working with the megastars in urban and pop entertainment circles.

December 29 2014

Wale Makes A Video Entitled, “The Body”

Wale is an up-and-coming artist who recently released a mix tape that had a “Seinfeld” theme, and it was released prior to his upcoming album. Wale Video. His new album will be entitled “The Album About Nothing,” and a new video has been dropped that comes directly from the upcoming album. It’s well known to Tom Rothman and the music world that if you want an album to do well, you must release singles, as well as videos to accompany the singles. The video also must be enticing, and get people to watch it, even if the song isn’t that great.

Wale has done a good job when it comes to incorporating a video into a song, especially in anticipation of an upcoming album release. The video starts off with Wale looking at a girl, and becoming enticed by her. As the video goes on, you can see that he flirts with the girl, and eventually they end up going on a date, which then leads to a relationship. The song and video is entitled “The Body,” and the single will be on Wale’s upcoming album, hence why a video was made for the single.

As a new artist, Wale is anticipating a good reception for his new single, and hopefully it will do well on the charts, propelling him into further fame, as this is the goal of most artists. You can see the video online, if you haven’t already watched it.

December 11 2014

Miley Cyrus Performs a Song About her Friend’s Cat

Ever unpredictable Miley Cyrus has taken another interesting turn: an impromptu performance of “The Twinkle Song,” a song about the death of her friend’s cat.

A Florida audience saw her perform the song on piano, after she announced that she was about to play something that she had never rehearsed anywhere but her living room. The song is about the fact that she had strange dreams the night that her friend’s cat died, that told her what to say to her friend to get her through the death of her cat. The slow song is slow and sad, but incredibly catchy for a song that had not gone through the process of becoming one of her radio-friendly hits. This is why Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez thinks it could end up doing very well for her.

Cyrus claims that she writes about death frequently, and that the song and the dreams that told her what to say to her friend were more like therapy to her than anything.

December 6 2014

John Legend and Common Unite

Sometimes a movie will have a hard time gaining momentum when the story line is familiar. That is the case with “Selma.” Even though Brad Pitt and Oprah are behind the movie there is still not a lot of buzz about this movie. It may take some help from the music world to help this project gain some momentum. Luckily, Oprah and her teamed has tapped into a good connection with John Legend and Common.

In the music world the track “Glory” is getting a nod of approval from fans of Common and John Legend. It is a very moving song that comes at the right time. It reflects back to Selma and marching for equal rights. Tom Rothman feels like there is a lot of meaning here. Common also shines a spotlight like on the current day protests and happenings in Ferguson as black and white tension continues to escalate.

The song comes on the heels of a 50 year anniversary of Selma’s “Bloody Sunday” march. It is a song that comes at a time where R&B and rap is filled with so many sexual overtones. There really is not a lot of soul music or any type of music with a purpose in these genres. Artists like India.Arie have faded into the background as artists like Trey Songz and Nicki Minjai dominate. This motivational union of a R&B and rap artist may be good in such a time of anger and outrage.

November 24 2014

Eminem Reflects On 15 Years Of Shady Records

Eminem, who recently grabbed the spotlight, as well as headlines over several different antics; is now reflecting on the 15 year history of Shady Records. He is commemorating the 15 years that Shady Records has been in business, by creating a new album called “Shady XV,” which will be released as a double disc album next week. Eminem Interview. In his recent reflection, he speaks about some of the decisions he made as the owner of the company, and states that it was more than wise to sign 50 Cent.

He states that when he was doing the “8 Mile” movie, he would listen to more of 50 Cent’s music, more than any of his own that he was creating at the time. He states that he also knew that anyone who dislikes him, would automatically turn off the radio if 50 Cent’s music was to play. No matter what anyone’s opinion was of 50 Cent was, he went on to sell millions of records, so there are no regrets for Eminem signing him as an artist.

Eminem also mentions how Dr. Dre gave him credibility when he took him under his wing; as there has never before been a white rapper who has become as popular as Eminem, in all of rap history. Sam Tabar understands just how big that move was.

November 23 2014

Pitbull and Chris Brown Team Up

There are some artists that are just born on make radio-friendly anthems. Pitbull is one of those guys. He has managed to be the type of guy that can get radio play with just about anyone. Even Chris Brown simmers down and joins Pitbull on the track “Fun.” People that are listening for new music from Pitbull will embrace this.

Pitbull may be the only one that can pull off a beach styled summer song in the dead of winter. He has this type of effect on the pop world. So far he has managed to become a staple on pop radio, a rare accomplishment for a rapper. Oddly, he has little buzz on hip hop radio – another obscure accomplishment for someone that is rapping. The ultimate crossover appeal, however, comes with the Chris Brown union.

The EDM and salsa beats are just made for the radio. Keith Mann is certainly hoping to hear more and more of this. This track is the first from the new upcoming “Globalization” album that also features Ne-Yo and reggae rapper Sean Paul. Pitbull has managed to get in his own lane and create dance music while rapping to beats that don’t even fit into the hip hop category. This ability to rap over electronic tracks has given him this pop radio appeal.

November 22 2014

Beyonce New Leaked Song

This week two songs from Beyonce’s new upcoming new album have been leaked. The two songs are called “Ring off” and “7/11”. “7/11” is more of an upbeat song with its own type of dancing moves. It gives directions during the song on how to do the dance, almost like the “cha cha slide”. This song will probably end up being the new dance that everyone is trying to learn. 

Her new leaked song “Ring off” has some fans asking questions. Beyonce and Jay z have been all over the media here lately. There have been rumors about fights, divorce, and even cheating.  In one part it says, “You took that ring off” and ” So tired of the lies and trying, fighting, crying.”

Despite the rumors, who really knows why she wrote that song, but many are excited about her new album. Beyonce always delivers great music and she never fails to entertain her fans.