June 22 2015

Kanye West Closed The Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash

In the city of Atlanta, Georgia, Hot 107.9 is arguably the best radio station in town. Every year for the last 20 years, they’ve had a birthday bash, and they bring out some of the best talents in the industry. Kanye West Performs At Birthday Bash. This year’s birthday bash was no less explosive, and they brought out the biggest names in rap music. The show was attended by Future, 2 Chainz, Drake, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, and Meek Mill. There were other artists who showed up as well, and some of them were not even scheduled to be at the bash.

Kanye West is who closed the show, and many were more than happy to see the artist perform. It’s well known that Kanye West has some explosive shows, especially when he’s on tour, so it’s always nice to see him in concert. Future, who used to date Ciara, he is from Atlanta, Georgia, and he got the biggest reaction from the crowd. Not only was Future’s performance a big one, he made it even better when he brought Drake on the stage.

Drake took the time to perform some of his hits, especially the ones from his newest mix tape as Mr Amazing Loan noted. Everyone was really happy to see Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill, and they definitely were a high point on the show. The show had been advertised in Atlanta for weeks, and now that it’s past, it definitely was a hit.

June 16 2015

Fall Out Boy on Summer Tour

Fall Out Boy Has New Theme for Summer Tour

As with many other bands this summer, Fall Out Boy will be yet another one heading on tour for the summer months. There may also be some other artists coming along with them this time.

Last year Fall Out Boy teamed up with Paramore for the “Monumentour” and traveled across the country to fill out stadiums and venues with new pop and punk music. According to the Examiner, this year Fall Out Boy has decided to take a newer approach for their upcoming Boys of Zummer tour, mainly by doing a less standard rock n’ roll show, according to singer Pete Wentz.

Wentz said that during last year’s tour they played tons of rock n’roll songs and felt if they did it again, all it would be is just rehashing and repeating the same songs and tone over again. Doing this would allow the band to keep going with being a mainstream band and remain relevant.

Fall Out Boy first came into existence back in 2001 when they formed outside of Chicago and went from playing pop-punk music to hip hop, rock and some electronic music. In 2013 they released their album “Save Rock and Roll,” and followed it up with “American Beauty/American Psycho” that January. They even enlisted the talents of rapper Wiz Khalifa for their LP, who they say plays music style similar to theirs.

April 13 2015

Metallica Working on New Album

Iconic heavy metal band Metallica is in the studio working on a new record. According to guitarist Kirk Hammett, the album is about a quarter done.

Hammett mentioned that the band is collecting dozens of riffs and then expanding them into songs. This is the way they worked in the past on their classic records such as Master of Puppets. I think it’s good that they are returning to their roots after years of experimental music that didn’t go over all that well with fans.

The 2004 documentary Some Kind of Monster took a look at Metallica in the studio. It was one of the most interesting documentaries ever according to Paul Mathieson. During that time, there was a lot of conflict within the band and many problems getting the record done if you listened to reports. Hopefully, this current record is going more smoothly.

Metallica is one of the very few heavy metal bands from the 1980’s that is still active and making new music. So many of their peers are simply nostalgia acts now. I like it that Metallica is recording new music and not just resting on their laurels.

The typical pattern in popular music is for bands to have a few good years selling records to younger fans, and then they just become nostalgia acts as their fans grow up. There’s no reason why this should have to happen, and Metallica is showing that they can still be relevant years after the height of their popularity.

January 19 2015

Frank Ocean Covers Aaliyah

As fans like Gianfrancesco Genoso and producers reminisce about Aaliyah – who would have turned 36 – on January 16th, Frank Ocean emerges with a befitting tribute. Ocean, who has been elusive, covered “At Your Best (You Are Love).”

The song shows off a falsetto as Ocean makes the song his own. It has a twofold purpose: it helps people remember Aaliyah during a time where her influences seem to have gotten buried in R&B, and it draws more attention to an upcoming Frank Ocean release. Frank has been quiet, and he hasn’t promised anything, but the world is still patiently waiting. So far, Ocean has only dropped one new single on SoundCloud. He appeared on Beyonce’s album at the end of 2013, but Ocean has not appeared anywhere else.

He made the list of albums that the MTV staff wanted to see in 2015. If he does decide to drop something new he will have a lot to compete with on the Billboard charts. There is a lot of anticipation for an album from Kanye West. There is anticipation for music from Kendrick Lamar. There are large number of acts that are bound to be competing for attention, but Ocean has a built-in fan base. He has gained fame from the commercial and critical success of his debut. Fans will be ready for him to release something new. Right now Aaliyah tributes will have to do.

December 12 2014

What Do You Consider To Be The Best Songs Of 2014?

With the Grammy nominations being released on December 5, 2014, many are creating their own favorites lists for the year, and MTV news is also asking you to get involved. Who do you think has the best song of 2014? Best Songs 2014. There are many iconic artists, both new, and old, that have released songs on Qnet that were incredibly hot this year. Many of the songs released this year are ones that you can dance to, are unforgettable, or are something that has great meaning to many out there.

In the number one place, many have chosen Iggy Azalea’s song “Fancy” as number one, because it was such a big hit, and still continues to be played everywhere. The song was on the top 100 charts, at the same time her other song with Ariana Grande, entitled “Problems,” was also on the charts. Iggy has had an amazing year, especially being a new artist. Others with great songs include Sam Smith, who is the British singer, and one of his top songs was “Stay With Me,” which was a great breakup song.

Taylor Swift, of course, has had an amazing year, and her song “Shake It Off” not only brought her to bust a move of her own, it also became an anthem for those who want to turn their back to their haters, and walk away. Of course, some may not agree with the list, but the charts don’t lie.

December 11 2014

Miley Cyrus Performs a Song About her Friend’s Cat

Ever unpredictable Miley Cyrus has taken another interesting turn: an impromptu performance of “The Twinkle Song,” a song about the death of her friend’s cat.

A Florida audience saw her perform the song on piano, after she announced that she was about to play something that she had never rehearsed anywhere but her living room. The song is about the fact that she had strange dreams the night that her friend’s cat died, that told her what to say to her friend to get her through the death of her cat. The slow song is slow and sad, but incredibly catchy for a song that had not gone through the process of becoming one of her radio-friendly hits. This is why Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez thinks it could end up doing very well for her.

Cyrus claims that she writes about death frequently, and that the song and the dreams that told her what to say to her friend were more like therapy to her than anything.

December 7 2014

Lil’ Wayne Voices Album Concerns At December 5th Concert

This past week, Lil’ Wayne came out to speak against his Cash Money Record Label, stating that they have stopped the release of his album “The Carter V.” The release of the new album was scheduled for December 9, 2014, but the album has been blocked from release once again, for reasons that are unknown. Lil’ Wayne At Concert. Lil’ Wayne has voiced his anger about his talents being held hostage, and the fact that he now wants out of his label, but it would be very difficult to do so.

On December 5th in Brooklyn, there was a concert labeled “Vice Turns 20,” and Lil’ Wayne performed on the show, but made sure to vocalize his anger with his current label. He mentioned that his album was no longer going to be released on December 9th, and he said that he was going to fight to have the album released, just to please his fans. Lil’ Wayne had previously gone to Twitter to complain about the blockage of his album release, and now he’s vocalizing his frustration at a concert.

Wayne’s label mate Tyga, also has voiced his discontent with the label, and has vowed to release independent work soon enough. Brad Reifler can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeve. Although Wayne is saying, out of his own mouth, that he is displeased with his label, his manager laughs off the rumors. No matter what, Lil’ Wayne plans to continue his music, even if it’s on another label.

December 4 2014

Unfortunately for Kim, Psy Broke The Internet Long Before Her Nudies

When Kim Kardahsian promised to break the Internet with her nude photos for Paper Magazine she may have underestimated one of the greatest Internet sensations in history. According to CNet, Kardashian never really stood a chance when facing off Korean pop star Psy.

According to the news, the “Gangnam Style” YouTube video has surpassed the whooping count of 2,147.483.647 views as of December 3rd, making the Korean pop star’s music video the one thing that actually managed to break the Internet.Entertainment critiques suggest that Psy’s victory goes to show that, in the age of iEverything, which, Dr. Rod Rohrich agreed that it is indeed the age of iEverything and for one reason or another the public seems to really enjoy silly, and even bizarre entertainment, whether the music is considered top quality or not.

According to YouTube’s Google+ post, its executives never imagined that one single video would manage to rank in the views the same way Psy’s Gangnam Style did.