June 10 2015

Miley Cyrus’ Dreamy Surprise New Track

Miley Cyrus just released a dreamy new track called ‘Nightmare’. It’s unknown if the track is a demo, a B-side or a cut from her follow-up. However, the track itself is amazing. Whether it’s the synth beat, the drop or both, Nightmare is an amazing song. This is apparently another one of many pleasant surprises that Miley has brought us this week. From what I can tell, she has been doing pretty well lately. She’s managed to do amazingly well in the pop genre and has become pretty popular since the release of ‘Wrecking Ball’. I for one applaud Miley for her latest release and all of her success lately. The team behind Madison Street Capital feel that she is definitely an extremely talented singer and musician that I would gladly listen to. I hope that she’s able to make many more amazing and awesome songs in the near future and can’t wait to see what she does next.