April 29 2017

Client Comments are Handled Uniquely by White Shark Media Who Has Moved to the Top of the Market



Customer reviews are important for any business because they present a clear picture of what the customer needs and expects. White Shark Media values their clients and, from the beginning, they want to provide the best experience in customer service possible. The owners and management in WSM completely evaluate every customer suggestion or complaint and decide how they can use it to improve the company as a whole.


This approach is totally unique in the online advertising industry, but the three founders of WSM, Lolk, Nygart and Garth, decided when they created the agency in 2008 that they wanted to put the client first.


WSM is a premier Adwords, PPM, SEO, SEM, and online marketing agency that uses the highest quality technology and software. CEOs and owners of small and medium online businesses may be extremely knowledgeable about their brand, but they need assistance in the advertising and marketing. WSM has become a leader in the worldwide marketing industry.


WSM is continually making improvements by paying attention to the customer’s comments, and this is a typical situation. A client contacted WSM with issues concerning their contact person. WSM recognizes that everybody has a unique personality, and when given a contact person, they may not relate to your company.


Being made aware of this, the management at WSM now has instituted senior SEM consultants that follow the client from their initial sign-up to the optimization process to prevent situations like this happening. This is an example of the efficient and effective way that WSM handles customer comments.