October 5 2016

Achievements of Andy Wirth

With unrelenting effort, sacrifice and hard work, Andy Wirth has worked to make ski area one of the top sightseeing and tourist destinations in the world. He is equipped with the skills of corporate management that enabled him to transform the air service in the area to that which fits the needs and demands of the tourist in the cutting edge times. Being the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, he has worked by devising various strategies that have transformed the area’s economy. Tourism is the pillar of the ski area, an increment of visits would imply a productive economy, and Andy Wirth has achieved air quality service and thus improving tourism and transport not only to the local lodges but also to the communities that live in Colorado and Quebec regions. Andy Wirth is renowned for his passion for the environment and working for the community evident by the fact that he supports various organizations with the aim of making the area a safe place to live. After skydiving accident that nearly became fatal, Wirth co-founded the Ironman; a foundation that is called wounded warrior support. The main aim of the organization is to foster honor for the navy seals men; this is done by soliciting funds for the navy seal foundation. The funds are used to facilitate the various operations of the members and their families even after they return home.

The Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation (RASC) has announced that Andy Wirth has been elected the chairman of the corporation. At its core, the organization is supposed to foster the development and identifying the possibility of increasing the flights into Reno-Tahoe International Airport. The board is composed of the different casino and hotel entities in the area. The corporation is to foresee the improvement of the air service making it suitable for tourism. Andy Wirth feels proud that he is part of the team that would serve the function of changing the air service. Air service is critical to the development of the area, an improvement of the same would imply a lucrative and growing economy. Wirth is renowned for the recent events in the air service that serves the major resorts and communities in the Quebec and Colorado regions.