August 30 2016

Norka Luque Is The Face Of The Future In The Recording Industry

The recording industry has gone through a major shift in how music is bought and paid for. The old records, tapes, and CDs have become collectors’ items. Baby boomers cling to the music of the past, but the music industry has moved on and left them sitting in front of an old turntable and reliving memories. Music lovers today download their favorite music. They watch MTV and YouTube and find new the talent that is revolutionizing the sound, image, and beat of new generations. One of the stars that is emerging from this reconditioned industry is Norka Luque, the singer with soul, reggae, and salsa in her voice. Norka is a Venezuelan transplant that makes the Miami area her home now, and for good reason. She is Emilio Estefan’s new superstar.

So, how does a girl from Caracas Venezuela make it to the big time in the Latino music industry? The answer is hard work, the will to make dreams come true, and raw talent that hasn’t been experienced in music for more than three decades. Norka Luque is a combination of Shakira, Gloria Estefan, and believe it or not, Billie Holiday rolled into one incredible package. Forget that Norka looks like a rock star. Her voice is the measuring stick that Estefan and Archie Penna used when they first heard her sing. Luque has that special something in her voice that makes “The Voice” judges press their buttons and turn their chairs before they ever see who is singing. Norka has a unique range and she is comfortable with every note in that range.

Norka arrived in Miami from France. She studied in France and got a degree in Business. She also studies fashion and the culinary arts, so she is a well-rounded woman. When she decided to move to Miami, she knew it was the right thing to do even though she was an unknown Latino singer. But the clubs on South Beach welcomed her, and the people loved her. Estefan heard about her and asked her to audition. After one song, Estefan reached for a pen and signed Luque to a recording contract. Her first single was released in 2011, and it got great reviews. But her second single. “Milagro” raced up the Billboard charts in the U.S., Venezuela, and Puerto Rico. Milagro was a crossover hit and Norka was on her way.