May 28 2015

Drake Has A Verse In Juicy J’s Song

Those who are fans of Drake will be happy to hear that he has dropped a verse on a new song by Juicy J. Juicy J had a song that was recently leaked, and instead of trying to find out where the leak came from, Juicy is trying to profit from the leak. Drake’s Verse On Juicy J’s Song. The song is being distributed now, and it can be found online with ease. Fans of Drake will be able to hear him spit a new verse on the song, and just as always, Drake is on point.

The song by Juicy J is one of many that he’s created, and Drake has done his share of work this year as well. Drake chose to drop a mix tape at the beginning of the year, and the mix tape sold very well. People are still talking about his mix tape, especially the fact that his sales were comparable to Taylor Swift’s “1989” album. Folks over at Skout noticed that Drake has had some press recently, especially since he decided to change the lyrics in a new song he put out.

The song that Drake had been pushing, it was taking about Madonna, but after their infamous kiss, he chose to change the name in the song to Rihanna. Many have criticized Madonna for kissing Drake without his permission, but Drake says the kiss was a milestone in his life. It’s said that because Madonna regrets the kiss, that may be why Drake changed his lyrics.