October 8 2015

FreedomPop Offers Up Something Special to UK Residents

The company is called FreedomPop, and they are seriously challenging all mobile, wireless internet and hotspots with their unique offering of free internet. The internet service they offer gives the users of FreedomPop a certain amount of free internet usage. The internet is provided to users of FreedomPop by way of major carriers and local wireless internet hotspots. This development is a great advantage to anyone that travels or is tired of paying outrageous fees for internet usage. The reason FreedomPop is able to provide this service at outrageously reduced prices is because they are networking with major cellphone and wireless carriers. They buy large quantities of data at low prices from these carriers and use them for their network. The latest news on FreedomPop is that they have expanded their service to United Kingdom residents.

There is a free version of the service that gives users a fixed amount of data for free. This free data must be accompanied by the device used for FreedomPop’s network. After users purchase the device they get the free amount of data. It’s an easy way to use internet on the go without spending every cent you have. There is also an unlimited data plan with FreedomPop on reviews. The price is low and well worth every penny. It was something that only United States residents and a few other countries would be able to take advantage of, but with this expansion to Britain many new users will become accustomed to FreedomPop’s expansive and unlimited network. FreedomPop has passed the savings on to a whole new continent. This expansion is just the first step of an international plan that FreedomPop has initiated, reports the Telegraph. This information was first published in the Telegraph and can be found here.

The United Kingdom version is a little different than the one FreedomPop is offering in the United States, but it is surely a great savings for U.K. residents. The fee for setting up the service through FreedomPop is only seven British pounds. This service is impressive. It is a package that consists of free minutes, free data and free texts. The package gives users 200 MB of data, 200 minutes of talk time and 200 text messages. This is a monthly service that does not roll over, but it is renewed every month. It’s hard for people to believe, but seven British pounds can do a lot.