September 1 2017

Securus Technologies – Providing Reliable Technology in Correctional Facilities

Securus is a prison technology company in the United States of America. The company is located in Dallas, Texas. They also have regional offices in Carrollton, Atlanta, Allen, and Georgia. The company was founded in the year 1986 with the aim of making profits. The Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies Inc. is Richard A. Smith.


The number of employees at Securus Technologies ranges from 500-1000. Securus Technologies INC. has contracts with approximately 2600 correctional facilities throughout the United States and Canada. In these countries, over one million inmates are served by the company. The company’s objective is to provide specialized needs of corrections and provide the law enforcement communities with the right technology.


In 2007, Securus Technologies was recognized as the leading brand in the management of offender systems. In 2016, the company was reported to have invested over 600 million dollars in offender management technologies. Another amount was spent in acquisitions and patents.


Throughout USA and Canada, Securus is relied upon to provide detainee communications, parolee tracking, and government information. In whatever criminal and civil justice problems, secures provides solutions. At least every week, securus comes up with a new product or service. The products and services are utilized by law officials in solving and preventing crimes.


The customers of Securus Technologies have recommended the company for their technologies used in preventing and solving crime. For instance, Securus has been recommended for its technology that enables retrieval of information from phone calls. One company acknowledged that the information was helpful in obtaining a search warrant for corrupt workers.


Securus Technologies have been used to investigate and improve jail security. The company has been appreciated for its assistance in retrieving data to help in monitoring and preventing contraband incidences.


Securus has been recommended for their investigative tools that can help in conducting investigations in harassment and potential threats to the community. The LBS software made by Securus is used in recovering information. I recommend Securus Technologies for telephony and other services that they provide to correctional facilities.


January 31 2017

Securus Technologies is Constantly Proving to Be an Innovator of Technological Soutions as it Applies to the Criminal Justice System and Correctional Environment:

A leading provider of criminal justice technologies is Securus Technologies. The firm, based in the Dallas Texas area, has proved time-and-time again that it is committed to providing the law enforcement community, correctional institution and other ancillary agencies, the best in way of technology-based solutions. The solutions offered by Securus Technologies meet the needs of law enforcement officials with regard to on-going investigations, and by keeping the jail-system safer for everyone concerned. By doing so, Securus makes the community, as a whole, a safer place for the local populace.


Many customers are quite impressed with the technological solutions they have used, provided by Securus Technologies. The text that follows provides the reader with the comments of these satisfied clients. The names and associations are absent in order to protect various agencies and police departments. The comments follow after the comments provided, within the text, by Securus’s Chairman and CEO, Richard A. Smith. Mr. Smith is also known as Rick Smith.


Mr. Smith indicated that Securus is involved in the development and expansion of its technological offerings, on a weekly basis. The objective of the company is to improve criminal investigations and to keep the community, overall, a safer place which to work and reside. During the years, Smith stated that he has received thousands of pieces of correspondence, offering high-praise to the technology leader. The following customer testimonials are provided, to the reader, in order that he or she may experience a sampling of how the correctional technology provider has greatly impacted the lives of investigators, and correctional facilitators within the criminal justice market.


Comments of Securus’s Clients:


*By using Securus’s technologies, we attained information from phone calls, inside the prison system. Once we received the proper information, we went about to attain a search warrant. The warrant was a requisite to our investigation. Once we attained the warrant, we were able to investigate a corrupt prison staff member. The member of staff was introducing contraband into the correctional environment. Because of the technologies produced by Securus; we made an arrest. We look forward to a strong working relationship for many years with Securus.


*We used the technology, provided by Securus to monitor calls, inside of the correctional facility. The calls our private investigators listened in on indicated that there was use of alcohol, sales of drugs, as well as other illegal goings-on inside the jail system. We appreciate the technology provided to us by Securus since we were able to attain a great deal of information providing much to our investigative efforts.


*The staff at our correctional facility has worked in cooperation with Securus for over a decade now. We rely, heavily, on the technological solutions provided by the company. We have noticed that Securus is constantly improving on its technology as it applies to the criminal justice system. This is quite motivating to us; since we wish to make the correctional environment a safer place to work and to the inmate population, as a whole, as well as our visitors.


*Without the unique vision of Securus Technologies, we would not have had as great of effect in making our jail system safer. The company has provided us with much in way of investigative technologies. The technological solutions, provided by Securus, allow us to expand upon our on-going investigations and solve crimes. When we solve crimes, we undoubtedly, make the public and the correctional environment safer. We think that we are a good fit with the correctional technological leader. Securus shares, with us, our own progressive thinking.


*We used the reporting technology supplied by Securus in order to respond to the introduction of contraband into our correctional environment. We used the reports to detect the source of it.


* We were able to investigate a harassment complaint by using a technology-based solution provided by Securus Technololgies. Another time we were able to investigate a threat to the overall security of the facility by making use of a Securus solution.


*We greatly appreciate the technical feedback we received from Securus. We were conducting a criminal investigation. We were anxious to know about a certain feature. We believed it would help us solve our case. With the assistance of a technical support staff member were able to use the feature. The feature made it possible to take our suspect into custody. The feature is referred to as the “covert alert feature.” Thank you Securus. You made it possible for us to conclude our investigation, successfully.


*The technology provided by Securus made it possible for my team of investigators as well as myself to listen in on an inmate-to-inmate call. During the call, we heard two siblings, in the background of the call. One sibling was intimating to the other how to answer questions about a shooting that had occurred recently. By the way, one of the two individuals, in the background of the call, had never been in any type of trouble. The background conversations were key to our solving this investigation. If it had not been for the technology provided by Securus, it may be, our case might have still been unsolved.


*It is not every day, that I am able to work with a company as dedicated as Securus in providing me with the technological solutions necessary, in order to conduct my job in a more effective manner. I am particularly referring to the company’s LBS software product. This offering, when used along with other resources of law enforcement, made it possible for our Sherriff’s department to recover illegal assets, money and drugs—which totaled in the millions of dollars. It would have not been possible, without the LBS software, to recover the preceding items. In fact, it would have been nearly impossible to recover the items mentioned without the software. Thank you Securus for making our job easier.


*I believe the LBS services, alone and supplied by Securus Technologies, are well worth the investment in doing business with the company. We plan to continue doing business with Securus on an on-going basis. I believe the preceding technology along with Investigator Pro easily makes Securus a leading provider of correctional phone services. I am quite pleased with the services and products provided by Securus. Please keep up the good work!


In conclusion: As evidenced above, Securus has many pleased customers within the areas of law enforcement, public safety; and the correctional environment. Securus is now extending a welcome invitation to its prospects as well as its customer-base to pay a visit to its Dallas, Texas Technology Center. The Securus staff at the Center, upon the individual’s visit, will, at the time, supply a professional presentation relative to its technological solutions as it applies to the correctional environment and criminal justice system. The focus of the presentation involves what type of technology Securus offers in way of allowing their specialized customer-base to solve crimes; and in the way of crime prevention.


Notes Regarding Securus Technologies:


The company is home-based inside of Dallas, TX. It provides service and products to well over three-thousand, four-hundred, fifty public safety agencies, law enforcement agencies and correctional institutions. As well: it serves the correctional community in way of one-million, two-hundred thousand inmates, throughout the continent of North America—by making the correctional facility a safer place. The company is quite dedicated in serving the preceding agencies and inmate population as well as their acquaintances and family members. It provides services and processes such as:


*Emergency response technologies;

*Incident management systems;

*Public safety information and data;

*Investigation technologies for law enforcement professionals;

*Bio-metric Analyses;

*Specialized communication technologies;

*Information management;

*Correctional facility resident self-service; and

*Monitoring services and products.


The preceding services and products, undoubtedly, make a huge impact on the safety of the local community, as a whole, as well as inside of the correctional institution. In order to attain more information about Securus Technologies, it is suggested that the reader visit the company website located The company site provides a good deal of information relative to civil and criminal justice solutions.


Another interesting link, the reader may wish to access, in order to find out more about Securus Technologies follows:

February 1 2016

Securus Gives Back In a Big Way

Securus Technologies is the leading problem solver over of the criminal justice system in many prisons around Texas and other regions of the states. Securus has been of great help since it was founded in the year 1986 in Dallas, Texas. It has streamlined all the crooked ways of many prisons and also has made easy the lives of many prisoners through initiating programs like self-service inside the prisons. The technological advancement of Securus has made it easier for many prison agencies especially in handling criminals who are staying there for long terms.

Securus has also been conducting donation campaigns, a campaign known as United Way campaign that has been focusing on making more donations and contribution to curbing poverty in many communities and making the life conducive in many of those communities. The donations target improved health services, good nutrition, and wellbeing and also education. Securus understand that givers receive more, but their most important aspect is security. To my understanding criminal cases are high in poverty stricken areas and by its united way campaign Securus is lowering the rates of poverty in the communities and increasing their rate of safety.

A new communication program known as Video visitation has been initiated in Securus for inmate communication of criminals from correction agencies to their families. Securus continue to enhance the connection of the prisoners with their family. The requirements are you the relative of the inmate, friend or colleague to sign up at Securus website. The application is available in the Google play store for installation to the device to be used in communication. Video Visitation will allow families to speak more with their relatives in prison than the face to face visits. It will also increase the safety of many prisoners. There is no point that you will get locked down completely as you will have chances to reschedule the video chat. It is also less expensive.

More to the technology at Securus an inmate phone calls systems for prisoner which are a great connection to them. The system known as AdvanceConnect allows people to speak with the prisoners regularly by only making an advance payment of about 25 dollars which is rechargeable after it gets over. Advance Connect puts you in control of your spending, and you can also receive calls from the correction agency where your relative is in. Calls will not only connect to your personal mobile but also to your office phone and even the house telephone.

AdvanceConnect as a strategy will even protect inmates from the crooked ones who get drugs and other harmful substances into the corrections through allegedly close alliances.