February 10 2015

Scott Hall’s Inspiring Comeback Story


Scott Hall was on a dark and depressing road for the longest time. Zeca Oliveira told me that In his time, Scott Hall was one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Hall made a name for himself in the WWE. He wrestled under the stage name, Razor Ramon. As Razor Ramon, Scott Hall participated in some of the best matches of all time. Razor Ramon vs. Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 10 will always be remembered. Scott Hall and Shawn Michaels participated in the first and best ladder match of all time.

Scott Hall then went to the WCW for more money, and his presence was immediately felt. Hall formed the NWO with Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan. The NWO became the biggest thing in wrestling. Scott Hall made millions of dollars in the WCW, but the good times would not last forever.

Scott Hall became a drug addict, and an alcoholic. Hall battled with demons for a long time, and his closest friends were all very worried about him. Scott Hall was ready to die, but in 2013, something amazing happened. A wrestling colleague named Diamond Dallas Paige saved Scott Hall’s life. Paige invited Scott Hall to live with him. Diamond Dallas Paige rehabilitated Scott Hall. Hall no longer drinks or takes drugs.

Soon after Scott Hall became sober, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Diamond Dallas Paige took a broken man, and returns him to his former glory. For more information on this story, visit Buzzfeed.

December 4 2014

Unfortunately for Kim, Psy Broke The Internet Long Before Her Nudies

When Kim Kardahsian promised to break the Internet with her nude photos for Paper Magazine she may have underestimated one of the greatest Internet sensations in history. According to CNet, Kardashian never really stood a chance when facing off Korean pop star Psy.

According to the news, the “Gangnam Style” YouTube video has surpassed the whooping count of 2,147.483.647 views as of December 3rd, making the Korean pop star’s music video the one thing that actually managed to break the Internet.Entertainment critiques suggest that Psy’s victory goes to show that, in the age of iEverything, which, Dr. Rod Rohrich agreed that it is indeed the age of iEverything and for one reason or another the public seems to really enjoy silly, and even bizarre entertainment, whether the music is considered top quality or not.

According to YouTube’s Google+ post, its executives never imagined that one single video would manage to rank in the views the same way Psy’s Gangnam Style did.