January 30 2017

A Call To Action In Dallas

The city of Dallas faces many issues within its communities. The mayor of Dallas made a call to action to its private citizens for help with the city’s problems. James Dondero is a local businessman who is known for getting involved with social issues. He offered a 1 million dollar grant challenge to help with projects at The Family Place.

The grant will match any other donations at 50% up to 1 million dollars. It is an effort to help expand the operations at an organization that has made great strides in assisting the lives of others. James has always had a passion for philanthropy. The Family Place provided the opportunity for him to have a hands-on impact with community efforts.

According to Dallas Links, James Dondero founded Highland Capital Management 1993. The Highland Dallas Foundation is the philanthropic division of the organization. Through the foundation James and his team are able to make great contributions to various causes throughout the city of Dallas.

The Family Place has a long-standing history in the community. It has 13 emergency shelter rooms. There is a medical and dental facility for those in need of care. A hotline exist to assist people who are seeking vital information.

The Family Place is looking to extend its reach with the help of the Highland Dallas Foundation. The organization has been operating at capacity and needs the extra funds to help every person that reaches out to them. The assistance of James and the Highland Dallas foundation will ensure that no one in need gets turned away.

James Dondero believes that philanthropy is as important as success in business. He was named to the executive board of the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University.

The appointment allowed James to bring his knowledge to the field of education. The board meets four times a year. They are involved in every aspect of a students business learning process.

Highland Capital Management is a fixture in the Dallas business arena where students will be looking to begin their careers after completing college. Highland Capital Management has several offices worldwide and provide tremendous job opportunities for young businessmen and women.