August 9 2017

Brian Torchin: Fulfilling A Critical Need In Today’s Medical Industry

Brian Torchin is an innovator in the field of medicine today. By definition, an innovator is someone who sees a need that hasn’t been addressed and works to find solutions for what is missing.

Before we look into why he has become such an esteemed member of the medical community, it is important to understand that he came from humble roots, and because of his deep desire to fulfill a critical need, he has risen to success in a very discriminating industry.

Brian began his career in medicine at the University of Delaware, where he majored in exercise science. After undergraduate studies were completed, he transferred to the New York Chiropractic College, obtaining his doctoral degree in 1995.

Brian Torchin then set up his own private practice in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he ran a successful practice for a number of years.

As a result of his knowledge and expertise, he founded a company called HCRC, or Health Care Recruitment Coordinators, in 2007. He was committed to ensuring that other medical professionals would have a useful recruitment service that made it easy to find new opportunities.

This company’s function was to recruit and hire high quality healthcare professionals to fill open positions quickly, often within 72 hours of vacancy, so that high quality medical care could continue in institutions such as hospitals, clinics, schools, etc.

HCRC specializes in fulfilling positions for dentists, physicians, surgeons, nurse practitioners, and physical therapists.

HCRC’s staffing capabilities have recently expanded to include being able to fill positions in office management, finance, front desk and public relations. This company, under Torchin’s leadership, has been serving a global audience in the US, Europe, Australia and Canada.

Despite the fact that HCRC continues to expand and grow across the globe, Brian Torchin still finds time to continue to run his private practice as a chiropractor in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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