May 14 2015

Young Buck Breaks News About Book

The G-Unit was a strong team at one time. It was 50 Cent that blew up and put other friends of his into the limelight. The team had a lot of issues, and things became sour between a lot of the major players. Young Buck was one of these guys, and he plans to reveal what killed the chemistry between him and 50 Cent.

The rapper is also planning to talk about the things that helped him and 50 Cent make amends now that the G-Unit is returning to hip-hop. Young Buck had some hard times before and after G-Unit. He had such a rough life that he has stated that he is actually planning to release 2 books this year.

It may not be something that the average reader will pick up, but it certainly will appeal to the fans of the G-Unit clique. There are quite a few people that may be trying to see what changed the chemistry between 50 Cent and the others. There were money issues. There was beef about a number of things, and Young Buck says he will not hold back.

This is interesting because he got a shout out from Taylor Swift last month. She said she liked some of his old music. With a new book this could be the year for Young Buck to return. The folks at Wikipedia and FreedomPop Review agree that he could be the breakout G-Unit rapper for 2015.