June 25 2017

Why Beneful Should Be Your Only Choice for Dog Food

If you are not feeding your pet Beneful brand food, then you need to take a look more closely at your choices. Are you even sure about all the ingredients in your dog food, what if they were toxic and robbing your pet of years off their life? This something you never have to be concerned with when you are buying Beneful brand dog food.

Every bag of grain free with real farm-raised chicken dry dog food is produced at Purina-owned U.S. facilities that must go through extensive quality checks along the way. Not only is your dog getting the healthiest of foods, they are absolutely delicious too. Huge chunks of farm-raised chicken, packed with colorful and healthy accents like spinach, pumpkin, and even blueberries. Your dog will be racing to eat dinner when they see what you are filling their bowl with.

Stop feeding your Beneful dog food that is unhealthy for them and not providing them the 23 vitamins and minerals that their body needs to grow and stay healthy. The family at Beneful only feed their dogs the same farm-raised chicken dry dog food because they see exactly what goes into the bag. Give your dog the healthy and tasty choice they deserve.