June 19 2016

Kate Hudson and Fabletics Active Wear

Has anyone noticed that sports gear and leggings are becoming so cute, flattering and comfortable, they’re almost impossible to take off? Lounging around at home in cute and comfy leggings, shorts and sports bras has become a leisure activity many active women are taking to heart. That’s why actress Kate Hudson has gotten involved with co-founding Fabletics that makes outfits that work for going out on the town and also for doing a major power walk.

In a recent sit down interview with Marie Claire Magazine, Hudson talked about this exciting new sportwear/leisure wear line and why it’s so enticing for active women. It’s Hudson’s feeling that women need to be motivated to get active and stay active, but they also need to feel attractive. The Fabletics clothing line really offers beautiful style along with the flexibility and durability of great activewear.

According to Fabletics, this clothing line was launched when Hudson and the company’s co-founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg saw a real gap in the market for women’s sportswear. Although there were some brands out there that offered activewear that offered style and fashionable looks, there weren’t any that offered it at a really affordable price level. This is where Fabletics came in at http://www.fabletics.com/kates-picks.htm, and made a move that really switched things up.

A quick look over the Fabletics website shows how attractive these workout looks are. This brand has a range of outfits that go from high intensity workout gear to lounging outfits that are truly irresistible, to dressier outfits that can be work out for the evening.

There’s no doubt Hudson and the Fabletics team are truly hitting on a need active women have for attractive workout gear. These pieces are priced affordably, which makes them wonderfully accessible for women who want to look great but have to stay on a reasonable budget. Bravo to Fabletics for helping women stay active and beautiful.
 Source: http://www.fabletics.com/collections

June 12 2016

Fabletics Makes It Easy to Work Out for the Summer

The thing that has made people recognize the value of Fabletics is the way that the brand keeps expanding. There are more than a few pieces of clothing that have become popular with the Fabletics brand because this is a transformation of something new and innovative.

Fabletics has something that is considered athleisure. This is clothing that makes it easy to run errands and exercise without changing your clothes. These outfits are have become perfect for people that want to have an outfit that they can wear from the grocery store to the yoga shop.

According to the Clothes Maiden website, there are summer clothes that are designed to fit those that may have tight budget for shopping. There are these yoga pants and tops in styles like the Dahlia, Malva and Freesia designs that are incredibly popular with the fitness crowd. Women do not have to worry about what they are going to do for the summer. There are so many choices on the website that are making people gravitate towards this store.

The summer certainly inspires more people to take a look at more of the options that are available through Fabletics. There is even a swimwear line that is available right now. Kate Hudson has done so much to make sure that people are able to move around and have a lot of flexibility. Some of these clothes have built-in bras, and this is just another thing that shows the strength of athleisure. People can buy clothes at http://www.m2woman.co.nz/2-kate-hudson-reveals-7-super-easy-moves-to-achieve-her-envious-body/ that are designed for more than just working out.

The summer line for 2016 has some great active wear that is designed by Kate Hudson, and this line has certainly gotten a lot of attention. People that love to jog will have access to sports bras, tank tops, yoga pants and active wear. Some of the outfits have 2 pieces. There are other outfits that have 3 pieces. These summer outfits come in different colors and styles so joggers can spruce up their workout attire.

It has become evident that Fabletics is a brand that is designed to add a higher level of comfort to those that are working out. Kate Hudson has made sure that people are able to see the strength of this brand. It is thriving because there are shorts, leggings, tops and tights that have the stretchy material that people need to maximize their workout experience. See: https://www.couponcabin.com/coupons/fabletics/