October 15 2017

Richard Mishaan Design; Home of Luxury Interior Designs

For over 25 years Richard Mishaan Design has dominated the interior design industry with excellent designs. Many residential and commercial customers have received the best designs from the firm. The firm was founded by Richard Mishaan Design who has always helped the business to grow and expand. Richard incorporated arts in the company’s designs which make them unique and attractive. The company develops artistic and classical designs that are liked by many.

Richard Design has remained on top due to use of different styles blended with elements from various periods. With Richard help, the company has been able to use art colors in commercial and residential buildings instead of paints. Richard Design also brings artwork from the 19th century to enhance interior designs and Richard’s lacrosse camp.

The firm doesn’t impose designs on clients. But they work with clients to come up with perfect designs that clients prefer. As a result of this reason, Richard Design has worked with luxurious hotels like St. Regis Hotel where they got a contract to design a presidential suite. With this contact, Richard and his firm got famous. They got more design works from big hotels as well as celebrities. With Styles like Art Deco, Rococo, Mid-Century Modern as well as Gustavian the company will remain on top when it comes to luxury designs.

With a highly trained and experienced team, Richard Design will remain the best company when it comes to luxury interior designs. Richard Mishaan has been very influential in developing designs that impress customers. Richard developed a love of design and architecture when he was young. And his Linkedin, That made him attend Colombia University School of Architecture and New York University to get skills and knowledge. This has enabled Richard, and his firm remains on top in innovative designs for commercial and residential projects and read full article.

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