September 8 2016

Lip Balm At Its Best

An important part of the body that must be taken care of is the skin which comprises the majority of our body. Keeping the skin nourished is essential to keep its moisture in any type weather. When it comes to cosmetics designed specifically for personal care, lip balm is the primary product that can keep your lips moisturized and fresh throughout the day. Unhealthy lips may look chapped and unclean especially in times of intense weather.
The formulation of a lip balm has a high amount of waxy substance that can relieve the lips from soreness or dryness. However, there is a brand that can offer a natural essence and quality you are looking for in lip balm. Evolution of Smooth also known as the EOS lip balm is made up of 100% natural and 95% organic material. It consists of ingredients that can provide high levels of moisture to the lips such as jojoba oil and shea butter.

The formulation of the EOS lip balm is packed with a high amount of vitamin E. Also, for an extra bonus, the lip balm has no paraben and is gluten free. For health fanatics, this product makes it easy to fall in love with and safe for everyday use. EOS lip balm products are available on Walmart.

For more info, visit the company’s Linked In profile.

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