June 13 2017

Healing Of A Damaged Public School System: Success Academy Delivers Relief

Success Academy seeks to build and expand its network of quality public schools in the New York state area and is headed by CEO and founder, Eva Moskowitz.


The popularity of Success Academy’s model is reinforced by growing application and admissions numbers leading to massive wait lists. This is the fourth consecutive year for this charter school network raking in an overwhelming amount of applications from more than 10,000 families earning a 30 percent jump in admissions applications from student’s residing within zones of NY’s worst performing schools.


The comprehensive and innovative educational model strives to build on and diversify the typical United States public school experience. Success Academy uses customized and unique educational approaches tailored for the three main groups, elementary, middle and high school students.


With elementary students, a core concept practiced is that learning is achieved only when the instruction is limited, with students receive 80 minutes maximum of face-to-face teacher instruction daily. Strategic thinking methods are taught with a concentration in solving math problems and finding undiscovered creative talents. A day in the life of an elementary student at Success Academy, as well as all students at Success Academy, means using the entire brain with left and right brain learning activities both highly encouraged.


The middle school program offers college preparatory activities along with mental exercise concepts ranging from critical thinking to abstract thinking. Social expression and team building fundamentals are taught and encouraged through programs such as chess, photography, theater or dance.


The high school program prepares students for everything they need to attend and graduate college. Students have access to internships and college electives in addition to traditional college preparatory activities. A personal “College Access and Persistence Counselor” is appointed to assist with the road to college.


The Success Academy is open to all children residing in the New York State area and admits potential applicants in a random yearly lottery. With a total of 41 schools, Success Academy boasts a 95% minority student population with 77% arriving from low-income households and will open two new locations this year.