July 24 2017

José AuriemoNeto Is Using JHSF to Make a New Shopping Mall

There are many shopping malls all around Brazil. They are less of a place where people come to shop and more so places where people are able to do many different things with the options that they have. José Auriemo Neto is planning on buildings one of the best ones that Brazil has ever seen and he is going to bring in designers for the first time in Brazil. There are many who are going to have opportunities in the new shopping mall that José AuriemoNeto is building so that they will be able to make their grand appearance in Brazil for the first time ever. This is something that is going to help the industry and something that is going to make a huge difference for the people who are doing different things. He wants to make the shopping mall the best because, as a developer, he has a lot invested in bringing change to different areas.

Thanks to the things that JHSF has been able to provide people, José AuriemoNeto knows that he will be able to fit in properly with the best real estate development company in all of Brazil. He is planning on making sure that he can help people with the options that they need and with the experiences that they have thanks to the way that he has done things. There are new ways that José AuriemoNeto is going to bring new properties in to develop that JHSF has never been able to use in the past.

As JHSF continues to grow thanks to José AuriemoNeto, he wants to continue bringing more options in for people. He knows that just having residential and commercial spaces is no longer enough in the development industry. He knows that, in order to secure JHSF’s position as the number one company, he will need to make sure that he is doing things in shopping centers, shopping malls and other areas that people can enjoy while they are trying to see the areas of Brazil that are popular and that have different destinations for them to visit.

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July 18 2017

An Overview of JustFab and its Co-CEO Adam Goldenberg

Adam Goldenberg began his entrepreneurial skills at an early age. When Goldenberg was 16 years old, he founded Gamer’s Alliance Inc., an ad agency on online gaming sites. The venture was later acquired by Intermix Media, holding company of MySpace in 1999. Adam Goldenberg was then joined Intermix Media and served as VP of Strategic Planning. At age 20, he became the company’s Chief Operating Officer, and was recognized as the youngest person to have served the position of COO publicly trading company. In 2005, News Corp. acquired Intermix Media fro over $650 million.


Formation of JustFab


In 2006 Adam Goldenberg partnered with Don Ressler and they founded Intelligent Beauty Inc., and four years later they created JustFab. In 2013, three years after launching, JustFab acquired a shoe discovery platform, ShoeDazzle as well as raising $85 million. In 2014, Mr. Adam Goldenberg was named as one of “3LA CEOs you need to know now” during an interview with Built in LA. He explained that their business adapted quickly because they access the numbers regularly, even on hourly basis in order to fix issues early enough. Adam is a true believer of transparency within his organization. According to Mr. Goldenberg, acting on customers’ feedback has played huge part in the success of their business.


JustFab’s Recruiting Practices


According to the co-CEO of JustFab, Adam Goldenberg, they look for passion when recruiting candidates to join their team. Some candidates have good resume and education, but they do not have the passion of what they want to add to brands. That culture has made JustFab very successful, and Adam further added that ‘Be Passionate’ is one of their mantras at the office. Mentoring and training sessions are offered to the team to make it more effective. Despite the fact that JustFab operates in fashion and e-commerce, it has remained relevant because they design and manufacture their items. Adam said they are proud of the products they sell because they continue to attract more customers.


JustFab’s Expansion Plans


After the firm raised $85 million in 2014, it used the fund to expand to Western Europe market. The firm reached the $1billion mark. According to Women’s Wear Daily, investors like Shining Capital and Matrix Partners were among those who funded this initiative being led by Passport Special Opportunity Fund. During an interview with Women Wear Daily, co-CEO Adam Goldenberg said these investors understood the retail and e-commerce businesses very well and that was beneficial to their brand. http://www.builtinla.com/member/adam-goldenberg

June 30 2017

Sheldon Lavin | Successful Chairman And CEO Of Food Processing Giant OSI Group, LLC

Sheldon Lavin has worked within the food and meat processing industry for over four decades. Before he entered the industry, he was a banking executive and a successful investor who owned a financial consulting firm. Lavin started working for Otto & Sons as a financial executive before he was absorbed into the industry.

After he had assumed the chairmanship of OSI Group, Lavin started transforming the company into a worldwide supplier of quality food products to various retail and foodservice brands. The group’s affiliate companies include OSI International Foods, LLC; OSI Industries, LLC; and OSI International, Inc. It presently employs over 20,000 people globally. Lavin is proud of the strong corporate culture that he has cultivated and filtered down through the company’s ranks. The culture is unique and family-oriented, which has led to the longevity of its workforce.

Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is OSI Group’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He is also OSI International Foods Ltd.’s President. He has a lot of knowledge and extensive experience in the food and meat processing industry. Lavin started his career in the food processing industry in 1970. At the time, he was working for Otto & Sons in its financing department. The company later grew into OSI Group.

Under Lavin’s leadership, OSI Group has grown from a domestic food and meat processing company into a global industry leader. Today, it operates over 60 locations in 60 different countries. Thanks to his accomplishment and excellent management, the OSI Group has won numerous awards and recognitions. Lavin received the prestigious Global Visionary Award from the Vision World Academy of India.

Under Lavin’s watch, OSI Group has, further, received sustainability and environmental awards during their global expansion. Sheldon Lavin has reiterated that he wants to inspire next generation corporate leaders to lead and grow their companies responsibly in a way that will improve global commerce, create opportunities for employees, and reduce their carbon footprint.

Lavin is actively involved in numerous charitable causes like his involvement with Ronald McDonald House Charities. He is proud of his three children, his charitable contributions, and his successes in growing OSI Group.

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May 27 2017

Doug Levitt: Giving the Forgotten Population a Voice

David Levitt was born to a middle class family in Washington, D.C. in 1972. He had the opportunities available to a comfortable middle class. He attended Cornell University and got a degree in Journalism which led him to report for such well known media centers as ABC, CNN and MSNBC. David Levitt was based in London and acted as a foreign correspondent covering news from countries like Iran and Rwanda.

Levitt left his post as foreign correspondent to become a songwriter. He came back to the United States and began working with a record producer in Nashville. His original intent was to take a six week long Greyhound bus tour across America. He wanted to talk and interact with people that traveled by Greyhound because he felt that the people traveling that way had not alternative mode of transportation. They are the overlooked and forgotten population of America struggling to survive and often living in poverty. These are the people that do not have open access to social media with laptops or smartphones. This unknown, unseen, struggling portion of the American population cannot relay their own stories. Levitt saw the value in helping their stories to finally be told if any change was to come and learn more about Doug.

The Greyhound Diaries were born. Levitt started the journey in 2004. As he traveled across the country meeting people from different cultural backgrounds, Levitt noticed that people will naturally look for a commonality they share with other people. He has successfully traveled across America collecting memories, stories, songs and pictures of people who would otherwise remain unknown in American population. Their stories are reaching the larger population and shedding light on the lives of struggle that were before completely out of sight and out of mind and read full article.

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May 24 2017

Highland Capital Management Makes $1 Million ‘Matching Pledge’ For ‘The Family Place’ Through The ‘Highland Dallas Foundation’

Yes, Highland Capital Management is a well established and successful financial investment institution; but there is also the Highland Dallas Foundation, a substantial non-profit organization, that James Dondero and Highland Capital Management have a strong affiliation with.


James Dondero, who is a Certified Management Accountant and professionally recognized as a Chartered Financial Analyst as well as being the president of Highland Capital Management, showed the impressive support that Highland Capital Management gives to the Highland Dallas Foundation.


At an award function given by ‘The Family Place,’ a charitable institution that focuses on all of the aspects of family violence especially within the Dallas area, James Dondero stated that for their ‘Legacy Campaign’ that The Family Place is conducting to raise funds the Highland Capital Management group would match all donations at a rate of 50 cents for each dollar donated for the next six months up to the amount of $1 million dollars.


To really jump start this campaign it was revealed that the official start date was October 4th and when word got out that of this matching pledge the ‘Legacy Campaign’ got a massive jump start with donations of $200,000 and immediately received another $100,000 based on the matching pledge.


Along with the approval and confirmation of the regulatory committees in the field of finance earned by James Dondero, a list of chairman positions he holds includes: American Banknote, Cornerstone Healthcare and MGM Studios. His ability to understand risk management is combined with his experience in several unrelated industries. His ability to contribute valuable input in areas that would be considered outside of his expertise seems obvious with the diversity of the companies mentioned above.


James Dondero was also one of the founders of Highland Capital Management in 1993; and as of October of 2016 they currently have assets of 16 billion dollars.