October 26 2017

Michel Terpin Shares 3 Facts about Success in Rallying

While still accustoming himself in the environment around rallying driving, Michel Terpin remembers his brother always encouraging him to look out for four facts and hold them dear to his heart as they were the determinant to his success as a professional driver. Through these facts, he has risen from the unknown amateur driver to a professional rally driver in Brazil. In realizing the prospects of observing these facts about rally driving, he has also taken time to share them out with other drivers struggling for a breakthrough in this field. These pieces of advice even factor in other upcoming rally drivers who have the will but still need a conviction. These facts include;

Take a ‘Mild’ Drive

Before any stage of the race, you together with your co-driver need to go out for ‘mild’ driving on that particular stage to write some pieces of pace notes to help you refresh your memories. The scheme is important as it dictates how well you will drive through the stage. From the pace notes, you will depend on the co-driver to ascertain where the two of you are going and where you are from.

Acute Concentration

Your co-driver should make concentration his focus as it is the primary requirement in making good use of the pace notes. Minimizing distractions and increasing concentration will require that the co-driver looks ahead and not by the side on the either side of the window. His priorities should ever remain the G-forces which he can feel physically whenever you are traversing or instead encountering a corner and staying right on track.

Encountering Corners and Bends

In rallying you, encountering corners is always the order of the day. In fact, in a single stage of a race of between 240-360 kilometers, there exists an average of 20-30 corners. In this regard, victory in a given leg is determinant on the minimal time you take encountering corners and also how safe you keep in the whole process. Therefore, the fastest and most reliable way to do this on a rallying stage is always on the sideways. You just need to pitch your car sideways so utilize the most your lateral grip to assure you of safety and a possible exit from the corner.